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Crossing 50 Borders on the Road to Global Understanding. His trip used to be interrupted while he was once abducted at gunpoint through Colombian rebels and held captive for 5 weeks.

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The Heart of Eurasia: The chilly conflict formally led to and opened a global of unpolluted possibilities for the Peace Corps. All Peace Corps wishes is a call for participation. Full-color publication version Pamela "PJ" Adams, whose most sensible vendor Intoxicating Paris uncorks the magic in Paris, is again with one other quirky journey--this time via Intoxicating Southern France.

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As you trip, you will sip chilled champagne in Monaco, rub elbows with the well-known and notorious in Cannes, decide lavender from the sunny fields of Provence, scale the paranormal turrets of fortified Carcassonne, spelunk the caves of prehistoric Pech Merle, and traverse the skies in a hot-air balloon over Rocamadour and Castelnaud. Un po' brughiera, un po' erica, un po' vento, un po' uccello, un po' innamorato, un po' poeta, mettevo alla prova i miei sensi. In those 17 km above the island I heard the verses of the nature of Sylt.

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A bit heath, a little heather, a little wind, a little bird, a little loveer, a little poet, put to the test my senses. Die Sonne lacth mir entegegen aber auch bei Regen liebe ich dieses stille Reich. Germany The river Elbe bicycle trail tour is about kilometers from Hamburg to Dresden including a lot of search, trial and error The Elbe bike trail exists, but it is not made for miles eater riders, like me The trail is for bicyclists, who travel on a trekking bike, which is made for bumpy roads, gravel and dirt What I did, is somehow wrong, and it does not really reflect the beauty of the entire trail.

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Therefore, I ended up on several dead ends in gravel and dirt, what makes me ride more or less on side roads. Enjoy the report and the pictures! Neckar, Rhine, Main, Tauber and Danube. Starting from Donaueschingen or rather Schwenningen. Germany We have been at Hamburg for a couple of days. With the train to Wilhelmshaven and then: Following the coast to Carolinensiehl, passing Horumersiehl and Schillig, we finally ended at Wangerooge.

Wangerooge is a family place. But people are friendly, we found accommodation at the 'Westturm', an old light house. Riding back via the beautiful and quite and clean Ammerland; heading to cross the river Weser by ferry. I remember Oldenburg and surroundings. After crossing the river Weser we made a stop at Worpswede, a city dedicated to Artists. Riding back to Hamburg we crossed over via 'Das Alte Land' - a huge garden. Full of all kind of fruits. Last stop at Harburg, directly at the river Elbe.

Crossing the river Elbe by ferry, landing at Blankenese, Hamburgs high society quarter. Good luck to all the followers! Eifel - Mosel - Rhein A secret bicycle path: Leads you directly down to the city of Trier at the river Mosel. Very good touristy infrastructure: It's the Main Bike Path once more.

The weather couldn't be better for this scenic ride with picturesque towns between the Spessart and Odenwald mountain ranges. Germany Beautiful spring weather and we find time for a second mini-tour. Picking up where we left off, we cycle from Bamberg to Karlstadt along the Main River and watch it expand from the original trickle to a river of respectable size. This section of the Main will take us from beer-brewing Franconia to wine-growing Franconia.

Germany It's that time of year again. We are itching to get on our bikes and see nature come to life after the long winter. For our little four-day tour we choose the bike path along the Main River. We have a leisurely ride on perfect bicycle paths and country roads to Bayreuth, Kulmbach and finish in Bamberg. To reach our official starting point, we take the train from Munich to Creussen and from there pedal to the source of the Roter Main. Sembra mare l'ampio fiume Ems. Le innumerevoli imbarcazioni in movimento e in sosta tra i canali ne fanno un porto di mare. A pochi chilometri, il mare del Nord, profuma di maree basse laddove le isole Frisone contendono il territorio al mare.

Un mare grigio, tipico del nord, che gli amanti degli spazi senza fine gradiscono particolarmente. Molte di queste emozioni sono possibili solo viaggiando in bicicletta.

