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When you play with fire, you will get burned eventually. Always receive hands on training before attempting fire play. You do not get do-overs when you are playing with fire.

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Practice fireplay on non-flamable surfaces such as concrete and with supervision before attempting to practice on another human being. Consider performing instead with natural fiber clothing or without clothing. Overcome your fear of fire, it is strongly suggested one practice fire fleshing on themselves, such as by lighting one's own hand on fire and putting it out to help learn how fire behaves before moving on to more advanced tools and techniques. Fire takes three things - Fuel, Oxygen, and a Ignition Source spark, etc. Eliminate one of them and your fire will cease.

Have safety items that will take these away, in most cases concerning humans, not a fire extinguisher. Heat rises but there is still heat in all directions! Check your surroundings and assess your play space thoroughly for anything that could become fuel. Lots of things can be fuel, human flesh and hair included.

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I had shriveled little lips and that was the strangest thing I have ever experienced. Everything with fire is dangerous, but in my opinion this is the most dangerous manner of fire play as it is a single tail whip that is on fire. Some are made with leather and a Kevlar popper at the end, and some also make them completely out of a Kevlar blend then use an aluminum handle, and Kevlar popper. So far I have experienced this once and definitely will be going back for more, but it is not for anyone who does not have a high pain tolerance as it does mark, and can cut the skin.

This is an age old medical practice seen most commonly in the Oriental though has been known to pop up all over the world. Some use this as a way of blood letting, while others use it for a manner of reverse acupressure.


I have not personally tried this yet, though I have heard many good things about it. Fire cups are relatively inexpensive and can be found in many places online. Always do your research on safety precautions before ever trying something like this. I would recommend getting: Handbook of Erotic Fire Play. This is where fire wands are set on fire and they are drummed against the body in rhythmic manner.

This is intense as well as relaxing. Think of it as a heavy Florentine flogging.

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Here is a neat little parlor trick which is cheap and easy to try, Alberto V05 mouse is flammable. Make a spiral design, or any design of interest and light it.

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It can barely be felt, but has a very cool effect. Wipe and rinse, and repeat if you would like. So she know a lot about service. She is quite easy to get along with, and is always open to new friendships so feel free to. If done correctly, fire play can leave few, if any, marks on the skin. On the other hand, if so intended, it can permanently brand the skin of the bottom. A brand can also be applied by repeated applications to the same area of the body.

Typical fire play scenes often include using some form of flammable material on or near the skin. Other than rubbing alcohol, materials used may include flash cotton , votive candles , or even hot parafin not bees wax.

Small torches, cotton balls, batons, and cotton swabs are typically used to apply the material and also to ignite it. Some materials burn at a higher temperature than others.

Fire Play

It rubs against human nature to voluntarily allow someone to place fire on your skin, regardless of the level of trust. I recommend that you spend some time watching various tops in action and then talk to them to see your comfort level with each one. Pick a more public place - if you are lucky enough to have a BDSM club that would be a great place to start - typically you might even find classes available.

A typical fire scene is about 15 mintues not including the initial neogiation where you talk through what will happen, what might be uncomfortable and the Top explains all that will be done during the scene.