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If you want to snag it for the Kindle, just click here. There will be more Trick Molloy stories to come, and this collection is a great start to what will be a long run of tales. Tricknomancy tells the story of Patrick Molloy, a magick-using ex-cop who was busted off the force on trumped up bribery charges. His only true friend is the coroner; his family hates him with a passion, and the cop who busted him off the force is just itching to find a way to send him to jail. Gangsters often use magick more readily than guns. Respectable magickers use their skills for seduction, robbery and murder.

No one in power really cares about what befalls the criminal class, which Trick Molloy as the one man smart enough to discover the truth, and tough enough to administer justice. Interesting you should post this today. I do not have a kindle or any other type of e book reader, as a landscape gardener I would not have a lot of time to use it on any commutes, and at home I would much rather be sitting with something more tangible, something that can sit on my book shelf and be returned to. I completely appreciate you as an author wanting to and needing to maximize profits and control over your work, but are there any plans for new paper backs?

Or even audio books, I do listen to lots of books during the day at work. Good luck and I hope the writing continues to go well. Have a good xmas and ill look forward to some new books in the new year. So… I bought all of the stories previously on Amazon… and now I buy them again?

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The Trick Molloy Collection The Secrets Super Pen on sale for a limited time. Will "scifantasy" Frank Dec, at 2: Dec, at 9: Dec, at 7: Dec, at 8: Dec, at 1: Trick Molloy is one of the best heros ever. Dec, at 4: You deals with the challenges that you, the author, will face in readying yourself to create a successful business as a writer.

Many people decide to become writers because of the romance of the book, and dream about seeing their name on a book without any understanding of the hard work that entails. This guide walks you past the pitfalls and puts you on the path to success. Words covers the ways in which technology and society consume entertainment products. Stackpole walks you through a step-by-step process of creating the sort of stories that will sell to both the digital and print markets, and points out how a variety of projects that never would have sold in the past become winners in the new marketplace.

Hype gives you a command of self-promotion, including a detailed explanation of why so many authors are headed toward disaster. Michael explains what you need to do to establish yourself online, to build a community and an audience, and points to which easily available and free tools you can use to get there. Numbers explains the intricacies of running a business with an eye toward making you profitable as quickly as possible. This includes a discussion of formats and distribution systems that will get your work out to as many people as possible fast.

This guide comes in a zipped into an archive that includes both the PDF and the epub versions of the book. The Digital Career Guide is the culmination of six years experience running a publishing business online, brought to you by the first author to have his work on sale in the Apple Appstore. If you want to make your dream of having a writing career come true, this is the guide that will get you started. World Building is a thirteen issue package that explains everything about world creation. Stackpole moves you through the development of magic, technology, politics, history, religion, cultures, language and society.

The collection concludes with an example of a world and includes devastatingly simple and coveted techniques for creating big impressions with very few words. This package consists of issues The Secrets is published electronically. Subscribers get an email with a link for downloading each issue.

Stackpole, brings you another great Trick Molloy story. The Witch in Scarlet is the first in the Legacy cycle of stories. But there is something wrong with the painting. A lot of bad people want it and that means Trick has to stop them. But sometimes Trick bites off more than he can chew and, in this case, it can bite back. The product is presented as a PDF document.

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Urban noir with a healthy dash of magick, the stories chronicle the adventures of Trick Molloy—ex-cop framed for corruption who works as a bouncer in a strip club. In this first story Trick finds himself in the difficult position of trying to find the killer who aced the man who got him punted from the police force. Stackpole, brings you the latest story in the Trick Molloy saga. Trick Molloy has a problem.

Lou Sandberg, a man who once took a bullet for him, wants Trick to save his wife. Normally Trick would handle that kind of thing after a little drink, but the Russian can handle magick, too; and just happens to be better at it than Trick is himself. This story immediately follows The Witch in Scarlet in the continuity.

