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Good thing rules were meant to be broken. The Story will continue in book 3. In this series Book 3. Ratings and Reviews 3 4 star ratings 3 reviews. Yes No Thanks for your feedback! Jared, the bad boy rocker, and Alicia, the band's PR rep, are back providing more wow factor for this exhilarating series. With new problems and adventures Ali Parker allows the reader to see both the pretty and the ugly of real life relationships. The whole cast of characters have quickly become some of my favorites.

I am looking forward to reading the third book in the series. Talk about high stepping. Ali knows exactly how to hit 'em where it hurts. It sure isn't the wallet. Nope, something way more precious. When one of their own lands in a hospital, they face some hard choices. Ali seems to be able to pull it from the lowest of the lows. Or from on high. Her talents are such that its no longer about the reach or the depth of feelings.

Its simply between how hard or how long. She pulls seemless amounts of imagination with the precision of a laser to define how thick the sweep. How wide the scar. How shattered the heart. I don't have a clue what inspires her or the intense focus. She simply seems to command the words and the tune flows smoothly as if by Mozart. I truly believe there are no places to high that she can't reach to form us another masterpiece by just thinking it.

Thats why I love Ali's work. She pulls from such a broad range its just incredible the strenght behind each word.

Her insight on the smallest detail is what captures your imagination and as she wills it, it moves us. Her characters have just the right balance between perfect and flawed. She creates worlds for our pleasure that is breathtaking.

With her gifts as such, the skies the limit for this author. I look forward to each new piece she shares. The author did an amazing job of mixing the most passionate love scenes I have ever read with a real love story. Neither overshadowed the other. Myrna is a professor with a love for rock n roll. Brian is a rock n roll God. They meet randomly and sparks fly immediately. What starts out as a bucket list experience for Myrna quickly turns into something more.

Due to her past she is hesitant to start a real relationship. Brian is a hopeless romantic so you can only imagine how things go from there. Myrna can't even hear the words I love you due to her horrible ex husband who butchered those three little words in her mind and made them mean nothing. All Brian wants to do is scream them from the rooftops. This book had me laughing and keeping my fingers crossed that love would win out in the end.

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This is a great series and I can't wait to re-read the whole thing. On to Sed's book now. But the fans, man. Because the girls are young and uninhibited and filled with lust and love and starry-eyes and butts that could stand up to Jennifer Lopez. Because the writing made me laugh out loud at times, the dialogue had a serious aftertaste and more than a little cringe to it, the plot lacked a certain amount of sophistication, and the characters felt a bit too stereotypical and one-dimensional.

This might as well have been book porn, as the porn factor seeped through the pages and into my living room. It had the trademark bad dialogue, a lack of plot, and characters who probably needed a Happy Meal and a brain transplant other than the sexually liberating professor. I had this entire list of things to do today.

Romance with a capital "R". Two very real, wonderfully three dimensional people with histories, and baggage, and hang-ups, who come together for a night of hot sex and find themselves in love. And one of them is going to resist that feeling with everything they've got. Their journey, played out against the background of a rock tour and all the accompanying insanity of that, makes me glad I got to go along for the ride.

Cunning does an outstanding job of weaving in the music, and making the concert scene--in all its grungy reality--come alive for the reader. It's a fresh, original concept, handled beautifully by someone who knows how to write extraordinarily well, and whose love of the music comes through in every scene. She's also introduced larger than life characters who are secondary in this first book of the Sinners on Tour series, but who will each have their turn to take centre stage in the subsequent books.

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I can hardly wait. Imagine me, standing here in the dark, my lighter raised high, screaming for an encore!

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Keef did a great job in the delivery of the story. This really one of my favourite audio books I will listen again. Please, please Audible more of the Sinners on tour. Caution contains explict sexual content. In my opinion it was totally awesome. I wanted to listen to it in one session. I was so wrapped up in the story and that does not happen often. It's well worth the credit. I hope the next book in this series is as good because I'm getting that one too.

I loved this book. I was so not expecting this, but WOW. From Chapter 1 I was blow away by Professor Sex Two people who should not be together that are so totally perfect for each other. U Gotta listen to know what I am talking about Trust when I say, you won't be disappointed.

Master Sinclair creates the great music riffs when making love Totally buy or credit. This is totally worth it. Narration was just awesome. I chose this book based on the ratings and I was not disappointed. The sex scenes were very steamy and the love story of Brian and Mryna keep me interested.

I plan to look out for more work from the author. Great, funny and interesting characters all get involved in this very touching and very sexy steamy romance and I thought the descriptions of the band, tour, groupies etc. What disappointed you about Backstage Pass? I wanted to like this book and I did like parts of it, but it felt a little bit like hard core porn in a lot of places.

The was less character development and more explicit sexual encounter. There were subtle plot lines that, for me, would have brought me closer to the characters, but were abandoned. One example of this is a conversation in which the male character tells the female lead that he had bought her a surprise gift.

Then, they shuffle off to a men's public bathroom for a tryst after which, we never hear anything further about the "gift that was purchased. Would you be willing to try another book from Olivia Cunning? Why or why not? I just felt frustrated after listening to this. I like a good love scene or love-making scene as much as the next person, but this just felt like it was pushed to the next level over and over again to be shocking and different, rather than an attempt to tell a good story.

Have you listened to any of Justine O. How does this one compare? I didn't hate the characters. In fact, what I know of them is intriguing. I guess, after the excitement over 50 Shades of Grey, there's a new genre where the writer pushes the boundaries of the love making scenes in an effort to titillate the reader.

This book seems to fall into the genre. Not a bad thing, but something to know when you buy it and prepare to start listening. If you could sum up Backstage Pass in three words, what would they be?

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Would you recommend Backstage Pass to your friends? Oh yea - serioulsy, If you are ok with explicit, exhibitionist sex scenes then here you have it my friends. Seriously, this book made FSOG look like a teaser. The story is interesting enough and the hook up scenes are really all that! I really liked Brian - the lovelorn lead guitarist who always falls in love with the wrong kind of girl. He was sweet and let Myrna have her way and gave her the freedom both sexually and emotionally to do whatever, and I mean, whatever she wanted.

Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting? No, I needed to breath between chapters. Totally worth the credit! It's a hot read. This is a funny, account of a rock band behind the scenes. Great characters with some highs and lows. Finally a strong sexy woman!!!! Really sexy sex stuff! And laugh out loud funny moments!! The reader did male and female voices perfectly! What made the experience of listening to Backstage Pass the most enjoyable?

I enjoyed the story and find the story of other peoples desires very intriguing even if they are not my own views, makes me wonder what mine would be if I thought about it enough. What other book might you compare Backstage Pass to, and why? Which scene did you most enjoy? This was my first audio book and I was pleasantly surprised as I was dubious about audio and this book. However' I really enjoyed it. The actor was easy to listen to and characterized each character well. Olivia Cunning Narrated by: Sinners on Tour , Book 1 Length: People who bought this also bought Muffy Newtown, Shane East Length: Pierced and Inked Publisher's Pack By: Simone Sowood Narrated by: Kylie Scott Narrated by: Meghan March Narrated by: Joe Arden, Erin Mallon Length: Joe Arden, Mackenzie Cartwright Length: Teri Clark Linden Length: