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Both of our salaries go into a joint account, which we use to pay for half their gym memberships and basic wardrobe items like their shoes, a coat and underwear. They buy the rest of their clothes. We also pay for their phones, but they are on the cheapest deals possible. We felt we should teach our children the value of money and that everything has to be earned; you don't get something for nothing. I think it makes them less materialistic when they have to pay for something themselves.

They realise they will have to make some kind of sacrifice to buy it, and it can make the object they want to buy less important to them.

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He has more money than us in the bank! I do sometimes feel under pressure to give them more money, because some of their friends come from wealthier families and have more cash than they do. Sometimes I feel guilty because I want to give them more and am not able to. I never give in though — we can't afford it and I don't want to get into debt.

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And learn to cook. It's crazy; the equivalent of putting your kid through Eton. They are at private nursery four mornings a week because the local state nursery didn't have enough places, and the rest of the time that my wife is at work we have to have two nannies. With two toddlers you need a second pair of hands or it's complete bedlam. The whole time she was on maternity leave we hired a nanny to help her. We didn't feel it was a luxury, it was more like a necessity just so I could go to work.

We have a second property in Spain and between the mortgage on that, the mortgage on our two-bed London flat and childcare we have absolutely no slack in our income — in fact, we are dipping into our savings just to get by each month. We find it impossible to save at all, even for the children, although we'd like to.

What counts as financial mis-selling?

I feel quite relaxed about this. I see it as only a temporary situation — as the twins get older we'll pay less for childcare. We are planning to have two holidays this year: For more information about the new scheme, see ASIC's media release. If your utility provider won't help you, you can complain to one of the ombudsman schemes below. Energy and Water Ombudsman Services in each state provide advice and conciliation services for consumers with complaints about energy or water providers.

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Mortgage help - Dispute resolution video. Find out how dispute resolution works with your lender. Use this tool to create a letter of complaint to send to the business you purchased the product or received the service from.

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You can contact the ACCC on If your complaint involves a scam, go to the report a scam webpage. If you believe there has been misconduct relating to the management of a company, its directors or officers, you can lodge a complaint with ASIC. If you're unhappy about the service you are receiving or you aren't sure whether something is illegal, don't be afraid to complain. Make a formal complaint to the business If you're not satisfied with the answer from the business, or if the problem can't be sorted out, ask the business for their complaints handling procedure or look for it on their website.

Formal complaints should be made in writing, so in your letter or email you should: Meet your new best friend when you travel. It does your complaining for you.

Money back after you book.

The whole thing took about half an hour. Call a family member.

Go have a fantastic meal. Meanwhile Service is hard at work for you, solving your issue.

Contact us at feedback getservice. Bug fixes and performance enhancements. I used this service to attempt to rectify a terrible flying experience as it was advertised.

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They were able to get me dollars refunded however did not state that this voucher had an expiration period. When I emailed to say I was unable to access my voucher was the first time I was informed of this expiration period was when I was told there was nothing that could be done to retrieve this voucher. When I asked them to confirm what credit card it was being refunded to which generally a company should confirm before any action I was informed it was sent to an account that was closed.

At this point they more or less said there was nothing they could do and I should contact by previous bank. So in the end I paid 30 dollars for absolutely nothing. Would not recommend at all. Hi Megan, We're very sorry about the experience you've had. We have just reached out to you privately to see what can be done about the matter. If you have any additional issues, or cannot locate our message to you, please send us an email to feedback getservice. I signed up after a terrible flying experience with an airline I will never fly again, hoping to receive a refund for my flight. So thanks for doubling down on my awful experience for me.

Hi Peppa, We're very concerned to hear this was your experience with us. We want to take a look at the issue as soon as possible and see what can be done to remedy the situation. Could you please reach out to feedback getservice. This way, we can be sure to assist you fully. Also, please mention that you were a reviewer so that we're sure to get to your inquiry ASAP.