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This translation, by the distinguished scholar Arthur Waley, is the first accurate English version; it makes available to the Western reader a faithful reproduction of the spirit and meaning of the original. Read more Read less. Audible book Switch back and forth between reading the Kindle book and listening to the Audible book with Whispersync for Voice. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser. Customers who bought this item also bought.

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. The Trials of Socrates: Six Classic Texts Hackett Classics. The Memoirs of Lady Hyegyong: The Daodejing of Laozi Hackett Classics. The Epic of Gilgamesh Penguin Classics. A Journey to the West.

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Read reviews that mention journey to the west monkey king sun wukong abridged version arthur waley waley translation must listen listen to what is told next chapter fairy tales told in the next bring back sage equal india to bring pigsy and sandy highly recommend equal of heaven hsuan tsang sacred scrolls supernatural powers. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

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Please try again later. Bernie Gourley Top Contributor: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This is a superhero story. He can make copies of himself. He has an iron truncheon that can be the size of a sewing needle or a mile long and which is indestructible. Wielding said staff, he can defeat armies or deities. Of course, the Monkey does eventually meet his match in the form of the Buddha. The Buddha defeats Monkey not in combat, but in a bet. That event shifts the direction of the story.

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In the early chapters, Monkey is goes about heaven and earth arrogantly wreaking havoc. The party faces one challenge after the next, and the trip is long and arduous. Some of the challenges require brute force but in many cases they are battles of wits. So while Monkey may be overpowered, he does experience personal growth over the course of the story.

The story is told over 30 chapters, each set up with a cliffhanger. I enjoyed this translation by Arthur Waley. It is end-noted, which is useful given the historic and cultural nuances that may not be clear to readers.

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It should be noted that this is unambiguously a Buddhist tale. There is a bias against Taoists and other non-Buddhist religions evident throughout the story. I would recommend this book for fiction readers, particularly if you have an interest in the superhero genre or Chinese literature. This version of Journey to the West exudes a perfumed wind. Waley is the greatest of translators from Chinese. While this is abridged and cannot match the magisterial but stiffer version of Anthony Yu, it is just right for an introduction to this fabulous work.

Many who read this will want to tackle Yu. Many others would not wish it longer than it is. Waley occupies a happy position at the boundary between these two groups. Wonderfully funny and sometimes poignant ancient classic novel about pilgrimage by the wild and resourceful Monkey King and the diffident Tripitaka, Monkey's nominal master. Here's one of my favorite quotes from the novel. But how can we pilgrims expect any such thing?

By moonlight or starlight on we must go, supping on the air and braving the wet, so long as the road lasts. Monkey is an incredible tale that I read as a child and am looking forward to reading again as an adult. I was so happy to see this reprint in paperback. The story itself is a wonderful comedic adventure that provides insights into Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism as well as satirizes Chinese society of the 16th century.

Monkey is, as to be expected, hilarious. There are many reviews of the story if you search the internet, so I'll not waste your time writing what others have already written. Just know you'll enjoy! The pre-chosen descriptions of the plot mood, characters and pace that Amazon provides are no match for the wonder of the book. Monkey has entertained children and elders in China for years. There are movies, songs, and spin-off tales. Donnie Yen just did a new movie in based on this book,and in Journey to the West was released in theaters. That's the mark of a book with staying power! It's a fun read with twists and turns and magic and all the splendor and wonder you expect from China years ago.

Think of the most sensational and unreal Kung-Fu movie you ever saw with flying swords and beasts and rooftop fights, magic fists, Crouching Tigers and Dragons and mystery. That is this book in it's ancient glory. These gifts, combined with his devouring of the peaches of immortality, three jars of elixir, and his time being tempered in Laozi 's Eight-Trigram Furnace he gained a steel-hard body and fiery golden eyes that could see very far into the distance and through any disguise. He is therefore always able to recognise a demon in disguise while the rest of the pilgrimage cannot.

