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I'm afraid I haven't been entirely truthful about my life overseas" Harry shuffled his feet awkwardly. Adam put his hand on Harry's arm and pulled it away from his abused wrist "stop that, you'll hurt yourself" he said. No more lies, no more secrets. Adam, shocked at his younger brother's unusually emotional State, wrapped his arms around the slightly taller boy and their Father, only to find two more pairs of arms joining the mass hug as Sam and Dean sat down with them, Dean, who usually avoided what he called 'chick-flick moments' like the plague. The two eldest Winchester sons had tears in their own eyes, mirroring Adam and even the usually emotionless rock that was John as the five Winchester men shared a rare moment of family.

The five of them eventually fell asleep that way, Castiel and Gabriel pulling a large, thick blanket from nowhere to cover them over before heading upstairs to find the others gathered in Ron and Sam's room. They don't show fear 'cause they're trained pretty much from birth not to" Bobby said. He usually hates 'chick-flick moments'" Jo said. Even then it's rare. One of the old magical disciplines that only exist within really old and powerful magical families you mean?

Mary Had A Little Lamb

The Winchesters come from a long line on the paternal side. I thought that the few Mage families still alive were all in Europe" Hermione asked. The most powerful disciplines where those that dealt with the 7 central elements of magic; Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Lightning, Light and Dark. Dark magic wasn't considered evil, it was the application of how magic was used and not the magic itself that was evil" Hermione explained.

Then there's illusion, time, space and animation magic". Illusion magic is one of the few that doesn't use the —mancy suffix, it's called Illusionism in most of the books on the old magics I've read" Hermione answered. Harry told me ages ago that his parents were both from old Mage families, his mum was a Necromancer apparently and he said something about his dad, his other dad that is; James Potter, being an Umbramancer, you know, a shadow Mage?

So I did a little research into Mage families" he shrugged. She gave a little smile and then went back upstairs to bed. Also since the family can apparently be traced back to Caine and Abel, I figured their ancestors would have been among the earliest wizards. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community.

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Harry Potter's parents were no normal witch and wizard. Lilly's birth mother was an angel. James wasn't James when Harry was concieved. When Harry was eight, he found his real family, the family of his 'other' father. Now, with the help of his older half brothers, Harry Potter-Winchester must help avert a crisis that will make the apocalypse seem like a temper tantrum. I'm Hermione Granger, Harry's friend" she stood back and let them in "Awesome, I'm Harry's brother Adam and this our dad John" the younger of the two smiled, he was blond with light blue eyes "Adam, dad! Winchester" Hermione smiled and shook John's hand "John please, Mr.

Winchester was my old man" he smiled back at her "Hey, Harry" Adam whispered so that the others wouldn't hear "What? No" Harry looked disgusted at the very thought "Awesome, that means she fair game" Adam muttered "Adam" Harry whispered as his older brother moved away "Hey there," Adam said, pulling the trademark Winchester seductive voice that had been perfected by Harry and Dean, "Adam Milligan-Winchester, Harry's older and far more experienced brother" he winked as he put his arm around her shoulders and shook her hand "She's Ellen's niece" Harry said "Oh Christ!

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The two eldest Winchesters crashed downstairs where Dean found himself pinned to the floor with Sam sat on his stomach "Ha! Dean groaned at the additional weight "Son of a bitch! Owned" Harry smirked as he sat on Adam's thighs "Holy shit! The eight of them are a total nightmare when they get together, Balthazar, Anna and Metatron are the only ones that can control them, though Raphael comes pretty close" John explained "That's kinda funny. How bad are we talking about? You wouldn't want to go against them in a fight, I can tell you that" John shuddered "Why?

That sounds scary" Hermione said with a smile, just then, Ron came downstairs "Hey gorgeous" Harry wrapped his pale arms around the taller vampire's neck and kissed him "Hey babe" Ron smiled as he pulled away, a wolf whistle echoing through the house "Knock it off Adam" Harry smacked the shorter Winchester around the back of the head "Ow! Dude" Adam rubbed the victimised appendage while glaring at his younger brother "You must be the other brother" Ron said "That's me, Adam Winchester" he shook Ron's hand, if Harry was short compared to Ron then Adam was dwarfed "And you're a year older than Harry?

