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Alas we're stuck with lots of the dreadful Labeouf how does this guy get work?! This guy really isn't much of an actor, sorry to all you Nolan fanboys out there, tis the reality. Despite the two guys I've mentioned most of the characters aren't exactly original, there is nothing new on offer here from this era, standard fair. The violence is harsh thundering and cool but admittedly cliched for this type of film, the thing is that's the best thing about the film.


Without much of the violence this would be a poor epic wannabe, with the violence its good fun but not as good as 'Last Man Standing' or 'Untouchables'. To be frank the plot is highly basic and doesn't really deserve a film made about it. That said I can't deny that it looks lush and the brutal glorification of prohibition-era Virginia violence is too good to miss.

Hands up who wants to see Oldman smash some hood across the head with a big metal shovel in a fit of rage? Yeah that's what I thought, of course you do. Not a terrible visit to the backcountry hills of ol'Virginny as English and Australian actors continue to overrun Yank filmography where some moonshiners run afoul of duh law vilely personified herein by Guy Pearce, Australian, with hissy fits aplenty.

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Leading the good guys that'd be the moonshiners in this biopic is I'm-wearing-muh-hat-lo'-so-yah-cahn't-see-muh-eyes Tom Hardy English, I believe who is as tough as your mother-in-law drunk and passed out on the couch which she just peed on, your couch. Jason Clarke another Aussie is the muscle middle brother, and Gary Oldman English, forcryinoutloud is a rival in the mix as well.

Are there any Yanks in this story about the real America where everyone wears their hats down over their eyes? They're only in supporting roles.

And they get whupped. I blame the Aussie director, duh. The movie's okay though. Three brothers in the bootlegging business during the prohibition era refuse to bow to the will of Chicago gangsters and provoke a war between their backwoods community and big city organised crime. John Hillcoat reunites with scriptwriter Nick Cave who collaborated on the atmospheric and characterful The Proposition for this old school gangster drama which unfortunately has neither of those qualities.

Despite a promising cast, Lawless is a rather unengaging affair that's a little too admiring of some pretty unpleasant violence perpetrated by a singularly unlikeable bunch of characters. Tom Hardy and Jason Clarke are little more than a pair of mumbling thugs, Guy Pearce's gun toting dandy is little more than a caricature and Shia Lebeouf once again channels his simpering frat-boy persona and fails to conjure any kind of charisma or chemistry whatsoever.

The film is attractive to look at and the screen ignites during Gary Oldman's all-too brief appearances but the editing is choppy and the characterisation unappealing and unconvincing. Ultimately Lawless has none of the weight or moral message of a serious drama, nor the excitement or sense of fun of an action film making for an uninvolving tale of a trio of "heroes" it's very difficult to care about.

Lawless is amazingly well-acted and shot, while its story seems lacking. It is dark and violent and entertaining. Even more impressive is the fact that Lawless recognizes that it is in the end nothing but a popcorn flick. Many other movies of this sort will try to salvage themselves in the final acts, but Lawless dies gracefully, never taking itself too seriously.

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This movie is the best kind of eye-candy out there. That being said, Lawless is still just eye-candy.

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More Top Movies Trailers Forums. Apocalypse Better Call Saul: Season 4 Castle Rock: Season 1 The Deuce: Season 2 Fear the Walking Dead: Season 3 The Walking Dead: Weekend Box Office Results: View All Photos Lawless is the true story of the infamous Bondurant Brothers: In this epic gangster tale, inspired by true-life tales of author Matt Bondurant's family in his novel "The Wettest County in the World", the loyalty of three brothers is put to the test against the backdrop of the nation's most notorious crime wave.

Shia LaBeouf as Jack Bondurant. Tom Hardy as Forrest Bondurant. Jason Clarke as Howard Bondurant. Guy Pearce as Charley Rakes. Jessica Chastain as Maggie Beauford. In , in Franklin County, Virginia, Forrest Bondurant is a legend as immortal after surviving the war. Together with his brothers Howard and the coward Jack, the Bondurant family has a distillery and bootlegging business. When the corrupt District Attorney Mason Wardell arrives in Franklin with the unscrupulous Special Deputy Charles Rakes, the Bondurant family refuses to pay the required bribe to the authorities.

Rakes pursues the brothers and unsuccessfully tries to find their distillery. Meanwhile Forrest hires the waitress Maggie, a woman with a hidden past in Chicago, and they fall in love with each other. Jack courts the preacher's daughter Bertha Minnix and deals a great load of alcoholic liquor with the powerful gangster Floyd Banner.

