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No ratings or reviews yet. Be the first to write a review. The Secret Lives of Colour: When I finished, I reported back to the orderly room. I can eat by myself? I can go to a store? You could go into Baltimore. You could go to D. Where do you live? I just want to make sure that I understand. I just checked in here, and I can turn around and go home for the weekend, if I want? Do you have civilian clothes with you? You only have to wear your uniform during duty hours. Unless you have some kind of extra duty, civilian clothes are fine around here after duty.

See you Monday morning. Have a nice weekend. I sprinted to a pay phone to call my family and girlfriend to breathlessly tell them I was coming home. So did my girlfriend. I promised I would bring them all up to date when I got home. A few hours later, I found myself back on the Greyhound bus, this time heading north.

I wondered how the cosmic cards fell such that I ended up being selected by be trained as an interrogator. Had some of those psychological profiles we took identified me as a latent knuckle-breaker? I reasoned that the job of an interrogator is to question prisoners of war, and the only place I could think of that would have a supply of prisoners of war was Vietnam.

Was this a good thing? All this was happening way too fast. I would wait until Monday to think about being an interrogator. All I knew was that I was going home for the weekend and that for the first time in months I felt just a little bit like a human being. Brought back memories of my posting back in spent entire time at Ft. Holabird thru 57 with the Headquarters Company. I assume you were there during the Vietman era?

It had its share of chickenshit, but nothing like basic or advanced. Thamks for bringing back some memories. Comment by manny adler — February 12, 6: My dad was stationed at Ft. I had no idea it was military intelligence. Yes, he spoke German, In fact his father was Italian from Mass. He also married a German lady. Can you tell me anything more about what was done there? Where would I find out on his discharge papers or whatever what his actual job description was? Is there anyone who was stationed there like Manny who would have known?

Folks have been dead for years — they destroyed almost all photos from childhood and ALL papers of any kind including personal letters before they died. Thank you very much — any help greatly appreciated. E-mail address is case-sensitive — be sure to use caps, etc. Comment by Brenda O'Connor — March 9, 6: I attended the agents course starting 2 Jan.

What a golden opportunity to learn agents names. He was from Kansas City and I never thought that I would forget his name. He was a nice guy and married. Any remote possibilities that you might have run on to him. My dad attended the agent handlers course at Fort Holabird in the late s, in fact duing the NY Giants- Baltimore Colts world championship.

He returned for refresher training prior to going to Viet Nam in Does anyone remember him, his name was Norman J. Does anyone have any photos of Fort Holabird? Comment by Paul Melody — September 2, 9: My dad was stationed at Ft Holabird after returning from Germany He was an MP and said the base was pretty desserted when he got there. I spent 3 months at Ft. Holabird, Jan thru Mar , training at the school as 96D! So, where is Holabird in relationship to Baltimore? Comment by Chris Abel — November 12, I believe that it was in a place called Dundalk sp?

I believe we were there about the same time. I was at Holabird from sep 65 to jun It is in Dundalk, part of Baltimore county. I had the same shock of going from basic training at Dix to the freedom of the Bird. I was a 97D. I spent many a night too many across the street at the Holabird Inn. Thanks for the memories! Comment by bill leach — November 21, I was quite suprised to find a website of people who have actually heard of Ft. Holabird, much less stationed there. I was assigned there out of Ft Dix from Nov.

Comment by Stephen D Griffis — December 1, If you went to school in , I issued or validated your security clearance and checked you in on your first day. There was a hall dedicated in his memory there. It was Hubbard Hall. Does anyone remember it? I am actually trying to find if the building or the dedication plaques still exist. I would love to find it for my grandmother. She will be 85 years old in a few weeks! Any comments would be appreciated and enjoyed. Comment by Maria Franco — December 7, 9: A group of us transferred from Fort Knox to Fort Holabird after basic training in Most of us were draftees and were taking the Counter Intelligence Course for typists as it could be done in the 2 years we would spend in the army.

Though I thought we would go to Korea, most of my group went to Europe.

