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It felt like someone had brushed me with a feather or leaf, light but definitely there. I whip around, expecting to see someone I knew having a laugh maybe, or school kids on a trip taking the piss. The theatre cafe behind me is completely empty. I look around the room, obviously weirded out. Her eyes widen and she smiles, genuinely.

That's exactly the sort of thing he would do. Did Mark E Smith — indie legend, the ex-husband of the woman sat in front of me, a man with a famously twisted sense of humour, and crucially a man who died of cancer in January of this year — just poke me in the bum? Maybe it was an insect, or someone who ran away quickly.

Hell, maybe it was my mind playing tricks on me.

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Or maybe, as Brix is sure of, it was a spiritual intervention from a man who, in-life, believed himself to be a powerful psychic capable of cursing his enemies and predicting the future. Everyone felt his death, and because we had been so intrinsically linked in our lives they felt for me, they needed one person to focus on and commiserate with, and that was me.

That seems like a hell of a responsibility to shoulder? The grief of all those fans on top of your own And this band too, he wasn't best pleased about the Extricated in the beginning, but later on, I heard he was really proud of me and thought it was fantastic. I heard the real story: It also drove him crazy. I believe the Extricated kept him alive, it gave him something to fight.

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It gave him a rivalry, it drove him to play all those gigs in the same cities we played. You look at the tour dates I know him so well. And the last thing I heard was that he was planning to fire his whole band and hire an all-female band, which would have been directed at me.

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  7. There's a Ghost in My House;
  8. He was a fighter til the end in every way. But I've made peace with him, in my own heart. So when he died I was happy to be the gracious one, I was grieving but it was a long time that we were apart so I was okay. I thought of the name. All this stuff people assumed is all Mark, and it wasn't always him. We worked as a team. I have this energy that makes people more creative when they're around me. There are certain people who click with me, and I click with them, and our brains go on fire and he was one of those people.

    Brix wears her heart on her sleeve.

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    As she says this her eyes are filled with tears and her voice is thick. I would do it for no money. It's what I have to do.

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    I moved countries to be a musician. Jazz Latin New Age. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love.

    Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip.

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    Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. What does this song mean to you? There's a ghost in my house The ghost of your memories The ghost of the love you took from me Where our love used to be Only shadows from the past I see Time can't seem to erase The vision of your smiling face Though you found someone new I can't get over you There's a ghost in my house I can't hide ghost in my house From the ghost of your love that's inside ghost in my house It keeps on haunting me ghost in my house Just keeps on remiding me ghost in my house Related. You gotta check out.