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I personally removed the original publisher's plastic foil wrap, as it was a little matte and photos looked unpleasant. Cassel, Petter and Galpin, London circa Nice binding in generally very good condition. Pages tight condition with decorative borders. This is an uncommon edition of Robinson Crusoe, illustrated with an engraved title page and twenty-one other engraved plates.

Small octavo, 17 cm, 6. A rare edition of Robinson Crusoe, by the man himself Daniel Defoe. The full title being: Desert Islands and Robinson Crusoe. Frontispiece, decorations and cover design by Rex Whistler. Robinson Crusoe, Told to the Children. Held in the original dustwrapper. Whistler dominated the art world at the start of the twentieth century. This work explores the use of desert islands in many works of fiction such as 'Robinson Crusoe', 'The Man in the Moon', 'Gulliver's Travels' and more. A scarce copy of this fictitious biography exploring the life of renowned castaway character, Robinson Crusoe.

Featuring several captioned and beautifully illustrated plates in colour. A nicely bound copy of Daniel Defoe's famous adventure novel in the original pictorial cloth. An edition of Defoe's famous novel Robinson Crusoe. Robinson Crusoe is a novel by Daniel Defoe, first published on 25 April Defoe is noted for being one of the earliest proponents of the novel, as he helped to popularise the form in Britain with others such as Samuel Richardson, and is among the founders of the English novel.

A smart copy of this Daniel Defoe classic, in a Talwin Morris binding. John Lang D Defoe. Illustrated with eight full colour plates by W G Robinson. Part of The Told to the Children Series. Robinson Crusoe in short words. Acceptable - Very well read. Green pictorial cloth with black lettering. Moderate foxing and tanning to endpapers and page edges. Published by Blackie and Sons Ltd, London, cs.

Pictorial boards with drawings and yellow lettering on the front board. Almost very good condition. Blue cloth with darker blue titles and vignettes to front and spine. Robinson Crusoe and Other Writings. Pages and binding are presentable with no major defects. Published by Sands and Co, London in Embellished with reproductions of the whole of the engravings 20 in number by Heath, from the designs of Thomas Stothard originally published in Very Good - Clean condition with no significant faults.

Green pictorial jacket covering beige cloth boards. Pages remain bright with moderate foxing to text block edge. Light grey pictorial cloth boards, contains pictorial plates. Thomas Nelson and Sons. Dust jacket is absent unless otherwise stated. Fiction Subject see all. Character Family see all. Robinson Crusoe Filter Applied. Year Printed see all. The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe was a good book. It had a decent backstory and I loved the character. The story telling was great and I loved the simplicity of the writing.

The cool things he does and thinks make me love the book a lot. I would definitely recommend this book, easy to read and pretty good. May 28, Benedict Randhawa rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book is about Robinson Crusoe and who was born in year in the city of New York. He had comfortable life but he likes to go on adventure. This adventure changed his life. He was going on ship for London and wind was very strong.

His ship was wrecked. He found himself on island. One day he saw a foot print of a man and it change his life.

The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe

This is great adventure story.. Apr 29, Medjie Sophie rated it really liked it. I picked this up because it was here on my shelves collecting dust and calling to be read.

Suitable for an 8 year old. I have the bigger book and will read it sometimes too. Mar 30, Moo rated it really liked it.

The Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, of York, Mariner: Daniel Defoe

Mar 14, Clay C. The outstanding book The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe by Malvina Vogel is a book about a guy that gets stranded on a island and has to survive. In the beginning Robinson was sailing with his ship mates and then a rapid current comes in and pushes the boat in to a rock so they abort the ship. He gets washed up on shore by him self and has to survive.

He goes 20 years with out hearing a voice then his friend Friday comes along he is a Indian that was going to be eaten but gets saved. They live to The outstanding book The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe by Malvina Vogel is a book about a guy that gets stranded on a island and has to survive. They live together and find new people that come and save them. This book was really good I liked the plot behind it and the story line.

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The book never got really slow because he was all ways doing something new. I did not like how he did not tell much about Friday his friend because he was a big part about the story. I liked the voice of the character it was really good and made the book flow better and made it easy to understand. Life lesson is when your stranded work hard to get home. This book is valuable because it is really entertaining and shows that you can live though hard situations. Last Robnson lived on the island for 28 years and still made it home.

Oct 26, Jeremy rated it really liked it Shelves: Feb 22, Yusuf Sahin rated it it was amazing. Robinson Crusoe is a smart man.

When he gets shipwrecked on an island, he ads many different skills to survive the years he would have been on the isolated island. He hunts, builds his own home, frees prisoners, makes carpentry, makes jars of clay, and even starts a farm! This book I would recommend for you. Feb 04, Damian rated it really liked it. Hey everybody, I'm back with another "Great Illustrated Classics" review. This time it's "Robinson Crusoe", and although I've been giving a lot of four to five star reviews I truly mean them, so don't worry about not getting an honest review.

Now, I found this book by accident like I do most of my books but I loved it nonetheless. The book follows the story of a man shipwrecked on an island with no skills in surviving whatsoever with the acceptance of his strength and wits. As he makes a home and farm, he dreams of rescue although he loves his island. This story has much action and adventure paced well, although it doesn't seem to show the psychological effect of being on an island by yourself except for a few pages about being lonely where i love to see that happen in a book about survival.

Although he is well made off from the beginning it still captures the feeling of need for survival very well. That's all for this "Great illustrated Classic" but i'll be sure to do some more in the future. Until next time, read more books! This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

He gets stranded on a desert island, where he lives for many years.

The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe by Malvina G. Vogel

Will he safely get back to civilization? Read the book to find out! The best thing about the book is that Crusoe and Friday who Crusoe meets on the island get back safely.

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Stories with happy endings are always good because then, it wouldn't be interesting. The worst thing about this book is the idea of cannibals. I mean, men eating other men can be scary. I hope this never happens in too many other books. The plot in this book is very interesting. From the suspense of the shipwreck to the terror of the cannibals, it's very interesting.

The end is also good. As I said earlier, happy endings are wonderful because otherwise, the book would be really saddening, which I wouldn't like. Finally, Crusoe is an interesting character because he shows the ability to survive over 20 years on a remote island. May 12, Cole rated it it was amazing. Robin Crusoe is a classic old tale of a man that sails the seas but then later is shipwrecked on a trading-slave expedition to West Africa. Being the only survivor from the shipwreck, Crusoe has to learn how to survive on his own from gathering food, and finding shelter. He finds himself searching several times at the broken down ship to search for supplies for the will to survive, eventually making the lonely island his home.

There is no movie or i havent seen it 3. I would highly recommend 1. I would highly recommend this movie to other people; it is a good classic survival fiction.

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It tells a good story that is well written. What I really enjoy is that the author can give such good details and descriptions about what is going on; it feels as though you are part of the book. It shows you what Robison Crusoe had to face in order for him to survive and to get back home.

I was hooked until the end just to see how everything Robison Crusoe had to go through and what he ended up like. Nov 18, Leslie rated it did not like it. I guess reading this adaptation will inspire me to read the actual thing. I know those were the times, but in Vogel's telling the relationship was starkly master-servant. Crusoe' I guess reading this adaptation will inspire me to read the actual thing.