Not Forgotten

I was very lucky to be sent to France where I spent my time at a field office in civilian clothes! I have fond memories of Fort Holabird. Comment by Louis J. Maher — December 15, 6: This is great, folks who know about Ft. I was sent there directly after basic training at Ft. Lewis, Washington in late I too experienced the culture shock of going from concentration camp basic training to the laid-back Ft.

After that, a number of us were also sent to an advanced Aerial Imagery Interpretation course combined with an NCO academy. We graduated at Spec. Most of that class went from there to Viet Nam, but 6 of us had order changes at the last minute and were sent to the nd MI Battalion in Seoul, Korea. Best time of my life. Comment by Richard Lovelace — December 29, Flew U-6A Davilland Beavers. Flew I and II Corps daily delivering intel pictures. Comment by Paul F. Webb — January 12, In fact you must have found a problem as they claimed to have lost my personnel records about the time the rest of my Class shipped out to Vietnam or Korea as a 96D.

I spent the next 3 months as CQ working nights for Cpt. The Teacher eventually became my wife. From there I went on to nd with Gen. My most memorable memories were working with Sharon Tates father Maj. I have also managed to communicate with a few of my old mates from there. Comment by Jon Tallman — January 13, Holabird…I liked it so much I went twice.

In , right after basic at Ft. I went to Holabird to become an Analyst 96B ,,on to Ft. Bragg for some interesting times and then SVN for a year. Anyone who may have been in the same places at the same time,,shoot me an email.. I was part of the permanent personnel there in Medics… Worked in the laboratory. Were about 5 dentists there. One was a woman dentist who had been in a concentration camp and had the number tattooed on her inner wrist. Was a colonel in charge Rudisill? I was one of four guys who were photographers at Ft.

Holabird during and It took four of us to relieve one guy who had numerous duties. I, too, was surprised at the freedom we had, particularly considering the security of the place. Not bad duty, but I was delighted to be discharged. Comment by Charlie Larus — February 24, 6: Fort Holabird is no longer there. My father enlisted there and was stationed there in second and third grades for me and again in 6th grade.

We had lots of great times at the Officers pool. Comment by Jonathan T. Kurtz — February 27, I enlisted to be an Order of Battle Analyst in late , after basic at Ft. I remember the 1,2,3 club, other students, Rocco Nudo, Ceasar Rosales, Nick Pappas, Bob Rheiner, and a confusing world at a very confusing time in history. Most of us went to the M. Group in Vietnam, some to 5th. Infantry, and other derivative units. I am now retired after a 30 year Army career and am still serving in the intelligence career field as an instructor.

When I retired I was the last active duty still-serving soldier in the intelligence corps who was a Fort Holabird Graduate. Anybody who remembers me, or a fellow classmate, please make contact.. Comment by Jeffrey Gallant — March 11, 5: There where a lot of us that started class for 96D2T in December of Made a few trips with it, even to Boston.

It was the best time of my 2 years 6 months and 5 days of active duty. Comment by Richard Rauenhorst — March 13, 1: It is located on Van Deman Street and is scheduled for demolition within the year. This building was supposedly a school of some sort at one time, including mock villages behind it. The new owners of the property plan to salvage this section of the floor and incorporate it, in some way, into their new building.

Call it a tribute. While the Fort may be gone, one small piece will live on. Comment by Craig Anderson — March 24, He was at Fort Holabird in late Anybody attend image interpretation school in and later assigned to the 45th Spt. All I can remember is the Arbys roast beef joint outside the front gate.

I have almost the same memory and perspective as you did from back in However, I was to become a 96B20 intelligence analyst I went through the same confusing reorientation interactiong with people other than Drill Sargents. After arriving at Ft Holibird and finding out that I could get home to Massachusetts every weekend of the summer by taking the bus to Newark Airport and a short hop to Logan I was elated.

Alas by October 0f I was headed overseas where the odessey continued. His file is as thin as a recruits after 23 years of assignement. I too have fond memories of the Bird and the aroma of Colgate Creek. I was there in , then to Bragg, then Korea, then Viet Nam, where after about 6 months I reunited with many of my friends from Bragg but they came to me. Baker, French, Martin, Coogar?

