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Lisa takes a pen and stabs her own veins, then has to jump off the roof naked. This is relatively light compared to the others killed by the Cradle. Two Telar die because the wife fed 40 tubs of chlorine into her husband's hot tub, then falls in because she thinks she is being pushed in by a giant insect, they both boil together in the chlorine as their skin falls off, and to top it all off one of them bumps the button so the cover of the pool covers them and they have absolutely no chance of getting out.

Numbria is skinned and then eaten alive by Cradle! Sita after being tied to a bed with a special alloy she cannot escape and having many broken bones. The worst part is, because Sita can't talk about what she's done, most of the details are left to the reader's imagination. Even worse when you think about the fact that the victim is Telar and can last an extremely long time without dying. The first Telar Sita comes across has a device implanted in his molars, that causes him to turn to red dust upon activating.

Although she is the series protagonist, Sita fulfills this trope. So does her daughter, Kalika.

Blood: The Last Vampire

Sita and Yaksha, and probably any vampire that's been alive for thousands of years. Joel struggles with this idea after he meets Sita and becomes increasingly aware that she is definitely not normal. Deal with the Devil: The basic premise of The Shadow of Death. Very nasty consequences for those involved Deep Cover Agent: Two of the Telar are deeply ensconced in the UN, involved in helping the poor and educating children in poor countries.

It is implied that this is a cover, although interestingly enough Sita never bothers to find out. When Sita is about to be killed by the Pulse, Matt is suddenly a fully-equipped, Telar-killing hybrid. One of Sita's main problems with the Telar race of Egypt. If they hadn't threatened to do this, who knows if she might have simply left them alone. Sita can usually do this, especially in the later books.

Of course, she is so confident in her abilities that it leads to disastrous consequences if she is wrong. Devil in Plain Sight: Played straight with Yaksha, but subverted with Kalika in that everyone only thinks she's evil - she actually has benevolent reasons for all her actions. Kalika is discovered to be one of these, though for all practical purposes she is a full-fledged vampire.

Later on Matt is revealed as another, though his mother isn't a normal human. There are several instances of this in the series - Sita, Ray, and Matt and Kalika all lose their fathers after dad's death by violence. Also arguably Sita book 6, book 7 and Kalika book 5. The Pulse Emergency Transformation: Played straight in that, unless the transformee was willing, it usually doesn't end well. There are quite a few examples - Yaksha and Kalika are the straight-up vampire kind, while the children in the Array are more alarming for being human.

Sita frequently does this with Seymour, both for kicks and because she usually visits him at ungodly hours of the night. Did Sita every tell you about that time she was in Ancient Egypt? This occurs in the 4th book of the series when Sita experiences a shorter than average pregnancy. Face Death with Dignity: Several people, including mooks, but most notably Umara. Sita thinks Yaksha is dead at the start of the series, having heard back in the Middle Ages that he was accused of being a witch, hunted down, and burned alive in a castle.

Obviously, she was mistaken. Also happens in "The Eternal Dawn", where we learn that Yaksha actually had a child with a Telar woman, and that all three faked their deaths to escape the Telar, who disapproved of the union and the resulting child. Sita often uses her nails to open veins in her victims. Kalika initially seems to be this, gestating and aging at an abnormally fast rate. She is not adverse to killing to get her own way. She terrifies even her own mother. Krishna orders Yaksha to destroy all vampires if he wishes to die with Krishna's grace.

Since the love of Yaksha's life is the vampire Sita, this creates some angst. First Law of Resurrection: When Pike decided to continue the series, this had to be invoked. Ray definitely fulfills this trope. So does Yaksha, particularly since he doesn't seem to need to drink blood later in life, and becomes remorseful about the cruelties he committed in his youth. Sita embodies it to a lesser extent, in that she's capable of great kindness and compassion Most of the vampires reach this stage, at least to some extent.

The most obvious examples are the young Yaksha and Eddie, the antagonist in "Black Blood". Telar and vampires have powerful heartbeats which unless carefully controlled can be detected by other vampires. When Sita detects the witch is lying to her on the way to the Scales, she is in fact revealed to be much less beautiful than she first appeared to be.

Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Yaksha in "Black Blood". Her Heart Will Go On: There are quite a few in the series: Newborn vampires, especially what Teri! Sita did to poor Ken. Sita with the Telar. If I Can't Have You I Hate You, Vampire Dad: Most vampires in this series come to actively resent the vampire who made them, since most of them were turned against their will. Played more or less straight with Sita and Yaksha, but subverted in "Creatures of Forever" with Sita and Seymour - he wanted to be turned and adores his maker. Also notably averted with Ray , who loved his maker even though he hated being a vampire.

Arguably a large part of why Yaksha was attracted to Sita. From day one, she seems less than susceptible to the charm that makes all the other people in their village trust him utterly. She tends to defy him and run counter to his wishes.

The Last Vampire

Immortality Begins at Yaksha and Kalika both age rapidly, then stop when they are physically in their twenties. Sita sees a lot of people wearing the clothes they presumably died in on her way to the Scale. Kiss of the Vampire: Sita mentions that she can make feeding a very pleasurable experience for her victim. Of course, if the vampires want them to, Vampire Bites Suck. Last of His Kind: Sita is, for much of the series, the titular last vampire.

The main way Sita has remained alive for so long is that anyone who knows her secret and threatens to reveal it dies. Examples include Ray's father and the secret facility in "Red Dice". Many, many of these. Joel and Ray were this to Sita. Happens with pretty much every romance Sita has, since she is a vampire and other vampires are quite rare. Emphasized because the Messianic Archetype made her take a vow to create no more vampires, so she can't turn any of her human lovers. Exacerbated by her Cartwright Curse.

Several instances in the series. Yaksha is named for a class of nature spirit, which are sometimes benevolent but about as often evil. Sita and her human husband, Rama, are named for the protagonists of the Ramayana. This is even more fitting or prophetic given that a major chunk of the Ramayana's plot is about Prince Rama's quest to rescue Princess Sita from the demon who has abducted her. Kalika is named for the goddess Kali, who she is implied to be an avatar of. Sita does this for several people, including a nameless Roman lover who developed leprosy and Yaksha after he was so badly wounded that even he couldn't heal.

The Cradle can make the victim see apalling images and convince them to kill themselves and the people around them, usually by focusing on any hatred they feel and magnifying it. Yaksha, the first vampire, is far stronger than even the oldest and most powerful of his 'children'.

The Last Vampire (Literature) - TV Tropes

No Escape but Down: Sita when escaping the witch on the way to the Scales, jumps into a chasm she can't really see the bottom of. When the group jump out of a helicopter that is about to get shot down, into icy water. It is possible there is a more fitting trope for this scene though. At the beginning of The Eternal Dawn, it is mentioned that the IIC is illegally connected to many other companies, forming an umbrella organisation that doesn't have a name.

Not Quite Saved Enough: Ray, Joel, and Teri all suffer this fate - even turning them into vampires isn't enough to save them. Off with His Head! How the main villain of Black Blood is finally dealt with. Cindy and Thomas Brutran; Freddy. Our Vampires Are Different: Yaksha was born from a dead woman who was eight months pregnant, after her corpse was possessed by a demon called a yakshini. It is suggested that he IS the yakshini, taking human form. As such, vampires are, like yakshini, sort of snake-like: Their strength is determined by their age and how closely descended they are from Yaksha.

For example, if A is a vampire created by Yaksha, and B is someone turned by someone who was turned by Yaksha, A will be the stronger vampire. All vampires are super strong, fast and have healing factors. They have none of the traditional vampire weaknesses except for sunlight which only weakens them , decapitation, cardiac impalement or fire. They can also be killed if you can drain them of enough blood. They have very sharp senses, and have a small degree of psychic powers. They do have to drink blood to survive.

Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil: Somehow we end up in the desert?

I don't know, whatever. Sita learns from a Nice, Mysterious Lady that LftB is all powerful and ray-gun-y because long ago somebody stole Sita's blood.

I don't even know what's going on anymore, but Sita maybe flies off into a spaceship to go back in the past to right this wrong and balance the world yet again. She meets up with her old pal, Dante the leper, and together they walk to the castle of the evil Landulf the guy who stole her blood. Dante peaces out because Landulf is scary, Sita goes to have dinner with Landulf. She's poisoned tricked again!

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But she overcomes this to get the maid to lead her to where Landulf is performing Satanic rituals. Sita is discovered when the maid stabs her in the back tricked again! Oh, Sita, when will you learn?! She meets up with her ol' pal Dante the leper again, and is about to give her blood in order to heal him, as she did before, when she realizes that Noooooooo, Dante is the real Landulf that other one was just a minion, a pretty convincing one, though.

Haha, can't fool her anymore. Sita doesn't give him blood, thus defeating him and his future ray gun peeps. Sita goes waaaaay back in time, to before she was a vampire. She keeps Yaksha from being born so no vampires ever , and lives happily ever after with her husband and baby girl. And Seymour in our present time is sick with AIDS Sita's blood is what cured him in the first book , and Sita is just a character he's been writing about, an imagined heroine. I kind of dig the ending happy Sita! A world without Sita? The most badass vampire lady around? Who saved the world multiple times?

I just don't buy her being happy hanging out with her hubby and baby for the rest of her life. That's not who you are, Sita! And now Seymour won't have vampire adventures. Apr 29, PurplyCookie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I started reading "The Last Vampire" series when it first came out, and I remember checking the bookstore every time the next installment was going to be available.

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Although I'm an adult now but I was a preteen when the series started , I've still re-read most of the installments. It's truly amazing how Pike manages to flesh out such a complete characterization. Another amazing thing is how each installment ties in so fluidly with each other and yet they stand alone with their own plot, be it h I started reading "The Last Vampire" series when it first came out, and I remember checking the bookstore every time the next installment was going to be available.

Another amazing thing is how each installment ties in so fluidly with each other and yet they stand alone with their own plot, be it her story with Ray or Joel, or her daughter. I haven't re-read this one, "The Last Vampire 6: Creatures of Forever" , in awhile, but I was a bit disappointed at the end. Although it was a very well-written book I wished it wouldn't have ended the way it did. I don't want to give it away, but I did get the feeling of "she went through all of this then for what?

Pike probably ended it the way he did because it was the only way to end the series without being tempted to continue on. Still, it's great escapism. If you're a young woman, you will identify with Sita, and it's incredibly easy to imagine yourself in her situation. I love the wit and humor Pike uses. He doesn't pander to the lowest or youngest common denominator plus the writing is every bit as good as any "adult" novel I've read. You might be disappointed after reading this, if only because you'll wish there were more to the series.

Although it was terribly sad story, I felt happiness for Sita at the end, for she got what she wanted. I think that its brilliant that in a way the ending is the beginning. Title The Last Vampire 6: View all 4 comments. May 16, Wren [t he y] rated it really liked it. Review will be posted under the bindup edition Thirst 2. Jan 19, Leeanna rated it really liked it. The Last Vampire 6: More science fiction than vampire tale, Pike continues to mix New Age ideas with aliens and time travel.

Continuing with hints dropped in "Phantom 4 " and "Evil Thirst 5 ," Pike concludes the story of Sita, the last vampire who has roamed the earth for 5, years. In "Creatures of Forever," she learns that in the 9th century actions of hers forever changed the future of humanity. Advanced beings from the future ask Sita if she will travel to the past and fix her wrong, so that humanity may be saved. Without spoiling too much of the plot, this is the first time Pike focuses a novel on Sita's past.

Instead of just flashbacks, the action takes place in the past and I wish it's something he would have done more - shared more fascinating stories of her life interspaced with famous historical events, or even obscure ones. If you enjoyed Sita's story, you will be sad when this book ends. But at least Pike doesn't leave his fans hanging and does conclude Sita's story.

I feel it is best to read the last three books in the series as one, instead of as separate novels, to get the full effect. Aug 14, Heather rated it liked it. Again, glad to be back in Sita's world but this book was pretty out there. Better than Book 5, not as good as Book 4. Since this is the final book in the series, it's a must read if you are into the series. This is the last book in the series, and this where the series starts to get spacey and weird. Jun 07, Wendy rated it did not like it Shelves: I specifically remember not finishing this book when I first had it.

At the time I thought it was because I was getting to old for this young adult author, that I was outgrowing this reading stage. But now that I've read this book and finished it Out of pages, the first 60 of them is just simple conversation Then there's some time travel and finally some action with one character. No wonder fans were surprised when he revised and added to this series years later. I'm still going to try the next book out, I'm curious to see how he made it work, but I have little hope that this series was salvagable: Dec 23, Hazeanni rated it it was amazing.

I gave 5stars because i salute the way Pike ending this series. It was brilliantly unexpected, and original. So Mr Pike, you had been success in making me buy this series by saving my meager student allowance that time. Definitely worth it and no regret. Aug 31, Alli rated it it was amazing. Just did a reread of this series.

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It's always been a favorite since I was a kid. And nothing has changed. I love this story more than words could explain. It introduced me to so much and shaped the way I looked at the world even. I know I'll reread this many times in my life. Sep 10, Wolfie rated it liked it. The story finishes but now there's a new one! Oct 16, Courtney rated it liked it. Ugh now I remember why I was so angry at this book the first time. May 03, Nick Milinazzo rated it really liked it. I loved this series when I was in junior high.

Mar 08, Donna rated it it was amazing Shelves: It served a specific purpose but then got out of its own way so the story could move forward. Here Alisa goes back in time at least her mind does so she can attempt to fix a wrong that happened a thousand years prior. In the context of the story it all worked out, I think. It brought everything right back around to the beginning and, like the original time-traveling mission, shows how altering little choices can have such an effect on the world.

It worked and I was satisfied at the end. At least I can re-read these books at my whim if I were so inclined just so I can keep getting this story. The writing itself speaks to a different market and a different time but I think the story itself transcends. One of the driving forces behind the books, for me at least, was how 90s they were. Cell phones would blow some of the plot lines, you know? Jun 04, Brent Ecenbarger rated it it was amazing Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. For whatever reason, I read the first five books in this series several years ago and never read the final book. Instead of rereading them now I've went ahead and dug into book six but I think I remembered enough of the major stuff she's a vampire, Seymour is her friend, her daughter died, Krishna was important in her life to enjoy this as the final chapter. The plot of this book is weird, and scattered like crazy at the beginning. The series jumps from supernatural to scifi with time and space For whatever reason, I read the first five books in this series several years ago and never read the final book.

The series jumps from supernatural to scifi with time and space travel brought up quickly with Seta going along with it pretty automatically. In order to set right a Harvest that'll cost the lives of billions she needs to go confront the worst horror from her past. Despite that setup being batshit crazy, the payoffs both to the book and the series as s whole made it all worthwhile.

I probably should have seen the twist ending coming the first one involving Dante but much preferred it to the prior confrontation. The second ending the butterfly effect one provided some solid closure for our main character. Apr 09, Chapter 35 rated it really liked it Shelves: This start getting a bit 'out there' in this book. I get this is fiction blah blah blah, but I just couldnt get on board with quite afew of the aspects of this particular book All to result in the end of Si This start getting a bit 'out there' in this book. All to result in the end of Sita and the world was as if she never existed!

And I was left thinking - 'how will this continue! It has to be over, right? Feb 23, Sami rated it it was amazing Shelves: A series of disjointed thoughts about this book I started this series in , and it's taken me thirteen years to finish it. I have to say, it was completely worth it. Thank you Asma Hamid, wherever you may be. Throughout the fifth and this book, you can sense her tiredness with life, and see how it's come full circle - how Yaksha seemed when she met him in book one was very similar to this. Just a chapter before the ending, I had grown to admire this pers A series of disjointed thoughts about this book Just a chapter before the ending, I had grown to admire this person that considered herself a monster, and I found myself wishing she'd had a proper ending - with a family and that human love she admired most above all things.

Then she actually was given that - I'd forgotten but the whole story happened because she'd been torn away from her family - not a new family but the one she'd always wanted and probably deep down always missed. No, in fact, she'd definitely missed them, falling instantly in love with Raj when she'd seen him. Overall, there were some stories in this series that were beyond ridiculous, but this was a really fitting ending for a character I admired as much as Sita.

Nov 09, Sharon Malcolm rated it liked it. More aliens, and reincarnations of past evils The aspect of Sita's past life that rears its ugly head in this installment had the feeling of being pulled out from a hat. Here's a new past life which we've never even hinted at before! Let's chuck it in and see if we can make a book out of it! It was fascinating enough to keep reading, if somewhat contrived. And there were typos scattered throughout which did More aliens, and reincarnations of past evils And there were typos scattered throughout which didn't help. And as for the ending Okay it wasn't quite like that, but Sita basically was able to go back in time to prevent herself from becoming a vampire And Sita is such a saint!

Even though she's thousands of years old and has taken many innocent lives All in all, I think I should have stopped after the third book in the series I recommend you do the same. Those were pretty damn great.