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Approximately twenty percent are Palestinians who are citizens of the country and receive many, though significantly not all, the benefits of such citizenship this circumstance describes Israel, not the occupied territories. The presence of large numbers of Palestinians within its boundaries has posed a problem for the self-defined Jewish state from its creation.

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Palestinian citizenship in Israel has, in turn, often posed a problem for this population's relationship with the wider Palestinian and Arab communities. Hillel Cohen considers the first decades of Israel's existence—a time when its Arab citizens lived under the strictures of military rule—and investigates the complex array of mechanisms through which the state governed this population and the population engaged the state.

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Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Connecting with the first point, that failure of the authorities was yet another demonstration of the ability of the Israeli Arabs to shape their own destiny, even shortly after the Nakba: Those points lead to Cohen's main argument concerning the place of the main heroes of his story, or those Israeli Arabs who collaborated with the Israeli security authorities.

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Once again, they were not passive tools in the hands of their operators; "some of them knew how to demand their rights and to maneuver around the security forces" p. They managed to gain benefits not only for themselves, but also for their community.

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As a result, the attitude towards them among the Arabs was not only one of contempt and scorn, as one could expect, but also with esteem, "because of what they did for their people" p. Those features, as important and significant as they are to our understanding of an important chapter in the history of the nascent state, are only part of the story.

The real lesson of the book, told a bit unintentionally, is the desire of the Israeli Arabs to be just that: Israelis, citizens of the state of Israel.

The Israeli officials identified that trend, but their lesson was not acting to integrate the new members of the Jewish state into the fabric of the new state. Their lesson was "that this would allow them to recruit significant numbers of collaborators" p. If you would like to authenticate using a different subscribed institution that supports Shibboleth authentication or have your own login and password to Project MUSE, click 'Authenticate'.

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About the Book Based on his reading of top-secret files of the Israeli police and the prime minister's office, Hillel Cohen exposes the full extent of the crucial, and, until now, willfully hidden history of Palestinian collaboration with Israelis—and of the Arab resistance to it. It is a fascinating tale, but his account of espionage, patronage, bribery, treachery, deception, smuggling, infiltration, intimidation, threats, double dealing — and often murder — does not make for pleasant reading.

By heeding its lessons today, the Israeli leadership may be able to inch closer to a realistic and ethical framework for embracing minorities in the Jewish state. More than that, he takes the reader into an intricate world of espionage, bribery, and punishment. Case after case is summoned to illustrate how collaboration permeated all aspects of Palestinian society.