David Driscoll, the beef place outside the main gate was Harleys. They were famous for the Harley Burger, it was beef patties smotherd in onions. The other corner across from the main gate was the Holabird Inn.

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I spent many a night there for three years, , then stumbled to Harleys for a Harley Burger Sub. Spent many an evening at the Holabird Inn where they made very good cheeseburger subs. I came from sunny California and suffered the same experience about where Holabird was, at the airport. Finally a guy from Arizona approached me and offered to share a cab as he was going to Holabird as well. At that point the place was overbooked. The barracks were stuffed with four times the personnel they were designed to handle.

The gym was filled with bunks stacked 3 high. Every available space was used for housing. Then school started, in double shifts. My class went from to , with another right behind us. I was one of those clerks with a top secret clearance, a 97D20 I believe. After school was done I got assigned to Holabird. Permanent Party there was a good deal, except for one thing, the first sergeant……. He would roust late sleepers for police call on the weekends. My cube-mate and I bailed off the second story balcony once to avoid him. Part of my time at Holabird was about as Un-military as one could imagine, but I for one, would not have changed a thing.

I arrived at Holabird from Fort Lewis in late Sept. It was culture shock, Holabird was great and I too remember the old Holabird Inn. Myers and then on to Bragg and the 15th MI. I grew up in Dundalk and lived just outside the Ft. My first job, in , was at the Officers Club doing janitorial work and helping set up many functions and Friday Night Happy Hours. I met many of the army brats living there and use to hang out at the pool next to the Officers Club and then they built a new pool up on the hill by the old tank track and ball fields. Use to walk through Cummings Apartments to get to work.

I arrived at Ft. Lots of drunken nights at the Holabird Inn and the Keystone. I wanted to add that last Sept. I visited Baltimore for the first time since leaving Ft. Stayed at the Sheraton near the Inner Harbor but took a taxi to the old Ft. Holabird site which is now an industrial park. The buildings where the Holabird Inn and the Keystone are still there though appeared closed.

Still there and greatly enlarged. Other than that, the surrounding neighborhood seemed to have gone down hill considerably from There really is nothing left of the old Ft. Holabird in the industrial park that I could see. Overall, I had a ball at the place and surrounding area when stationed there. A Fort Holibird site. I did two training at Fort Holibird. Have never met anyone else from Holibird since then.

Comment by Kathleen Stevens — July 5, 4: I will tell you my own briefly. Upon arriving at Holibird after Basic, and having my first meal at the mess hall. Having my first meal in 8 weeks in leisure. I had baked halibut. Being from west Texas, I had never had it before, but due to the wonderful memories it brings back, it remains one of my favorite dishes. We had a mixed class of Marines and Army. We had a Marine Master Sgt.

books sickles hero of gettysburg

It was good times. I remember going to a movie and us laughing at James Bond. I was sent to Fort Bragg, we called ourselves the lost I was a desk analyst for Israel and Jordan, wrote these strategic analysis books. Gave out bagels and lox during the 67 war. It was a great experience except when the booze plants smoke stacks lit up. Anyone remember the name of the sandwich place across from the front gate?

A much better sub shop was located near the corner of Holabird and Dundalk—think it was called the Village Subs. On the way back from the Keystone we would stop there for a hamburger sub, eat it on the way back, and then throw up on the railroad track. Even better, was the holabird Inn on the other corner!!! Fort Holabird, the most unmilitary post in the Army. Mostly I went through lots of beer at the Holabird Inn. There was a girl who played piano there in the fall of Our class were regulars there and often joined in and sang with her. She was a sweetheart to tolerate a bunch of drunk agent wannabees.

Wonder whatever happened to her? Mostly I remember the actors in the glassed-in classroom. And that damn bouncing bridge between the barracks and the classroom building. We used to march in step to see how high we could bounce it. I caught a good one as a driver until my 97C class started in July. Many good memories inspite of the rather alarming odor wafting from Colgate creek. Comment by Gary halgunseth — July 13, 6: Graduated from the I. Course I still have my diploma , 14 Feb signed by Col.

Smith, Commandant and Major James Hess. Smith on one side and the menu on the other. Great to read the rememberances here. I think I was in Casual for about a week and then we were assigned to a school. We were the PM class which ran from noon to 6PM. Our Bay in Building 36, as I recall, was a small one that looked out at the Railroad tracks that ran through the post. On Friday nights we would watch as the new guys would arrive by bus from Dix and Basic.

We got the idea that they needed some discipline so I dressed up as a Drill Corporal, I had a Smokey Bear hat and I was an acting jack squad leader so I would go down and meet the bus and dole out the standard ration of harassment that these poor souls were all expecting. I would bark at them trying to scare them into thinking that Basic was a picnic compared to what they were in store for at the Bird! Because they were all expecting this very treatment they were only too obliging.

Remember the Friday night cattle shows at the club? My memory is very dim from those days but I remember going to them and watching some of my classmates getting drunk and dancing with girls they would never approach under any other circumstances. I really had a good time, made great friends, and learned a lot there and then when we graduated from II school they sent us over to Ft. We were asked to read out photos in the AM and then we were out on the town during Cherry Blossom time from noon on.

It was a nice way to leave for Nam. Comment by magaremko comcast. Crossing the Colgate on the way to lunch…what a way to kill an appetite. Holabird…2 to 4 week stints as part of the residency portion of the Carrer Course one does as a reservist.

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  • Colonel Sheldon the foreign area intellignece school man at Holabird when I was there and my Bn. Holibird September after basic in Ft. Original orders were for advanced training as a Battle Order Specialist trained in viewing photos with the magnifying glass on a small stand above photos taken from the air. One cool fall morning we were lined up during morning muster, they called out names. This was a guaranteed trip to Nam. My best memory of Holibird was the weekends, usually Friday or Saturday night, about 1: The smell would wake up everyone in the barricks and off we would all go and get our own.

    Seemed to be a weekend tradition. Finished my last time at Ft. Bragg at the new training school set up there to train replacements in I was in the agent class fall of , then to the th in New England. After mostly doorbell ringing, promoted to civilian. After myriad of adventures, moved back to teach college and write my book—go to dailybard. You will of course be well cited. Comment by Alan Robertson — August 2, 1: I too was struck by the relaxed atmosphere of Holabird immediately upon arriving in July of The group that accompanied me and I had just finished basic at Fort Ord.

    After traveling all day we arrived sometime after midnight on a Sunday morning and were told to show up for classes on Monday. I was skeptical at first, but by Monday morning I knew what he was talking about. It was almost like being in college again. Near the end of my 96B Intelligence Analyst training several classmates and I were selected against our wishes I had orders for Germany for the first 96B NCO Academy because they could not get enough volunteers to fill the class. I seem to recall there were only a handful of applicants. The Major in charge of the program assumed that there would be such an overwhelming response to participate that he had prepared to interview candidates.

    There was not, and we were all required to interview. I guess my orders to Germany were a convincing argument against my selection, however two of those who had been selected had their top secret clearances come through and I was chosen to replace one of them.

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    Other memories of Holabird: I was there mid 65 to early Spent weekdays with the nurse students at the hospital then weekends back in the bronx. Anyone at the compound at Long Bin. I arrived at Holabird in March or April? I believe we were the first TIFF qualified class. Fond memories of soft-shell crab subs from the place down the street, and hazy memories of puking my guts out somewhere near the creek after a night at the club. Around midnight when the guys came staggering in to take a leak before crashing, their attention was on the pinup, not where they were pissing….

    Bragg…God, what a pit compared to Holabird. Got so bad that I asked to be assigned to a unit in Nam, but then some Black Suits from the Pentagon showed up at morning formation and asked for five 96D volunteers for an unspecified TS project and my hand shot up…. Started at Ft Benning 2 days after college graduation.