He started it off by trying to say some rude version of Mary had a little lamb" John pinched the bridge of his nose "How did that turn into the weird rhyme? Outside" Ron clarified "Shoot" Harry said, peering through the curtains "What is it? He blew against the edge and the glowing mist around it blew away, leaving a sharp edged ring of silvery gold metal "May as well, but you three stay inside the ring of protective spells right" Sam said to Harry, Cas and Gabe "Will do" Gabriel pulled a golden bow out of nowhere and fit it with a gold tipped arrow "Naturally" Castiel added as a golden sword slid from his sleeve into his hand "Then let's light this candle" Dean said as a curved golden blade, tied to his wrist, resolved itself in his hand, an identical sword forming in Sam's own hand while twin blades formed in Adam's hands.

Inside the house, the others watched on. Just a little angelic power surge, pretty much kills anything stupid enough to pick a fight with us but it's a lot more powerful when Michael and Lucifer are involved" Harry laughed at Hermione's shocked face "Pretty awesome huh? Yeah, since the truce between Heaven and Hell they've updated the uniforms a little" he laughed "Yeah, you wouldn't expect Angels to wear black, or carry so many weapons.

Though to be honest, most Angels don't carry this many weapons, just a sword and halo but those of us who actively fight against Eve are a little more prepared" Gabriel smiled "Well, now that that's dealt with, I believe dear Harry has something he needs to tell his Father and brother" Ellen said and they all cleared out of the room, leaving Harry alone with John and Adam "What did she mean? I'm afraid I haven't been entirely truthful about my life overseas" Harry shuffled his feet awkwardly "What do you mean?

Adam put his hand on Harry's arm and pulled it away from his abused wrist "stop that, you'll hurt yourself" he said "Why did you lie? Not that I would actually know if that were true, of course, because I don't go around stepping on toads but the implication still stands. Potter's neck seemed to heat up and he went into his little huffy-puffy mode and sauntered off to the boys' dorms. Good riddance, I say.

I turned to finish walking up when Sirius, the bastard, placed one foot on the stairs I was currently climbing. The steps melted right beneath my feet and I slid down, most ungracefully, might I add, and landed back in the common room. He does genuinely seem to be rather keen on you,". And Remus was supposed to be the smart one of their little group. The others have obviously brainwashed him. I honestly felt like I was four years old again.

I wrenched my arm and walked back up the newly reformed stairs. I ignored him and proceeded to my room so I could A, find Alice I was getting rather worried about her disappearance , and B, get dressed. Not saying I was running around nude, of course, but I was rather cold after Emma stuffed that snowball down my shirt. After that, I walked down to the Great Hall just like the rest of the world. But of course, unlike the rest of the world, I received a howler. I had been piling my plate reasonably with bagels and cereal etc. The envelope was dropped right into my oatmeal and slightly splattered my robes.

Grimacing, I pulled it out and only then did I realize that it was bright red. I didn't think it was possible to use my name and that word in the same sentence, unless its "Lily's never had a howler in her life before today,". Oh god, Oh god, Oh god, Oh god, Oh god…why did everyone seem to go so quiet all of the sudden? Why is everybody staring at me? I didn't mean to do whatever I did or did not do!

Stop with the staring! And then, the worst most possible thing that could've happened, happened. It began to sing. Lily had a little lamb, Whose hair was black as coal! I sat frozen in my place, completely mortified, as everyone turned to look at me. I recognised the voice immediately—Sirius Black, who I would have never suspected of ever knowing such horrendous rhyme.

I had come from a muggle family, so I was quite well aware of the nursery rhyme. Most of the purebloods were looking clueless, however. The wretched envelope continued:. It followed her to class one day, Class one day, Class one day. It followed her to class one day, Which was against the rules.

It made the Marauders laugh and play, Laugh and play, Laugh and play. It made the Marauders laugh and play, To see a lamb at school! The laughter seemed to stretch on for ages and I hastily whipped the soot and ash off my face, and hoping that permanent flush across my face , trying to redeem myself. Marla and Emma looked pityingly at me, but I knew that they had been laughing as well. I grabbed bagel and decided that, right then, I didn't mind being twenty minutes early for Transfiguration.

I blame my short legs. I get them from my mum, unfortunately, "I-I swear I had nothing to do with that! Ugh, the way you said it made it sound as though we were married,". We reached Transfiguration and McGonagall was already there.

Mary Had A Little Lamb - Little Baby Bum - Nursery Rhymes for Babies - Videos for Kids

Potter wouldn't try anything funny while she was around. Oh good lord, this is James Potter I'm talking about here! Of course he would! I positioned myself on the most opposite side of the room—farthest seat from James and relatively close to the professor who didn't even acknowledge our presence. We didn't say anything until the bell rung and everyone filed in accordingly. Sirius, of course, was still singing that abject little ditty. With the holidays only three weeks away, everyone was excited and even more objective to orders.