Jack shows off in Franklin attracting the attention of Rakes that finds the location of their distillery. When he kills the crippled Cricket Pete, the locals join forces to face the corrupt authorities. This movie is based on a book written by a relative of some of the main characters depicted in this movie That book was called "The wettest county in the world" and the title refers to how much illegal alcohol was produced in that area.

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The novel was adapted for cinema by Australian alternative rock icon Nick Cave. The story concerns how the Bondurant's once cozy relationship with sympathetic rural police is changed by the arrival of a corrupt Chicago law enforcement officer, Charlie Rakes played by Australian Guy Pearce , who wants a cut of the Bondurant's illegal liquor business.

Forrest Bondurant Tom Hardy is not one to cave in to these demands. Things get ugly, but there is some romance in this movie too. Whilst being a terrific yarn, the quirky central performances won't garner any Oscar attention, I wouldn't think. Tom Hardy's take on Forrest Bondurant incorporates many big cat like purrs, which also amuse. Set in America's South, you mostly hear Southern drawls, so if Cave's screenplay is any good, you will miss a chunk of it unless you can decipher the more unintelligible dialogue in this movie Early on in the film, the reality of life in the South is not elided Even though this movie doesn't have a lot of violence in it, when it does occur, it is bloody and horrific These moments can be very confronting Since the movie is based on a book by a member of the Bondurant family, you have to wonder how much is fictionalised in order to paint the clan in a positive light.

Watching the end of the movie, concerning a final confrontation with Charlie Rakes, you have to wonder if it really happened that way. Whilst not a 'chick flick', there are some romantic moments. There's a little bit of comedy too I'm not sure if Pearce's and Hardy's performances are deliberately amusing, but apart from that aspect, there are some other amusing moments in the movie. I also liked the singing you first hear when Jack enters a church to be close to a woman he fancies Australian actress Mia Wasikowska.

There is a big Australian contingent in this movie. I did see Noah Taylor in the credits but don't remember seeing him in the movie. So intense and interesting! For those of you who liked this movie, i recommend also "Black Mass"! I enjoyed it and probably will watch it again! Great acting and directing! Tbrown15 Sep 3, What a stellar cast we have in Lawless, Gary Oldman as the gangster, Guy Pearce as the violent deputy from Chicago, Tom Hardy as the oldest bondurent brother, Jessica Chastain as the head waitress at the Bondurants restaurant, then finally Shia LeBeouf as the lead actor and most What a stellar cast we have in Lawless, Gary Oldman as the gangster, Guy Pearce as the violent deputy from Chicago, Tom Hardy as the oldest bondurent brother, Jessica Chastain as the head waitress at the Bondurants restaurant, then finally Shia LeBeouf as the lead actor and most developed character in the film.

Can Shia carry with movie on his shoulders? Can he fulfill his western ascent throughout the 1hr and 55min runtime? Will Lawless be the movie where he grows up, and get the Even Stevens tag off of him? Or will he still be considered the kid from Disney channel, and all those Transformers movies? Set in the depression era, where the prohibition law took place. After successful years of selling moonshine, a deputy from Chicago Guy Pearce comes into town to stop the Bondurent brothers from proceeding in their very profitable business, which I mean LeBeouf buying new cars and nice suits every week.

Or does the deputy have enough force and will to stop them?

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The acting in this film was outstanding and was the main reason why I enjoyed the film. Guy Pearce , who is very unrecognizable in this movie, gives me the finest performance I have ever seen from him. Tom Hardy also plays a very good part as well, he plays another badass role that when pisses him off, you better run. Finally we have Shia LeBeouf as the youngest and more stupid brother.

He plays the younger brother that just wants to be like his older brothers and make them proud, which leads to some very gruesome and violent scenes. Both Tom Hardy and Guy Pearce carry two acts of the film alone. The bone chilling violence, with the great acting and the good script leaves this movie at a high entertaining level, even with the 2nd half of the film being weaker then the first.

I enjoyed the hell out of this film and defiantly will see this movie again some time in the near future. I was atonished by how the movie looked, the set pieces were right on point with the western feel.

Good make-up effects for the bloody and beaten faces that most all characters went through in the film. With amazing acting, and great character development, Lawless ends up being worth the full price admission. Back to the question, does Shia LeBeouf finally grow up in this film? Spangle Jan 1, It's slow at times, but reels you in with the action scenes.