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Letter to My Sons

You believe in me much more than I believe in myself. I want to be more because you believe I can. You forgive my faults and only encourage my strengths. You are so proud of me and your confidence in me reminds me that I am meant for greater! Every day I know how much you love me! I love you beyond any words that could be written on paper. You, Mark Steinmetz, are a true example of Christ! Thankful you are MINE! Dear Daddy, Thank you for everything that you have done to help me grow these past 16 years. As much as it gets under my skin for you to be right, you truly know what is best for me and have helped me to become the God-fearing women I am today.

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All the late night Wal-Mart trips, annual Black Friday all-nighters, and countless hours you spent coaching me in softball are just a few great memories that I will cherish forever. Thank you for being my biggest supporter and encourager through everything I do!

Letter to My Sons | Fathers for Good

This is just a small token of appreciation, thanks for not only being the best daddy ever but my best friend! Dear Poppy, How blessed I am to call you my dad! God gave me the greatest gift when he chose my parents! Your love and care for our family shines brightly through you! I may not be able to see you anymore with my eyes, but I know your heart and I know you would do anything possible to take all the bad that is happening right now, away, if you could. Thank you for being my DAD! Dear dad, I just wanted to thank you for everything that you do for us.

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You have no idea how blessed I am to have you as my dad. You have taught me humility, and when I get upset, your words and wisdom calm me down. I love how you just randomly break out singing and dancing in the car. Thanks to you, I know all the lyrics to every Joy FM song! You are my biggest supporter, my rock, my best friend, and most importantly my daddy. Thank you for keeping me straight with the Lord through everything. I can always count on you in every situation, and to pray for me in the most inconvenient times.

I love you to the moon and back! Jessica Crisostomo Age 28 Father Dr. I want you and all of Victory Church to know that I have the most amazing father in the world. I may not tell you enough, but I love you and appreciate you more than you will ever know. You have stood by me and supported me through any obstacle life has thrown my way.

You gave me the most amazing childhood a girl could ask for and are one of the hardest workers I know. Most importantly, you are the best papa to my kids, and that means the world to me. Thank you for everything that you do. You have been the stronghold in my life. You set a firm foundation and precedence by making church a priority and for that I am forever grateful.

You have always been such an encourager, motivator, and listener. I have countless memories with you as a child, i. As an adult, I cherish the close relationship that I have with you. I especially enjoy our road trips to FSU games. We have had some great laughs and memories and I look forward to many more. Thank you, Joe Christian, for being an amazing father. I just wanted to say you mean so much to me. You make me happy on rainy days….. What would life be without a dad like you? You were pulling up carpet, exposing the old pins and nails, and laying down the new.

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There was a glue strip set underneath the seams, and you had to melt the glue with a hot carpet iron. I remember your hands and forearms, which looked so massive at the time, and I remember thinking that being a man was to have hands like that. Even then, I was aware it went more slowly with me involved.

Father's Love Letter : "Will you be my child?"

I also like when you try and read me Bible stories, but all I really want to do is chew on the pages. I love you da-da. When my earthly father died 2 years ago, You gave me a song every day, for two weeks all day and all night. One day, when I was alone, my heart remembered the words of Psalm I knew then, and I still know now … You love me! You are the awesomest Dad ever!

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You have inspired me to play soccer. I like watching the World Cup with you. You make me run faster, you have taught me your dance moves, and your singing is awesome. I like how you taught me to be a Christian. I love doing family talk with you at the dinner table and that you wake me up for school in the morning. You have taught me right from wrong. You have always been my daddy, playmate, hero, coach, mentor, and teacher throughout my life.

You have opened my eyes to who I am and who I want to be. You were always the one to push me harder, faster, stronger to make me the woman I am today. I am so thankful to have you as a dad because you have always taught me to keep God first in my life and to always believe in myself.

I hope one day soon that Craig and I will be able to have a child of our own and teach that child some of the same morals that you helped me set in my life. Thank you dad for always being there when I needed you and to continue to always being that caring, loving, giving man that you are. The three of us wish that we could be there to celebrate you today.

Your constant love and support has meant more than anything. You sat through countless softball games, pageants, and graduations throughout the years. We owe a great deal of our individual successes to you. From all of us, thank you for being the best dad that any girl could hope for. My dad is caring, strong, and a man of conviction. Dear daddy, I just wanted to let you know that I love you so much. I appreciate how incredibly hard you work and all that you do for our family.

Thank you for everything. Every Sunday we were there, with our tithe of 7 pennies each; one for every day of the week. Sunday was also a day of rest.

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Dad would nap in the afternoon and only to rise to milk the cows again in the evening. We learned to work and take care of the things God gave us. Dad taught us many things, not by telling us, but by example. From generation to generation, my gentle, loving Dad has been a picture of my heavenly Father.

I am blessed beyond measure. From one man to another…. A man that is oh so similar to you. What a great thing. I want you to understand the rough years I spent in the spiritual wilderness with no faith and the profound conversion experience I had when I surrendered to Christ and found the Truth I was seeking for most of my life in the Catholic Church.

The list of rich experiences and lessons is almost endless, but perhaps I will share some of them now and save the rest for future letters. To keep it simple, here are eight things I want you to think about, pray over and hopefully remember for the rest of your lives:. God loves you, no matter what. Stay true to yourself and always love and serve Him.

Stay devoted to our Catholic faith despite all the temptations you will have from the world to leave. Be men of prayer and observe the sacraments, especially the Eucharist and Reconciliation. Never forget you were made for Heaven and not the world. Your mom and I have taught you the difference between right and wrong. Our Catholic faith has helped you learn to love your neighbor and serve others. Never lose touch with your values; they define who you are. It is never, ever worth it. But, it is very important to have a quality education if you want to have good career options.

Never be satisfied that you know enough. Be insatiably curious about other people and life in general. Nothing in life is truly free. Work hard and you will be rewarded. Pay your dues and out-hustle everyone around you. No matter what you hear later in life, I promise you there is no easy path to riches and there is no substitute for hard work. I know, I know, this part sounds just like Papa!

You will meet lots and lots of girls in your lives. Treat them all with dignity and respect. Care more about their inner beauty than their outward appearance. Get to know her, build a relationship and take the time to see if she is the ONE. You will eventually know if she is and she will be looking at you in the same way.

Be counter-cultural, do the right thing and save yourselves for marriage. The world might make fun of you, but Jesus will love you for it. You have heard your mom and I say this a million times: Someone has to be responsible, why not you? If you are involved in an activity or project, act responsible and be a leader. If you make a mess, clean it up. If you say you will do something, do it. It may be up to you. Be true to yourself and your friends. Hang out with people who share your values.