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This classic novella details impoverished living conditions of the working class during the s in NYC's Lower East Side Bowery slums neig. A Girl of the Streets.

New Amsterdam

Portrait of Irish immigrant family life at the beginning of the 20th century, and the coming-of-age story of a young girl in s Broo. Historical fiction story based on the life of renowned New York physician Dr. Set in s Manhattan during an impending yello. A Novel of Old New York. Off-beat coming-of age-story of a tattoo artist. The second section of the book is set in the s "incandescent honky-tonk" of Coney Is.

Set primarily in Dutch colony of New Amsterdam early settlement of the later Manhattan. Fictional depiction of the non-fictional Dutc. A Novel Ballantine Reader's Circle.

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Dark historical mystery set in NYC. Features a murder investigation assisted by an "alienist" as psychiatrists were then called. Story of a post-Civil War terrorist plot to destroy the Brooklyn bridge. See also Crabbe's NYC crime. Suspension Tom Braddock Series.

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  6. Victorian era 's Gramercy Park and "Mrs. Romance, suspense, Gothic thriller, mystery. Chronicles the three day Draft Riots and related shock waves that splintered through New York City at the height of the Civil War. Part of the "Williamsburg Trilogy", features the Jewish immigrant life in and around the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn in the s and. Set during the midth century.

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    8. Story of tough gang lives filled with poverty, violence, and corruption in the Bowery and Five Points areas. The Gangs of New York: An Informal History of the Underworld. Historical fiction with liberal dashes of comedy featuring 's New Amsterdam, the Dutch influence, and one Mevrouw tavern owner. The Mevrouw Who Saved Manhattan: A Novel of New Amsterdam. Account of a man's search for love amidst the "wreckage and beauty" of the s NYC gay scene.

      Primarily set in Manhattan haunts and Fire I. Dancer from the Dance: Features an arrogant bond trader, Jewish District Asst. Attorney, British expatriate journalist, and a black activist R. The Bonfire of the Vanities. Set in New York City Manhattan. The novel follows a young woman through as her friends and circumstances shift, and as social masks r. Story of a young, single African American woman's struggle to live and raise her son, amid the violence, poverty, and racial dissonance of t.

      The Mevrouw Who Saved Manhattan

      Author has several rich NYC-set novels. Historical fiction story of "Depression-era gangsterism" related first person by a poor, fatherless teenager who becomes. The time of the Civil War, and the city's devastating and destructive Draft Riots as viewed by a melting pot of the city's. The Banished Children of Eve: Rare and centuries-old liturgical objects, manuscripts, maps and other historic artifacts—including a Torah scroll rescued from the hands of British troops during the American Revolution — will be on loan to the New-York Historical Society beginning November 11, , for the installations The Resilient City and Treasures of Shearith Israel.

      The presentations of Treasures of Shearith Israel and The Resilient City at the renovated and transformed New-York Historical highlight the history of religious freedom in New York City and honor the first Jewish congregation to have been established in North America—a congregation that remains vibrant and active today, and is a neighbor of New-York Historical. The congregation met in rented quarters until , when it constructed its first building, which was located in downtown Manhattan on Mill Street now known as South William Street.

      Congregation Shearith Israel, founded New York, building. The plan has demonstrated remarkable longevity as well as the flexibility to adapt to two centuries of unforeseeable change, including modifications such as Broadway and Central Park.

      the author of The Mevrouw Who Saved Manhattan

      The real miracle of the plan was that it was enforced. The exhibition will showcase the illustrious—most notably, John Randel, Jr. Between and Randel measured the lines of streets and avenues at right angles to each other, and recorded distances and details about the island, its features, and its inhabitants. This resulted in a manuscript map of the grid plan, which he completed by March Randel continued surveying the island from to , setting marble monuments one of which will be on view in the exhibition- there were to have been 1, to mark the intersections of the coming grid.

      Between and Randel drafted a series of 91 large-scale maps of the island, now known as the Randel Farm Maps ten of which will be on view. Passed April 3, Other colorful figures will be highlighted, including William M. Other rare and exquisitely detailed maps dating from to the present will be on view, alongside stunning archival photographs portraying the island of Manhattan throughout various stages of excavation. An extraordinary street-by-street explanation of the plan in the words of the commissioners—Gouverneur Morris, Simeon De Witt, and John Rutherfurd—will be on view as will other historic documents, plans, prints, and more.

      The merits of the grid will be debated.

      Edward Rutherfurd New York The Novel Part 01 Audiobook

      Historians have viewed it as the emblem of democracy, with blocks that are equal and no inherently privileged sites. Historians have also praised its utility, its neat subdivisions that support real estate development.

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      The grid manifests Cartesian ideals of order, with streets and avenues that are numbered rather than named for trees, people, or places. Frederick Law Olmsted bemoaned its dumb utility and lack of monuments and other features. The Greatest Grid will reframe ideas about New York, revealing the plan to be much more than a layout of streets and avenues. The grid provided a framework that balanced public order with private initiative. New proposals for the city, the results of a competition, will be on view in a separate, related exhibition co-sponsored by the Architectural League.

      The exhibition is accompanied by a companion book of the same title, co-published by the Museum of the City of New York and Columbia University Press. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service at New York University, conceived of the exhibition, is its curator, and is the editor of the companion book. A related exhibition, on view concurrently at the Museum, will feature the results of a competition in which architects and planners were asked for submissions using the Manhattan street grid as a catalyst for thinking about the present and future of New York- this exhibition is co-sponsored by the Architectural League of New York.

      Few people know that the Indians who made the fabled sale were Munsees whose ancestral homeland lay between the lower Hudson and upper Delaware river valleys. The story of the Munsee people has long lain unnoticed in broader histories of the Delaware Nation. Grumet rescues from obscurity Mattano, Tackapousha, Mamanuchqua, and other Munsee sachems whose influence on Dutch and British settlers helped shape the course of early American history in the mid-Atlantic heartland.

      He looks past the legendary sale of Manhattan to show for the first time how Munsee leaders forestalled land-hungry colonists by selling small tracts whose vaguely worded and bounded titles kept courts busy—and settlers out—for more than years.

      The Mevrouw Who Saved Manhattan: A Novel of New Amsterdam by Bill Greer | LibraryThing

      Ravaged by disease and war, the Munsees finally emigrated to reservations in Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and Ontario, where most of their descendants still live today. This book shows how Indians and settlers struggled, through land deals and other transactions, to reconcile cultural ideals with political realities. It offers a wide audience access to the most authoritative treatment of the Munsee experience—one that restores this people to their place in history. Books noticed on this site have been provided by the publishers. Purchases made through this Amazon link help support this site.

      Fewer know that the Dutch regained control of their former possessionalmost as easily as it had been lost nine years earlier. Registration begins at 8: