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The Corps' Combat Development and Integration office issued an urgent universal need statement to fast-track the acquisition process. Rescuer recounts pilot's crash into Hawaii waters A Honolulu-based parasailing guide recounts the moments he saw a civilian pilot for the Hawaii Air National Guard eject from his stricken plane and land in the water nearby. The pilot, who the man's crew helped pull from the water, said both engines went out on his jet, forcing him to eject. Mark Milley is expected to be the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Current Edition Subscribe Digital Edition.

I must have gotten the stories switched somehow. Naomi is adorable and perfection, as well!! XD Carry on with his path of destruction and smoldering flame.

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Even if they are fighting constantly, how do they survive? Somebody will have to get killed off at some point. I am quite grateful to you that he does not die… Usually I pick the characters that DO die, and then I cry bitter tears of despair. Yes, he is too key to the plot, whatever happens.

But the others are not so safe. War may take them, I do not know…I read one story recently where one of my favorite characters died and I cried. On the other hand he technically died of old age years after the main adventure. You should send some characters on a quest to resurrect him.

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That is so sad!!! But at least he died of old age, and not when he was adventuring, right? But, actually, that almost makes it worse…. He actually was resurrected in the sequel! It sounds like it! The ones that make me FEEL usually end up being my favorites, IF, of course, the characters actually die for a reason, rather than just for shock value. He shall live in the revamp, I believe.

I love him too much to destroy him twice. Not that I have any plans for someone dying, I just think it likely to happen at some point. Gotta have an emotional connection to things to care. And the death was really well connected to the theme and plot of the story. Those are the best, most gut-wrenching deaths. Never kill off the Void Lord. I should probably force myself to sit down and read some of his plays… XD Awww, poor thing!!! But that is very true… That kind of ruins the whole premise of the retelling, then.

But what else is it like…? This is so exciting!!!! I really needed to hear that at least ONE of my friends are writing a story with a happy ending!!! It may not be a normal sort of happy ending, but I do want Sheyla and Rob to survive to the end. Around the Galaxy in Days. But it sounds funny. It is their premature deaths that shall have me sobbing for three million years. Let us hope they survive to the end, and live past it. Or I shall wail along with my readers as they chase me with pitchforks and fire.

But hey, the climax is a long ways away, so…should be some way to keep everyone alive.

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He is finally living up to his fullest potential!!! Yes, you care SO much for the feelings of characters as they all fall murdered around you… xD. Sheyla is not doing well, but at least with that plan she would also get to finally be with Rob. So he can give her anxiety attacks too! And also I agree with the fanged grin and lightning bats everywhere. Thank you so much!!!! You really think so??? It was a bit of a pinch once I added in the dares!!!

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Something far more frightening. I love the subtle nip of the very beginnings of November air. I love wiggling my toes beneath the blankets because it makes me feel cute and innocent. I just love it all. And what better way to do that than by making this Dare Squad official? The Dare Squad must assemble. One of you get on that. As you can see, there are 11 of us. November is nearly upon us, Cyberspace, and it is time. It is time to assemble. We are all doomed.

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As always, until next time. We shall survive this month, lest we all die horrid, painful deaths that are more or less excruciating… XD Like Like. When this guy looks through his scope, he can zoom in mega far, how do you do that? Or was that edited after for the video? Could not find that cinematic intro on the discord, so I'm guessing someone has yet to post it anywhere yet.


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