    From Benning I caught an allnight train through the North Ga Mountain and Appalacians…great ride and finally slept until sunrise and stopped at Baltimore. After basic training did not know what to expect…knew no one there either and also remember lugging that ugly green duffle on a Baltimore city bus to Ft Holabird. Man what memories…vagly remember the Harley restaurant and barely remember a swinging bridge…but strongly remember the building where the Jeep GP was designed.

    fallujah iraq

    Forgot the name of the stinky creek but after hearing Colgate Creek it brought back memories. In my case I was stationed in barracks with a bunch of routy Green Berets. We had a mystery man there that in the middle of the night after heavy drinking would rest his forehead on the side of a top bunk and take a leak on the person the bottom bunk…when the person on the bottom bunk screamed or yelled the Green Beret would run away…after 3 or 4 weeks of this they finally caught the guy who was having a drinking and sleep walking disorder but knew he was guilty when the yells woke him up….

    Never forget watching Boog Powell first baseman for the Baltimore Orioles hit one in to the second level seats. At 21 yrs old my first major league baseball game. After a real education at Ft Holabird I spend 1 day leaning how to pick locks at the Pentagon. I was there when we landed on the MOON and as a country boy from Georgia that had never left my state except for Florida on vacations, I decided to do something special on the day of the landing on the Moon. Went to the DC to the Aerospace Museum to sit underneath the Wright Brothers Plan…as I waited for the Lunar Landing, sitting directly underneath the Wright Brothers plan, a secret service agent walked up and ask politely if I would mind giving up my seat.

    I did and seconds later the Vice President Spiro Agnew and Astronaut Frank Borman took my seat couch and watched the landing on the Moon as I stood in the background on national television. My 15 minutes of fame. The military intelligence technology at Ft Shafter still today amazes me. Finally my last year was spent at Binh Wah spelling? Went back to Baltimore to find Ft Holabird about 5 years ago, found Dundalk, and from a friend later found Ft Holabird was shut down in and sold to a developer. Most people at Ft Shafter in Hawaii were from Ft.

    Enjoyed reading all the comments. Brought back alot of memories. Holabird from October — April Then to Vietnam for the next 31 months. From there to Ft. Eustis to a Transportation Intel. The club, the subs, and friday beer parties behind the barracks, all great memories. Comment by Ed Speakman — September 1, 9: Anyone from that era and duty, please contact me. Comment by Bob Scharbert — September 27, 8: I came upon this by accident! I was a 96B20 and was a member of the WAC. I have been trying to find Cheryl Muto — she was stationed there also — would love to talk to her.

    Comment by Brenda Cates Kilby — September 28, 1: I spoke with Cheryl Muto Clyde last week. She lives in Wisconsin and I bet would love to talk to you. Comment by kathleen Stevens — October 15, 1: This is absolutely wonderful!!! Comment by Brenda Cates Kilby — October 16, 8: I knew a Rose, at Holibird, but can not think of her last name.

    The young Marine sat in the Wac Shack charge of quarters room for a long time waiting for her, before he finally gave up. As far as I know he never saw Rose again, and neither did any of the rest of us. Rose did like to Party! Comment by Kathleen Stevens — October 26, 8: Came back to 97B course after Basic at Ft. Was deverted to 97D after waiting 8 wks.

    Classes held above Club, HOT. A lot of good times. Taking covert pictures of diners in the revolving resturant, catching the trying to infiltrate into Philadelphia. Yes,those were the days. Most amazing group of instructors and perm party. Civilian clothes and very little chicken exhaust. Comment by Michael Woodill — November 1, For the life of me I can not remember the D and A.

    Botsko, Michael [WorldCat Identities]

    Lived in Towson at the time so commuted. Summer camps at Ft.

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    • Meade and Camp Drum. She could teach anyone to type, even me, allthough I insisted it was against my religion! She held a world record as the fastest typist! I could still do back asthmiths if I had to, but I still would not like it. Comment by Kathleen Stevens — December 7, Thanks Bill for the Discretion part of the puzzle. Now for the A! And I might have used Clicka instead of Klicka. Not sure which is correct.