However, his eyes become weak to smoke , makes Sun Wukong the strongest member of the pilgrimage by far. Besides these abilities, he can also pluck hairs from his body and blow on them to convert them into whatever he wishes usually clones of himself to gain a numerical advantage in battle. The monkey, nimble and quick-witted, uses these skills to defeat all but the most powerful of demons on the journey. Sun's behavior is checked by a band placed around his head by Guanyin , which cannot be removed by Sun Wukong himself until the journey's end. Tang Sanzang can tighten this band by chanting the "Ring Tightening Mantra" taught to him by Guanyin whenever he needs to chastise him.

Tang Sanzang speaks this mantra quickly in repetition. Sun Wukong's childlike playfulness is a huge contrast to his cunning mind. This, coupled with his great power, makes him a trickster hero. His antics present a lighter side in what proposes to be a long and dangerous trip into the unknown. Once an immortal who was the Marshal of the Heavenly Canopy commanding , naval soldiers of the Milky Way , he drank too much during a celebration of the gods and attempted to flirt with the moon goddess Chang'e , resulting in his banishment to the mortal world.

He was supposed to be reborn as a human but ended up in the womb of a sow due to an error on the Reincarnation Wheel, which turned him into a half-man, half-pig monster. Zhu Bajie was very greedy, and could not survive without eating ravenously. Staying within the Yunzhan Dong "cloud-pathway cave" , he was commissioned by Guanyin to accompany Tang Sanzang to India and given the new name Zhu Wuneng. However, Zhu Bajie's appetite for women led him to the Gao Family Village, where he posed as a normal being and wedded a maiden.

Later, when the villagers discovered that he was a monster, Zhu Bajie hid the girl away, and the girl wailed bitterly every night. His weapon of choice is the jiuchidingpa " nine-tooth iron rake ".

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He is also capable of 36 transformations as compared to Sun Wukong's 72 , and can travel on clouds, but not as fast as Sun. However, Zhu is noted for his fighting skills in the water, which he used to combat Sha Wujing, who later joined them on the journey. He is the second strongest member of the team. Being spiritually the lowest of the group, at the end of the journey, he remained on earth and was granted the title "Cleaner of the Altars", that is, he was allowed to "clean" the offerings off the altars by eating and drinking them.

He was exiled to the mortal world and made to look like a monster because he accidentally smashed a crystal goblet belonging to the Queen Mother of the West during a Peach Banquet. The now-hideous immortal took up residence in the Flowing Sands River, terrorising surrounding villages and travellers trying to cross the river.

They consequently took him in, as part of the pilgrimage to the West. Sha's weapon is a magic wooden staff wrapped in pearly threads.

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He also knows eighteen transformation methods and is highly effective in water combat. Sha is known to be the most obedient, logical, and polite of the three disciples, and always takes care of his master, seldom engaging in the bickering of his fellow disciples. He has no major faults nor any extraordinary characteristics. Perhaps this is why he is sometimes seen as a minor character. He does however serve as the peacekeeper of the group mediating between Sun and Zhu and even Tang Sanzang and the others.

He is also the person whom Tang Sanzang consults when faced with difficult decisions. Sha eventually becomes an arhat at the end of the journey, giving him a higher level of exaltation than Zhu Bajie, who is relegated to cleaning every altar at every Buddhist temple for eternity, but lower spiritually than Sun Wukong or Tang Sanzang, who are granted Buddhahood.

Love Has No Boundaries

The series, which is based on Journey to the West , will be 10 half-hour episodes. While there has been enthusiasm for the new series, it has also attracted some criticism for " whitewashing ", [20] since none of the core cast are of Chinese descent, with two of the leads having Tongan ancestry [21] while only one, Chai Hansen , is of half-Asian his father is Thai descent. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Arthur Waley, [] New York: Grove Press, , preface p. Contemporary Perspectives on Chinese Civilization Berkeley: University of California Press, , p. Masterworks of Asian Literature in Comparative Perspective: A Guide for Teaching. In Miller, Barbara S. Masterworks of Asian Literature in Comparative Perspective. Wu Cheng'en 's Journey to the West. A Supplement to the Journey to the West c.

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