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Dialog mit dem Unbewussten German Edition Aug 25, Available for download now. Available to ship in days.

Theorien der Psychologie German Edition Aug 25, Evolutionaere Menschenbildung German Edition Aug 25, When a patient speaks, language outfolds its own logic of continuity - linking thought impulses and remembrances of events together; hence a patient's responses to an analyst's stimulus words will inevitably reveal what Jung called complexes , a term which has since become universal The first move was made by Jung, when he, on the 23rd of Octobre in , sent his book on word association to Freud.

This initiated a somehow strange letter exchange between the two, which intensified during the year. When Jung became acquainted with Freud, the latter was quite a persona non grata in academic circles, and by his support of Freud, Jung is said to have contributed to making Freud been taken seriously in the scientific world.

Their acquaintance materialized in a first personal meeting on Sunday the 3rd of March , when Jung came to Vienna. The meeting made a great impact on Jung, who did this entry about Freud in his diary, according to one of his many autobiographic writings: In his mind, there was no place for trivial things ; I found him indeed intelligent, analytically penetrating and remarkable in every way".

When he was four, he moved to Vienna, where he later founded his psychoanalytic school, after graduation as a neurologist brain doctor so to speak. From his research, which mostly was limited to therapy sessions with Jewish upper class women and a deep interest in 1, years of Biblical and Occidental philosophical tradition, he came up with a classification of the psyche's topography as the Id , the Ego , and the Superego. Freud also organized, though not the first to do so, human life in different stages according to age , and - which was new and provoking then, in the so-called Victorian sexual-denying era - according to children's psychosexual development, whereby he also suggested that sexuality be the source of practically any human process.

Sigmund Freud Some people claimed that psychoanalysis was not strictly "scientific", claims that hurt Freud's feelings, because he really tried to take his work seriously and to carry out his research in an academic manner; after all, he was a medical doctor. Freud's thought-provoking and at the same time audacious theories, however, met harsh criticism for inadequate methodology for identifying developmental processes and uncertain testability; for example, non-recognition of a psychoanalyst's interpretation of a patient or an item is not accepted as falsification or lack of verification, but rather referred to as a result of the patient's so-called defence mechanisms.

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Nevertheless, with time many scholars have come to sympathize with Freud's theories and hermeneutics. Also Jung, on his side, did recognize Freud's effort, like when he wrote this in "Man and his symbols" , p. His thesis was that dreams are not a question of coincidences, but for they are deeply rooted in conscious thought and problems of a person. This view was not at all arbitrary. His view was sustained on the insights of eminent neurologists like Pierre Janet who had found out that some neurotic symptoms are linked to conscious experiences.

They seem to be areas, isolated from consciousness, however, occasionally they can be made conscious again.

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Yet Jung's opposition to Freud's views became more and more outspoken. In , by writing "New Ways of Psychology" which later was reedited and published as "On the Psychology of the Unconscious" , Jung declared his independence from Freud's overemphasis on sexuality. Jung disliked Freud's severe reservations towards spirituality and art whose products Freud called "mere sexual sublimations". Freud wished to promote Jung as the crown prince heir of Freudianism, but as it happened, Jung was making his own renown.

Jung is said to have had quite a jolly nature, and Freud's reluctant and bitter personality, at that period, may have outnumbered other and more polite character traits. Maybe this difference in temper may have reduced the attraction or splendour of a real friendship between the two, when this added to differences in their life views and life conditions.

So within the following year of , it actually did come to a complete break between them, and Jung withdrew from all official tasks and positions that he exercised. During his remaining 50 years, Doctor Jung, in accordance with his acknowledgement of the existence of an individual human soul, continued to develop his theories, drawing on a wide knowledge stemming from his deep quest into mythology, history and a diversity of wisdom traditions ; and Jung travelled a lot and visited diverse cultures in New Mexico, India, and Kenya.

Hereby he founded his own school of analytical psychology , which allowed his spiritual leanings an excellent expression.

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Jung's continued scientific research granted him international renown. Jung in his office The renewal of psychology Jung's analytical psychology - as well as psychoanalysis - is founded on the hypothesis that there exists an Unconsciousness which opposes itself dynamically to Consciousness. In a major work "Psychological Types" , Dr. Jung dealt with the relationship between the conscious and unconscious as well as divided personality types into extrovert and introvert. He later made a distinction between the personal unconscious the repressed feelings and thoughts developed during an individual's life together with unfolded life possibilities and much more , and the collective unconscious inherited feelings, thoughts, "instincts" and memories shared by all humanity ; the collective unconscious made up of, what he called, archetypes.

Archetypes Inspired by his own research as well as early European philosophers, among them Plato, Jung began to use the term archetype in This was fully in accordance with his view that the human soul-life and instinct-nature, in form of "unloaded images" may be traced back to humanity even on a common and archaic level.

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Das Phänomen der Archetypen - Unbewusste Potenziale erkennen und verstehen

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