      And they were indeed good days. The photography course lead to a life long hobby. Ended up in a Border Resident Office of the th MI Co in Germany which turned out to be a dream assignment about miles from the headquarters, civilian clothing allowance, off-post offices and quarters, etc. Enjoyed this site immensely. Took a similar bus trip in Dec. Dix, arriving in Baltimore after midnight, and no one in Baltimore knew where Holabird was.

      Who could forget the Holabird Inn I had forgotten all about those great cheeseburger subs. The folks who ran the place were great people. So many of us there we had to hang around from December to March waiting for a class to open up. Comment by Larry Hamilton — January 31, 4: Last communication back aways The eatery outside the main gate was the Liberty at that time. The infamous Keystone was up the street. I was assigned to training aids whatever in the hell that was. This shot our Saturday oh what suffering and bitching that caused We lived in bays in the big bldg in back of Furlow field.

      We were truly a company of smart-asses, cynics, misfits and general malcontents but I am sure we all were thankfull we didn,t really have to play soldier despite all our bitching. We had two generals one at a time a Boniface Campbell sounds civil war and then a Richard Gaither both Brigidiers. Most Fridays at about 4: Class A, no rifles. Comment by manfred manny adler — March 1, 4: How do I get to your site without going through google and have you changed your e-mail address the old one is returned? Just like old times. Then off to the nd, th and finally CICV. What was the name of the bar right outside the main gate?

      Some talents are never lost! Stopped there every Sunday night on the way in from Philly. Some guys are famous? Also one guy, who shall remain nameless at this time, ended up as a big shot with the Company. He is retired now. If someone were to e-mail me I would be happy to discuss a reunion of sorts we are planning for , which is approx 40, yes forty yeas ago!!! Comment by Joseph Lachowiec — March 23, 4: Your site brought back great memories.

      I was at Holabird from March thru June , in 97D class. I remember that 33 of the 34 students in our class went to Vietnam together! I had the same shock when I arrived at Holabird. Got there on a Saturday night and got up at 5am Sunday morning assuming it was the same routine as boot camp. A drunk private came stumbling in the barracks and told me to go back to bed. It was a great time!!! I was there both as an inmate and a keeper from about April 66 to Jan I served as BG Blakefields driver and gofer for about a year.

      Note to Craig Anderson: I was there in Chicago during both riots TDY and would like to contribute. I can be reached at: Comment by Wayne Griffith — May 15, 3: Comment by Jim — August 29, 7: Manny Manfred Adler has posted comments here bofore see: Anyway, he is interested in knowing about any reunions and such. Comment by Jim — September 2, Comment by Manny Adler — September 8, 2: Was there from Jan till Apirl Started snowing the 6 of January.

      Did not see ground till some time around of March. Remember bus loads of nursing students on Friday night for Dances. Bragg and from there to Vietnam with the th BN. Served there from July 66 till July Comment by Donald Stacks — September 16, Boy, Sawyer sure turned around from the jerk to a seemingly likable guy. And I think him and Kate will be having a baby soon: Comment by mr skin — October 7, 2: Comment by Jim — December 19, Comment by Jim — March 27, 7: Does anybody have pictures of Ft Holabird?

      Could you post them on line or send them to me in an e-mail? Comment by bill leach — April 28, Perhaps this may help you in your quest. This book contains a few photos of Ft. Holabird pages 24 and If you should find any I suspect myself and others would apreciate that information. Best of luck in your search. Manny, thanks for the info. I just found an aerial photo from the 60s. You can see it at:. After leaving basic training at Ft. Knox in August I boarded a flight from Louisville, Ky. On arrival the smell of Colgate creek and the humid August heat of Maryland are still branded into my memory.