In this supernatural urban noir thriller Trick races against time to save Adrienne, one of the dancers at Club Flesh. She witnessed the murder of her boyfriend by mobsters, and might know the hiding-place of some seriously incriminating evidence. Stackpole comes Such A Nice Girl. Lexie, one of the dancers at Club Flesh has been found dead. Trick Molloy, ex-cop and bouncer, looks good for her murder. He has three days to figure out who really did it, or the police will land on him with hob-nailed boots.

Politics, treachery and heroism meld in a tale about a woman, the hope of her nation, and those who would snuff it out forever. Stackpole brings you the first Merlin Bloodstone adventure: The Cards Call Themselves. The FBI has a problem. The authorities need occultist Dr. Bloodstone to decipher what the spread means so they can stop him from killing again. But Bloodstone knows one thing the instant he sees the cards. Which means the hunt for the killer is going to be trickier, but Bloodstone knows well how to deal with cold-blooded murderers.

Renaissance Faires are all about fun and fantasy, from devouring turkey legs to entertaining shows like Don Juan and Miguel. Stackpole, the Arizona Renaissance Festival goes beyond make-believe as an ancient blessing now turned curse wreaks havoc. Father Flynn has been invited to Apogea, a resort world created for the elite, boasting of every luxury imaginable, and the lack of one thing: The world is managed by Covenant, a massive computer network which balances the needs and desires of all residents, making Apogea a paradise. Set on a space station at the edge of the Qian Commonwealth, the Purgatory Station stories chronicle the adventures of chaplains who encounter all manner of aliens and their customs — many of which border on blasphemy.

Two miners are injured, and one needs the Last Rites. Stackpole, Father Flynn rushes to their aid and faces a decision that threatens not only his career, but the eternal fate of a hero. Her arrival on the station coincides with alien royalty needing a priestess to sanctify a birth. Claire faces a choice that could imperil her immortal soul. Plus there is a bonus essay: Offered here, on Stormwolf.

Kid Binary and the Two-Bit Gang is a story of virtual reality, where Kid Binary is a feared hacker who exists in the lawless nether-regions of cyberspace. Every two centuries the Maeruunne come for their tribute: The dreams are to the Maeruune a drug as potent as opium, and nightmares the most valued of all.

The Maeruune have conquered dimensions, implacable and invincible. But one man, a man whose twin brother was taken as tribute two centuries before, has planned for a very long time against their return. The Vorquelves This chapter chronicles the history of the Vorquelves, delves into the lives and social organization, and touches upon their hopes for the future. This chapter explores what is known of the mainstays of the Aurolani armed forces: It includes what is known of their life-cycles, abilities and the histories of the most famous of them.

It is readily apparent that with such creatures in her employ, Chytrine designs on the kingdoms of the south present a serious threat. Is he a centuries-old hero, or a normal man who has adopted a powerful name to hide a shameful past. Learn about his exploits in the Ghost Marches, the magic sword he carries, and the shadowy history of the man who has boldly vowed Vorquellyn will be redeemed in his lifetime.

Originally written to introduce the roleplaying game Dark Conspiracy , A Gathering Evil is a techno-horror thriller and the first of the Fiddleback Trilogy. Tycho Caine is a man with a mission. Except that someone wants him dead. The world is ours—or what ours would have been had it followed a nastier path. Giant corporate fortresses dot the landscape.

A privileged few enjoy pampered luxury, while a vast underclass suffers. Behind it all, unspeakable abominations carry out a convoluted, centuries-old plan of invasion and conquest. Worst of all, Cain discovers that he may be one of the dark minions of A Gathering Evil.

Rajani, the daughter of an ET who escaped domination by the Dark Lords, struggles across a ruined Earth to destroy Fiddleback. Tycho Caine, a former puppet of Fiddleback, assumes the identity and mission of Coyote, the man who stole his memory and set him free. Or so the conventional wisdom goes… But when forced to work with a Dark Lord, nothing is conventional. Pygmalion now has a pupil of his own—the godling Ryuhito, grandson of the Japanese emperor. But the fires of betrayal burn within the newly apprenticed Ryuhito. And the Emperor wants him back. Deceit, treachery and revenge fester in this war of Dark Lords and their minions.

Coyote and his warriors fight against Dark Lords, doing battle to prevent the nightmare of… Evil Triumphant.

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This book is a fantasy anthology produced by Flying Buffalo, Inc. McKiernan wrote the introduction for it. It is set in a fantasy world of his design which challenges one of the standard tropes in fantasy fiction: Wonderful… An incredible tapestry. Pushed to the edge of endurance by a peace they cannot understand, the Clans accept the challenge—and the ultimate battle begins.

But even if the Inner Sphere should prove triumphant, will their return be what they expect? Prince Victor left an Inner Sphere united under a new Star League to battle the most dangerous foe the Inner Sphere has ever encountered: Task Force Serpent and Prince Victor believed that facing the Clans on their own homeworlds would prove the most difficult fight of their lives. They will soon learn that their fight has just begun. This book is a braided novel: This is a favorite book of mine, with the stories written for love, not money.

Though it was fun to get paid for them. But something is wrong at the agency, and he faces his fiercest enemy—a woman he once loved. The product is presented as a epub document suitable for use in iPhones, iPod Touches, Sony Ereaders, Nooks, iPads, most smart phones and any reader device that is not a Kindle. The stories in the collection are:. A story set in the world of his novel Talion: The Adventure of the Red Riding Hood: A Holmesian-style story featuring V.

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August Lupyne, a humanoid wolf detective and Dr. Woolridge, his literally sheepish aide. A weird western story set in the Deadlands universe, in which Nevan Kilbane is in the wilds of Arizona, hunting down a madman intent on creating his own nation in the West. The author had added an essay talking about each of the stories, their origins and inspirations, and plans for these characters in the future.

Five different stories, a sampler to introduce you to Michael A. When he wants to be tough, or whimsical or demented it is not the chore it might be for many another. And the polish makes it shine. This package is a zip-file with both the mobi and epub files, for use in all currently available ebook readers, including the Kindle, Nook, iPad and iPhone. Instructions for getting the book onto your device are included.

Kid Binary and the Two-Bit Gang: A tale of highwaymen plying their trade in the virtual worlds of the information superhighway. A noir tale for the holidays in which a depressed private eye postpones suicide for one last case for the Man of the North Pole himself. A quick tale that lets us know what our dogs actually think of us and why.

He talks their enemy, Killian Sloan, into dealing with them as a favor for a friend, in a story of double and triple crosses where the outcome is anything but a slam dunk. The world of HSS is one filled with many secrets, and just as many ways of ferreting them out. This package includes both the Kindle and epub formats, for use with any ebook reader or reading software on any computer and all smart phones, tablets and suitable iPods.

Serpent On The Station. This is some boilerplate text for me to figure things out. This package contains the epub version of the novel. The Fiddleback Trilogy Omnibus. The three novels are: A Gathering Evil Evil Ascending Evil Triumphant Set in what was, at the time they were written, the near future, the three novels take place in a dystopic future where corporations not-so-secretly rule the world, and who actually are the puppets for fantastically powerful Elder beings who are battling to possess Earth. McKiernan A Legend Come To Life Half a millennium ago Neil Elfward, a legendary human warrior, fought alongside his Elven friend Aarundel for the freedom of mankind against the tyranny of the sorcerous Reithrese empire.

The man he is sworn to protect is the man who butchered his family. Alone, Nolan ventures into the political maelstrom that is the court of Hamis to stop an assassin even his Masters think cannot be slain… Talion: The seven stories, though capable of standing alone, form an episodic novel.

Summary Bibliography: Michael A. Stackpole

This book is delivered in a zip file containing both the epub and mobi versions. Donaldson This book is delivered as a zip file with both the epub and mobi versions. This collection is delivered as a zip file with five PDF files. Mysterious Ways Super Delux Edition. Mysterious Ways Delux Edition. Mysterious Ways Basic Edition. The Secrets Subscription 25 Issues. Articles cover topics like: You will receive an issue bi-weekly for one year! This product is a PDF format document in a zip file. Be sure to include directions for the signature in your order.

Welcome to Ebooks Pack. The Rules of Writing. Forty-one pages with black and white illustrations. This collection comprises issues 12, 16, , , , 63 and