Or just plain ignored her.

Mary Had A Little Lamb

She droned on and on…transfigure…blah blah blah…spell…blah blah blah…water to candle…blah blah blah…partners…blah blah blah… "Evans you're with Potter"…blah blah—. Truly brilliant of me, really. I only drew about the entire classes' attention to me. And then I wondered if I had really gotten all of the ash off my face. But I knew that she, quite frankly, didn't give a hoot if I had a problem with my partner. I all-but-too gently, sarcasm, sarcasm slammed my books next to James— Potter , damn it, I meant Potter! He didn't object and waved his wand and mumbled the spell. I hadn't heard it, but the coloured water swiftly turned into a lovely yellow candle with little wavy patterns on the top and bottom.

This wasn't going to work. I glanced at the board, hoping that McGonagall had written it down for us. There went my pride! It just hi-tailed it out the classroom door! Nice knowing you, too! He began to run both hands through his hair frantically, trying to get rid of the jam that he just couldn't seem to find…. James, going into one of his bi-polar moods, laughed and poked fun at me and kept saying that I had to stop focusing so much, and to "just relax" and trust the magic to the work.

If I had been expecting anything, it most certainly was not that. The spell I had intended to be used on the water hit another girl's Transfiguration book. She gave me a sharp look when it exploded. You, quite frankly, know nothing about me. That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard of! It's always flaring up when something doesn't go your way!

The moment the clicking of her shoes had faded down the corridor, Sirius, seated a row behind me and James, had started another rousing chorus of "Lily Had a Little Lamb,". Lily had a little lamb, whose hair was black as coal!

Emma and Marla were looking torn between feeling sorry for me and joining right in with the rest of the class. But by the time they got barely to, ' It made the Marauders laugh and play …' I was just plain sick of them. I had this sudden urge to prove myself. So I picked up my stupid wand, pointed it at my stupid cup full of the stupid water and yelled the stupid spell:. Sirius was still laughing and singing that damn song. I picked up the candle, held it in my hand and used a charm that I had looked up in the library. The candle disappeared from my hand and relocated itself right at Black's feet.

He shot up like a bat out of hell, I was pleased to see. The Locappar charm relocated a certain object right where a certain person wishes to places his or her feet. The little Douze part at the end meant that it would duplicate itself every ten seconds. So what would be one, became two, after two, there were four, after four their were sixteen To make things more difficult, for him, I mean , I sent the Tarantallegra charm at him and his legs began to sporadically go into this mad-Italian like dance. He had long since stopped singing and made an immediate reach for his wand.

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  • But Emma, bless her, ' accio- ed' it away from him. Black jumped high, And Black jumped low, Black jumped over— — and burned his toe! Insert my evil maniacal laughter here. I mean, I would put a villain to shame with my evil maniacal laughter. No wonder the Marauders pranked so much, I realised, it was fun. Good lord it was heaven on earth! You would think that with almost seven years of magical education behind me and the most ultimate power to prank people that I would have realised this….

    So with Sirius dancing up and over about forty some odd number of flames, Emma, Marla, and the other three Marauders laughing so hard that they were reduced to tears, several still singing "Lily Had a Little Lamb", and me, in the centre of it all, laughing like a loon was just exactly how McGonagall found us all. At least I had break after this. Personally, I would prefer break to be after my third period Potions lesson. I hardly need a break after just one class. Then again, it is Transfiguration, my worst subject, but I don't need a whole period to recuperate.

    But this wasn't exactly the time to debate such an irrelevant topic. All in all, she lectured me for the rest of the period, only docked off ten points from Gryffindor and gave me one night's detention. McGonagall was still annoyed with me, even after I got up to leave.

    I hesitated before turning back to her. I didn't even know if that was a real word, or if some one had accidentally sneezed when they had meant to say the real password. As I crawled through, I could already hear the voices and I paused halfway through the limbo-area between the hallway and the common room. I jumped up and hit my head. Nearly had a heart attack, I did, and at the tender age of seventeen.

    I turned to look behind me only to see three younger students wanting to get to their dorms. Emma tensed and I made a mental note to figure out why. That's also when I figured out why the group of first-years had been acting so suspicious when I walked in As I made my why to go up to my room, no less than ten gallons of water came crashing down on me. Sirius was in hysterics. The funny kind, I mean. As in "ha ha, you look soooo stupid dripping wet and being serenaded by a bunch of first-years ha ha," type of hysterics. Pfft, I am a perfectly strong and independent woman and am quite capable of a simple drying charm, thankyouverymuch.

