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When she readies her attack, be ready to block. When she hits the block, she'll drop to the floor startled. Attack her repeatedly until she has fainted.

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He has a roll attack which can be blocked. He is a sturdy fighter as he will not stop even if he is hit repeatedly, so it's effective to take him out by using combos or limit break. From Kingdom Hearts Wiki: A world of information not accessible by Gummiship. Despite being the trio's apparent leader, he lacks real combat skill.

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Instead, he'll run about wildly while throwing pumpkin bombs from afar. Hit them back with a block to send him sprawling. She poses little threat in terms of strength, but will attack with a spinning charge.

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Stop that with a block, or hit her with one of Lock's pumpkin bombs to send her sprawling. He poses little threat in terms of strength. Stop his rolling charge with a block and he will go flying.

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Locked and hidden out of sight, your tender your warmth might Open up what I hide inside; Passionate fire and calming night The ear that hears the words unspoken. But in the truth the key you will never see. The Heart's Lock it opens for all eternity.

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But in truth the key you already have. My Heart's Locked opened it forever. Sign In Don't have an account?