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The masked robbers -- armed with what was described as two handguns and a long gun -- blindfolded and handcuffed Harris and his wife Abbey, The Knoxville News Sentinel reported.

Kidnapping of the President (1980) Shatner in Toronto

The robbers then forced the couple and their 5-month-old into the family's car and took off to the local bank. The robbers drove the couple to the branch where Harris works and ordered the executive to take an undisclosed sum of money from the bank while his family was held in the car.

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Harris handed the men the money and the two gunmen drove off with his wife and infant still inside the car. Harris was left standing in the bank parking lot.

Peres tells parents Israel doing ‘everything’ to find kidnapped teens

Abbey Harris and the Harris' child were driven to an abandoned dirt road in West Knox County and left unharmed in the car. The mother then drove to a construction site, where she dialed I don't know what I would do in that situation. I'll have to give them a lot of support. Adam wants to be accepted and tries to bond with them.

Where she was when Adam went missing: She and Danny were in charge of keeping an eye on him, but she had something else to do that could later haunt her. Willa desperately wants to put her family back together.

A soccer mom turned politico. Her marriage has struggled as she and husband John have tried to process the loss of their child.

Peres tells parents Israel doing 'everything' to find kidnapped teens | The Times of Israel

Married to Claire and the father of their three children, he was formerly in real estate insurance, but after losing Adam, he became an author who wrote about dealing with grief. He has suffered depression and guilt ever since. Ileane Rudolph January 04, Danny Warren Zach Gilford Who he is: Adam Warren Liam James Who he is:

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