    Or at least, that had been what I intended to say When was the last time James Potter actually willingly helped some one beside himself? What was with all of these bi-polar moods? He rolled his eyes, "I And, as it so conveniently is, I happen to be free tomorrow after lunch and we could—". Not the nicest thing to say to a bunch of eleven year olds, but hey, you don't annoy red heads. I hurriedly pulled them down the corridors in their rumpled uniforms to make sure that we got their ten minutes before post.

    I grabbed three seats just a short while down from the Marauders who were obliviously eating their breakfast. Well, actually they would, because as it is, the group of us seem to be in this "Nursery Rhyme" sort of war. Four owls immediately flew towards James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter at the end of the table, and each owl dropped a howler in their respective plates. But I had charmed them to go off before they had the chance to open them.

    Even I have to marvel at my smarty-ness, sometimes. I was already grinning like a maniac, completely giving me away if my voice in the howler didn't:. I smell the blood of some Englishmen. Be 'em 'live, or be 'em dead, I'll grind their bones to make my bread! I happily bit into my butter roll and began to converse with a shocked Emma and an equally shocked Marla. I turned to see who it was, and was surprised to see James, with a look of determination on his face. I swallowed my peanut butter, pineapple, and pepperoni sandwich and began to prepare a mental list of letdowns.

    The funny thing about the situation was A, Thanksgiving was weeks ago, B, England and Scotland don't celebrate Thanksgiving, and C, the basket His face fell slightly, but he cleared his throat, "It is a muggle holiday held on the fourth Thursday of November to celebrate the Pilgrims and Indians getting along and making peace and sharing turkey," I think he had it all memorised Magical people celebrate it every year as well.

    I was in a full-blown grin as I went on. And pilgrims were originally from here, yes, but they immigrated to the early United States. Apparently James didn't get the memo that the Native Americans and the Pilgrims had cooked the infamous turkey. I found out first-hand just how humorous it is to watch some of Britain's top school teachers run around trying to catch a wild bird not even native to the continent.

    I actually found it so funny that I just had to give James a hug as I nearly lost my lung laughing so hard. Potter looked like a lost lamb, which I found oddly endearing coming from him. As I was laughing, I realised just how seriously James had taken my declaration about him not caring about muggle traditions to heart. I was merrily making my way down to breakfast when the usual "my house is better than your house" translation: Me, being the wonderful saving grace of Head Girl that I am, went over to break it up and dock off the usual ten points per-person. Unfortunately, I didn't count on being hit by a Bat-Bogey hex.

    Then again, most people in life don't, unless some one is personally out to get them. And I don't think I fall into that category, but quite frankly I do not enjoy my over-grown boogers attacking me in the middle of the hall. A nice Ravenclaw seventh year named Carl Davis helped me beat them off and was even nice enough to escort me to the Infirmary wing. Unfortunately, Madam Pompfrey was too busy fussing over some one more important than my Bat-Bogey hex, so I was forced to battle my bogies on my own.

    By the time Madam Pompfrey got to me, I had just less than twenty minutes left in the lesson that I would not be attending. I was not about to sit there next to James Potter if I could avoid it. But then I was forced to revaluate my opinion on him And I hated re-writing what's been carved in stone. I decided that I would spend my free period time out by the lake and enjoy the snow before the spring came.

    Granted, that wouldn't be for another three and a half months, but why not stop and smell the roses? Er…or lack thereof, considering it was the middle of winter and all…. I walked through the empty corridors and deftly listened to the professor's lectures. I stifled a yawn. Skipping class was no fun if you didn't have anyone to skip with. I don't think I've seen a funnier sight. Well, actually, I just remembered The Turkey incident yesterday. It must've heard me snort in laughter because it looked away from the door it had been previously staring at and clumsily whirled around to look at me.

    I was in the Transfiguration wing, so there was no telling what it had once been. A chair, a desk, maybe if the student was super-advanced, a quill. Or it could've gotten loose at Hagrid's. He's been known to have some strange creatures float around his area. For Hagrid, that just seemed, well, too normal. It slowly walked up to me and stared at me expectantly. It had abnormally black fur from head to hoof and it could have easily blended right into the shadows if it wasn't hanging around in the sun.

    When I said that skipping class would be more fun with some one else, I, um, had kind of meant someone human. Who could talk back to me so there would be no one-sided conversation. It looked down at the snow as we walked. A lot of it had already melted since yesterday, I noticed. I sighed, "Sorry," I told the sheep. Yes, I apologised to a sheep, "It's just that it's the one class that I can never seem to get a break in. I highly doubt that you've ever had to deal with some one asking you out ever since you were fourteen. And everyone is always telling me how 'he's not all that bad' and rubbish.

