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If a function is used eg with the decorating routing pattern a closure is created around the two arguments. I may have one for sale in the future on my doll site. All instructions are clear and there are images from the original magazine designs. This book is used, but in very good condition. Knitting for baby dolls: Fabulous baby doll outfits to fit inch dolls to include christening set, cape, dresses, romper suits, underwear , pram sets, sleeping bags, all in ones or baby grows, layette with shawl, Matinee set, Christening layette with shawl, 5 or 6 lovely matinee and dress sets.

There are about 18 complete outfits. Several different types of underwear and dress styles.

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There are instructions for dresses, underwear, a tiny cradle, romper suits, pram suits, Christening outfits, bonnets, bootees, all you could ever want for your vintage dolls. And for the less vintage, baby gro, or all in one suit, dresses and outfits with beret and bonnets.

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There are over 20 outfits including two with blankets or shawls and two complete layettes. These books are now out of print and hard to come by. Knitting For Little Girl Dolls: Another lovely book from this series, sadly now out of print. The coat on the cover that also has a dress and hat to match and underwear to fit a 14 and 16 inch doll.

This one has been used but is in super condition. Knitting for Treasured Childhood Dolls: This was the last in this series to be produced. Many of the designs are shown throughout on vintage dolls that they were originally designed for and on modern dolls. As usual lovely colour photography.

There a couple of Sindy patterns, Miss Rosebud patterns. There are pram suits, Walking coats and bonnets, the lovely Fair Isle jumper set on the cover, Christening layette for 6 inch doll, including several other style dresses, undies and shawl. An embroidered layette for 14 inch baby doll. A little boy dolls zip jumper and leggings with helmet to fit 14 inch doll, jumper cardigan and skirt for 12 inch girl doll. Lovely set for Teeny Tiny Tears or 16 inch baby doll including blanket, and undies, bonnet and dress for a 13 inch doll.

Dress cloak and bolero for 11,12 and inch dolls. The essential dressing gown and nightie for dolls 12 and 14 inches. Great little pattern in black and white for beret, jumper and shorts, proper little boys outfit for antique, vintage or modern boy doll. To fit inch and inch doll. Knitted in 3ply or 4ply. Delightful christening gown or short dress for dolls inches with lace at hem line and little bolero to match with lace trimming, instructions for petticoat included.

Still in Copyright Great doll knitting pattern for socks in two different designs, to fit foot size 2. New Still in copyright Great pattern for bears measuring inches, inches and their big brothers at inches. Instructions for dress for Mummy Bear, trousers and jumper for Daddy Bear and a cute outfit for baby bear, hat, trousers and jumper.

Knitted in 4ply and double knitting in simple stocking stitch and minimal shaping, great for the beginner - great little Christmas gift. Very useful pattern for the collector of vintage and antique dolls. Based on actual dolls clothes from the early part of the last century. Two styles of vest and pants, to fit dolls and inches. Great modern pattern for a vintage style Golly. This pattern is from and is for smart little chap that measures 18 inches tall and is knitted in double knitting.

Another great sock pattern , two designs. To fit size doll 12"" foot size 1. Another very useful pattern. A variety of vintage style bonnets and hats to fit dolls inches knitted in 4ply. Great vintage style dolls knitting pattern to fit 22"" doll, or new born baby. Knitted in 4ply, coat leggings and bonnet. New Still in copyright. Another lovely vintage style dress to fit inch dolls will fit prem or tiny baby if knitted in 4ply Petticoat included. And one for the baby boys!

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Jumper, strap shorts and little shoes in 3ply to fit inch dolls. Still in Copyright NEW. Great knitting pattern for inch and inch dolls. Knitted in 3ply modern 3ply is used for these patterns There are instructions for dress bonnet and shawl. Great dolls knitting pattern for smaller dolls inch and inch knitted in modern 2ply or 20 crochet cotton, see wool page for wool and cotton suitable. Very easy this one. New still in copyright. This design has instructions for pretty dress with easy to knit pattern and slip to fit and inch dolls.

Suitable for vintage, antique and reproduction dolls as well as modern dolls. Modern 3ply and 4ply is used. To fit inch dolls and inch dolls. Knitted in 3ply and 4ply. New Still in Copyright Great modern dolls knitting pattern for reproduction or vintage doll This design is a school gym slip and jumper blouse knitted in modern 4ply.

To fit dolls and inch. Lovely modern knitting pattern for small reproduction or modern dolls for dress and underwear from This pattern has instructions for pretty dress and combinations and hat for girl dolls inches and inches knitted in no20 crochet cotton or modern 3ply. There are instructions for the dress, collar, cape and drawers.

NEW still in copyright. Beautiful little dress and hat knitted in silky crochet cotton 20 or 40 depending on the size. To fit and 7 inches, very sweet, have made these several times. They can also be knitted in 2ply or 3ply wool with a silk trim. New still in Copyright Dolls Design KP Please read our description and our privacy and policy page.

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