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Quello che leggerete sono incontri e sensazioni di viaggio. Esse esistono dappertutto, nascono, non muoiono, prendono nomi diversi secondo il territorio attraversato. Ricoprono il territorio come una rete, adeguate sempre alla circolazione della bicicletta, mezzo di trasporto, preso in considerazione tanto quanto gli altri mezzi. Il piccolo centro storico della cittadina di Rintel non si dimentica. Le luci ancora alte del tardo pomeriggio accendono la Kirchplatz, la torre di St.

Nikolai, le case policrome delle vie laterali, i giardini e il canale.

Inizia con un percorso bellissimo nel verde della sponda destra fino ad Alt Lostau, paesino che merita una sosta con adeguata, se pur breve, visita. Pochi tratti di fiume ancora e l'attenzione cade successivamente sull'imponente realizzazione del Elbe-Havel-Kanal, prima visibile da sotto, quasi una autostrada che attraversa il fiume, poi che accompagna per 3 chilometri.

Germany Rika my sister bought an e-bike, so we want to test it. I hope that after kilometres ride, I will get to know the pros and cons of electrically assisted bicycles. In the morning we cycle to Waldshut, our starting point for our trip around Germany. I take a photo of the bridge over the Rhine in Waldshut and hope to be back here in beautiful and exciting weeks.

From Waldshut to Schluchsee we have to climb approximately meters. As long as the ground is flat, I can keep up with the e-bike but if it gets steep, I cannot keep the pace. We decide that both of us cycle our own speed. If Rika arrives at the top of a hill, she will have to wait until I reach the top of the mountain. Until now it was vice versa. Germany I'd never seen so many cycle tourists before in one place. It was like the Ortlieb Panniers Owners' Club annual get together.

Every colour of pannier on display, plus canoe bags, bar bags and whatever else you can buy from your local bike shop in waterproof PVC. We took our place in amongst the masses and headed off down the Rhine. The cycle lane was immaculate and wide and the countryside very easy on the eye.

We'd arrived in Germany on Day 1 of a 7 day cycle tour of the Rhine, Mosel and Eifel and were already feeling very much a part of the scenery Germany Our first tour of the season takes us to Franconia. Sounds like a place from a Marx Brothers film.

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On the German map it's called Franken and is a wonderful place to cycle in the pre-Easter season, if the weather is right. The countryside was just turning green and the villages were decorated with beautifully crafted, traditional Easter wreaths. Kamminke, porto di partenza, aveva lasciato un caro ricordo e la conoscenza di una triste pagina di storia: La nuova ciclabile ora si chiama Radfernweg Berlin-Usedom e viene percorsa in senso contrario.

Grazie al silenzio irrompono nella mente salutari rumori. La bicicletta irrompe nella natura con la voce del silenzio. Qui il silenzio ci abita regalmente nelle innumerevoli stanze di uno Schloss castello che si chiama natura. Il silenzio non parla, non scrive e non compone musica. Eppure si fa sentire.

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See all 47 reports by Fernando Da Re Germany -- bicycle tours of two piciclisti who only have bikes in their mind. We did a one-week-tour in August Tiny villages dot the landscape between forests and meadows. Germany Why upstream the Elbe? Unfortunately the first few days it was the opposite. But of the 14 days only 2 were spoiled by rain, otherwise beautiful and in the beginning cloudless weather.

At the same time there was a dreadful storm with flooding which caused enormous damage in the alpine area. Abbiamo costeggiato l'Elbe, intersecando la Romanik Strasse, sino ad Amburgo. Lungo la riva sinistra dell'Elbe abbiamo raggiunto Cuxhaven sul Mare del Nord. Da qui con una motonave che salpa due volte alla settimana siamo sbarcati a Brunsbuttel, sulla riva destra dell'estuario dell'Elbe e, attraverso l'alzaia del Nordsee-Ostsee Kanal, abbiamo guadagnato Kiel, sul Mar Baltico, dopo km, il 26 luglio.

Germany Several times I have made cycle tours in Germany. The first time I had planned a route which went straight on, regardless of the landscape. I was soon told that it was wiser to follow rivers.

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Then I would have more gentle gradients, and the cycle tour would become much more pleasant. In summer when Turid and I made a cycle tour in Germany, we stuck to river valleys. Since my first cycle tours in the s there has been a tremendous development regarding the infrastructure for cyclists in Germany.

You will find cycle routes which go through the most interesting landscapes, and those cycle routes are even sign posted.