    He's take pleasure in torturing all of the poor innocent Slytherins who have already been told to hate the Gryffindors and just hate them even more because people like James Potter are around, confirming that they were right in the first place. Because I think this one—". I made it only about forty feet away from the hut before a familiar little coal-coloured head stuck itself right under my hand.

    I just had to rethink that sentence We walked over to the tree by the lake. I waved my wand and suddenly there was a nice snow free spot under one of the larger branches. I leaned up against the trunk and the sheep audaciously laid down next to me and put its head in my lap. I began ranting again. He pushed me overboard. I was completely embarrassed, and teased about it until third year. And that was because I punched out Malfoy and got my first detention. But even the sorting hat was complaining saying that one girl was going to ruin his one thousand year old material and stitch work.

    I was so terrified that I thought they were going to kick me out,". The sheep knew it too. It lifted its head up and stared at me. I sighed again reluctantly. But people just don't change like that over one summer! It takes years for something drastic like that to happen. Although that would explain his hot-to-cold personality right now," I hate it when I answer my own questions. It is very, very annoying. I s'pose that the whole turkey incident kind of proves that he's willingly trying to change though doesn't it? Ugh, look at me," I said as the sheep happily did as it was told and locked eyes with me, "I can't believe I'm ranting and raving about James Potter to a sheep.

    Good gravy, I'm losing my mind again.

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    • The sheep began to stand up, as if it felt as though it were intruding on some one else's personal problems. I laid comfortably on the grass with a sheep as my pillow under the old willow tree. Maybe I should become a poet! They make next to no money. Maybe a Hogsmead trip together or something small to see if there really is any potential," Even through the layers of fluff, for some reason I could feel the sheep's pulse increase dramatically. And if not, I can go back to hating him in peace. I felt it tense up slightly. I tutted mockingly, "What would the Missus say? And I don't think there are any rules against having pet sheep at Hogwarts.

      Maybe I can keep you," I smiled at it, but it looked slightly alarmed, as if only just remembering something. It responded by endearingly rubbing my cheek with its cold nose. Does that count as snogging? Am I a sheep snogger? Oh now I feel terrible for leading it on like this! I was all but throwing myself at it! I'm such a horrible person!

      I'm sorry, but that is the way the cookie crumbles, and that is how Mother Nature intended for it to be. She doesn't want some human-slash-sheep hybrids wandering around the earth, no-sirree. My free period was over halfway up, and people were wandering the corridors going to and from places such as the library. If by chance you saw a girl with bright red hair being tailed by a jet black sheep in your school, what would you do? Why, stare of course! The hallways parted for me easily like Moses and the sea, whispering like I couldn't hear them.

      Yeah, sure, some idiot would make a jive at me, but the sheep didn't take to well to that. It rammed one of Lucius Malfoy's cronies straight into a suit of armour and down the stairwell. But most took the sheep and me good-humouredly, such as most of the Gryffindors. Some even broke out into Sirius' favourite song:. I could've sworn that the last line went "Whose fleece was white as snow" or something like that But it has been a while, so I'm not one to talk.

      It was strange, though, that the sheep following me around had fur black as coal. Now that I mention it, I could name some one else who had hair as dark as coal, just like in the song. It followed her to class one day, Which was against the rules! I could remember when some one with hair dark as coal following me to my Transfiguration class the other day And he was also notoriously known for completely disregarding the rules.

      I hadn't really registered the fact that the Marauders had thrown in their name like that. Probably just for publicity amongst the girls. They always seemed to be having such a good time as well as getting top marks in their classes. I recalled when I had taken a leaf out of their book and made Sirius jerkily jump over a candlestick to a nursery rhyme being sung by a bunch of quills.

      I had to give the sheep a boost. It almost hesitantly walked in front of me. The stupid sheep refused to movie so I crawled around it. Wait, where were you? But what's all this nonsense I hear about James? One of the Hufflepuffs James was partnered with went a little crazy with his spell and there was this big explosion—McGonagall looked as though she would kill some one.

      It had apparently somehow mildly affected nearly everyone in the class, save for George, I think his name was, who was casting the spell in he first place. The poor Hufflepuff is positively grief-stricken about it, too, he's too upset to even join the search party My fingers had wrapped around a woolly substance.

      True, I was only half-listening, but was rather intent on finding my sheep to show off to Emma.