      I was about to begin my training as a 96b20, intelligent analyst or so I thought. It seemed I had just missed the start of a class; another class would not begin for almost a month. So, it was work details and the infamous weekly KP duty. Some passed, others did not. Vietnam orientation began on Saturdays in the movie theater, followed with combat training at Ft. From August 68 to late Nov. It was an experience of learning and many practical jokes with shave cream, shoe polish, tooth paste, short sheeted bunks; to wet bedding in the cold Baltimore fall mornings.

      Comment by Gregory M. Virginia — June 3, I recall a chain link fence and sqeals of children and teen laughter but that is as close as we ever got. It was on the way to the dental clinic speaking of ambivalence. Manny, the pool I am talking about would be all the way to the left in the picture. There also was a bowling alley next to the pool and that is not in the picture either. I do remember the pool at the Officers club. I just noticed the date of your last comment, June 6th. That is the date I left Ft Holabird for the last time, June 6, Bill, Do not remember an elisted pool or bowling alley and did not take the photo interpretation course though ran many a thermofax overlay does this date me or what?

      I find this site fascinating since it is the first cantact in lo these many years. I guesss we did exist. I was there Jan. Took the basic INTC course and then Holabird was a country club after nine weeks at Ft. Benning and the training was outstanding. Anyone recall the field excercise at the old coastal artillery fort in Baltimore harbor. I was a door knocker for four m onths and then took over at SAC.

      I have a vague recollection that one of the young guys was named Anderson but things are a little foggy after all these years. It was good duty and I worked with some very bright and motivated guys. The Head of the region was Col. Really enjoyed reading all the comments above. Started out in pay records where I processed incoming students, both enlisted and officer for their pay vouchers.

      A special shout-out to Capt Rakov, M. After spending about 9 months in Pay Records, my section sgt. A real cushy job from 6am to 2pm. He had been the manager at the NCO Club and was very well liked in that position. After he became 1st Sgt, he did a , becoming a real jackass. After about 6 months of Mr. While there I finally got my E-4 specialist bird quite overdue. A lot of you students there in late and into may have come across me as the Troop Command clerk that assigned you to your daily assignments while you were waitiing for your classes to start.

      Those of you that were the non-bitchers got the plum assignments and those picked at the end of the round the bitchers got the worse assignments. Now, 27 years later, I am dreaming of one day soon returning to Baltimore — actually Dundalk where I plan to retire and live out my remaining years. It appears that Dundalk is experiencing a resurgence and regrowth. Seems as if Wednesday nights were 50c nite with all well drinks at 50c each. I would love to hear from you. Comment by Tim Neuman — July 9, 3: Enjoyed your recollections, the first, I think, of someone who was permanent party.

      You were just a bit after my time. The nightclub may have the Keystone or perhaps it had changed names by then? Just stumbled into this site. I graduated 97D20 at Holabird in January I went on to the Field Support Group in D. Then off to Vietnam. Anyone with any info please contact me. Thanks for this site and the memories. Comment by Greg Taylor — August 10, 1: Manny of the th. It was held at a coastal artillery fort, one of several that ringed harbors in major cities on the seacoast.

      The ammunition bunkers were very large and flooded. If Craig Anderson checks back here he had an entry a couple of years ago give me a signal. Of course, the mind does play tricks on one. Comment by Bill Yantis — September 1, 5: The th was the Cleveland,Ohio detachment. I was permanent party at Holabird. It might have been one of the Nike sites? Hope you hear from Craig. Drafted July ; basic Ft.

      Comment by Michael B Lee — September 26, 3: I was stationed at Holabird the first time from May — Oct as a student in the Coordinator Course. Returned as permanent party in Dec and stayed until Dec I was assigned to the FTX Committee during that period. Comment 60, Bob Scharbert was there at the same time. FInished the 97B and Photo Course while assigned. Went on to Vietnam after that tour. Don Clifton — November 16, 5: Interesting piece on fort hunt and p.

      May be of interest to some of you in the interrogation area. I came to Holabird from basic at Ft. My first week there is pretty foggy; all I remember is being sick as a dog from the flu or something. I recall the guys in charge were Walshak sp? Comment by JosephHill — February 25, 2: