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A brand new job market paper has some interesting data on assortative mating and its impact on income inequality. They write, A stable marriage matters in part because it allows … [Read more]. The trail can go one way into an urban greenway along the Jerry Connelly cross country trail while the other gets you into Great Falls. Nice route with the exception of the very dangerous crossing over Georgetown Pike. Due to work and timing, I was only able to make it from Colvin Mill to The Potomac, but it was a great first hike.

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The trail head is easy to find if you follow the directions provided to you when you open them in google maps. Enjoyable on a nice day, but really not that difficult. On a sunny day, it is some nice afternoon exercise. Photos are better in the afternoon with the sun at your back. The trail head is actually really easy to find, and you park in a gravel lot right next to the trailhead. Don't go through the housing development This trail has a diverse set of terrain to cover and a good mix of flat and climbs. Gets pretty busy near the Great Falls Area--pretty empty on the stick part of the lollipop loop.

I wish there was a parking lot or a more public starting point.

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I tried looking for the park that the maps and google maps app said was in the area but it once again the apps took me to a gated community and dead end cup-de-sac. I'm in big housing development! Saw a fox and a hawk on our hike. Great with our dog as it wasn't too crowded. We didn't do the full leg out into the Difficult Run portion of the loop because it was rained out. We walked mainly the River Trail portion, which was delightful. The drawback is that the area closest to the river is very crowded and in particular by non-hikers flip-flops, street clothes, confusion which detracted from the beauty of the hike.

We went on a Sunday afternoon so likely peak time. Some of it is craggy and uphill which made it fun and challenging in short spurts--not too much. We had to wait about ten minutes for a parking space but other than that no troubles. I actually found this hike on another app but because it didn't have enough details and I couldn't record my hike, I switched over to the All Trails app.

To start, you're actually looking for the Colvin Mill parking when you arrive. Not exactly sure if you're allowed to park there but every review online directs you there.

Difficult Run Trail Hiking Trail, Tysons Corner, Virginia

Just note that they close their gate at sunset so plan accordingly. After you park, you walk down the street back towards Leesburg Pike and off to your left you'll see a gravel path that, at the time of writing this review, was a construction zone. However you can enter the area and once you see the construction buildng stay to the right. The start of the trail is right behind the bungalows. The hike is actually multiple trails, with the first being Difficult Run Trail.

Greg Garrard on "Difficult Run" Va.

This part is mostly flat with you winding through people's backyard but once you get closer to the river, the trail picks up in incline and it becomes the Ridge Trail. Once you hit the river, the trail then becomes the River Trail, which is where you'll begin to see some small boulders.

However this is also where you'll get the best view. At that point you'll begin you're turnaround towards the Swamp Trail which will lead you back to the Ridge Trail which will then lead you back to the Difficult Run Trail for you to head back to your starting point.

The hike although has some elevation is easily achievable even for a beginner.

However to not underestimate the length of the trail. With some added detour for pictures your hike can end up close to 12mile roundtrip. Olmsted Island Bridges 1.

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South Lot Connector 1. Lock 19 Spur 1. Gold Mine Spur 1. Lock 20 Connector 1. Burling Cabin Trail 2. Washington Aqueduct Ob… 1. Overlook 1 Trail 1. Great Falls Tavern Vis… 1.

Difficult Run Trail

Old Carriage Road 0. Trillium Hollow Trail 2. Valley Trail Connector 2. Potomac Heritage Trail… 2. North River Trail 2. Patowmack Canal Trail 1. Parking Lot Connector… 2.