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Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr im Fachbereich Pflegewissenschaften, be aware: Gemeindenahe Pflege, 39 Quellen im Literaturverzeichnis, Sprache: Download e-book for iPad: Das Gesundheitskonzept von A. Antonovsky - Zur Bedeutung der by Sven Winter. Bereits Ende des Masking the complete variety of nursing interventions, Nursing Interventions class NIC , sixth variation presents a research-based scientific instrument to assist in deciding on applicable interventions. This model campaign can be regarded as successful on the basis of a number of indicators.

Furthermore, over a quarter of participants were people who were not physically active—i. The longitudinal analyses and reported subjective experience of participants also support the idea that this was a successful prevention campaign. The answers to the questionnaires show high satisfaction with the campaign and positive evaluation of the range of options offered Looking at the important question of how many personnel reacted to the offer of preventive measures in an optimum environment, the picture is rather different.

Results of a Workplace Health Campaign – What Can Be Achieved? ()

Almost two thirds of the original participants did not even respond to the final questionnaire. This is comparable to rates reported in the literature 36 — 40 , e1 and suggests that workplace-based health and fitness campaigns have poor chances of success. The individual reasons for dropping out e. Interestingly, the dropout rate was the same in all three of the study groups. In evaluating the results of this study, its methodological limitations must be kept in mind. It may be that many prefer to pursue sports activities in their home environment, or give priority to their office duties despite expressly being given time for sports on duty, and despite a standing requirement for all soldiers to exercise while on duty.

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One other weakness of this study is that, because of concerns on the part of the staff council, it was not possible to record details of sports activities extent, intensity, duration or of fluctuations in personnel. Not least, there is the question of how far these results can be extrapolated to other government agencies or private companies. On the one hand, there are marked differences between civilian and military work environments e.

On the other hand, though, desk work is much the same whether it takes place in a civilian or a military office. Furthermore, the spread of chronic disease, and the obesity intervention program introduced in 25 , suggest that the German armed forces have not been left untouched by the negative health trends seen elsewhere 23 , 24 , Despite these limitations, however, what remains is a discouraging picture: This agrees with the findings of the study by Vanden Auweele and colleagues e2 , which investigated non-active adults. The difficulty of persuading inactive adults to take more exercise was also evident from the reported barriers to sports activity in the present study: Given the downward trend in health and the numerous prevention campaigns that have been carried out, lasting improvement of exercise and nutritional behavior is too rarely achieved 20 , e5.

The comprehensive, costly range of preventive measures on offer in the present study will not be widely reproducible in the normal world of work. It must therefore be doubted whether effective and efficient health and fitness promotion is possible using currently available preventive instruments. Irrespective of that question, improved resources for the promotion of performance and health are urgently needed e6 — e9.

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Monetary and other prizes can make a positive contribution to the promotion of health-aware behavior e10 — e For example, employers can offer incentives in the form of days off work. We have not found any published data on the application or effect of penalty systems in the context of prevention and health. However, even without being able to estimate the actual outcome of such measures, an expansion of the currently available prevention instruments appears necessary.

It is to be feared that no general, long-lasting improvement in the exercise and nutritional behavior of the working population will be achieved through classical workplace-based health promotion. A recently published systematic literature review of workplace intervention programs has shown that education and provision of exercise opportunities alone have at best a small effect on absence due to sickness e Early interventions for a healthy and productive lifestyle e.

Results of a Workplace Health Campaign – What Can Be Achieved?

We are grateful to the civilian and military participants in the study, the trainers and coaches, and the leadership of the former Bundeswehr Enlisted Personnel Office. Special thanks are due to Matthias Krapick, the study team, and the expert speakers. Conflict of interest statement. Manuscript received on 21 November , revised version accepted on 17 February Corresponding author OTA Prof. For eReferences please refer to: Dtsch Arztebl Int ; Age, anthropometric parameters, percentage of smokers, and maximum strength values for men and women in the non-active, not very active, and very active groups.

Physical activity, energy expenditure and fitness: Int J Sports Med ; The Toronto Charter for physical activity: Sporting activity, prevalence of overweight, and risk factors: World Health Organization, ed.: European Charter on counteracting obesity. Diet and physical activity for health. Wie hat sich die Gesundheit in Deutschland entwickelt? A European policy framework and strategy for the 21st century. World Health Organization Vienna declaration on nutrition and noncommunicable diseases in the context of health The challenge of obesity in the WHO European region and the strategies for response.

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Bundesgesundheitsblatt ; 55; — Gesunder Lebensstil und Unternehmenskultur. Badura B, Steinke M: Ein Review zum Stand der Forschung. Health, absence, disability, and presenteeism cost estimates of certain physical and mental health conditions affecting U. J Occup Environ Med ; Maar C, Friker R: Does physical activity impact on presenteeism and other indicators of workplace well-being?

Sports Med ; C3 Collaborating for Health ed. C3 Collaborating for Health Who comes to work-site wellness programs? J Occup Med ; Bundesministerium der Verteidigung ed. Wehrmed Mschr ; General requirements for establishing anthropometric databases Body fat assessed from total body density and its estimation from skinfold thickness.

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Measurements on men and women aged from 16 to 72 years. Br J Nutr ; Forschungsbericht aus der Wehrmedizin: Bundesministerium der Verteidigung Factors associated with non-participation and drop-out in a lifestyle intervention for workers with an elevated risk of cardiovascular disease. Willingness to participate in a lifestyle intervention program of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: Patient Prefer Adherence ; 5: Using theory to understand the multiple determinants of low participation in worksite health promotion programs.

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Reasons for not exercising and exercise intentions: