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How to Be a Good Sales Rep and Successfully Sell

Many people experience tremendous peaks and valleys in their sales because they do not consistently prospect for new business. This frequently occurs when a sales person is busy. They neglect to prospect because it is the least enjoyable aspect of their job but when the sales drop or business with their current clients ends, they scramble to generate new business. Invest time filling your pipeline on a regular basis and you will seldom have to worry about reaching your targets. I have written about this before but the vast majority of sales people even seasoned pros fail to ask their prospects and customers high-quality questions.

Top 10 SALES Techniques for Entrepreneurs - #OneRule

This can happen because they have never been taught to ask questions or because they think that they do it. Unfortunately, failing to ask high-quality questions early in the sales process means they often mis-pitch their product, service or solution which causes the prospect to voice more objections.

7 Keys to Successful Selling for the First-Time Sales Rep

And once you ask a question, be quiet, wait for an answer. Too many sales people give their prospects answers to the questions or continue talking after the question has been asked. I believe that the best salespeople are the best listeners.

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If you invest time asking great questions it is critical to listen to what the other person tells you. Many things can get in your way and prevent you from accurately hearing what has been said. Try this; at the end of a sales meeting, summarize your understanding of the conversation in your own words and check the accuracy of this summary with your prospect. Make your presentation all about the customer.

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It's not about you, your company or your product. Virtually every sales presentation I have been subjected started with the sales person talking about their company; reciting stats about how long they have been in business, who they have as clients, etc.

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Adapting the presentation to meet the specific needs of each individual customer is what the top sales people do. Regardless of what your marketing department thinks people seldom care about your company. They want to know what problem your solution will solve.

10 Tips for Successful Selling

Avoid using unnecessary jargon or terminology. The simpler your presentation, the easier it is to understand. If people don't trust you chances are they won't buy from you. This is more challenging than it sounds because your prospects are inundated with calls and emails from other people all trying to sell them something. And, because of the less-than-honest experiences decision-makers have encountered, they are more reluctant to trust someone they don't know.

Apple sells seventeen times more than the average U. So how do they do it? One answer comes from Gizmodo. Apple engages in rigorous psychological sales training for all new sales associates. This is a crucial component of Apple's stunning sales success. A leaked confidential Apple document revealed that new hires are trained in the following elements within a sophisticated day training program: Apple is training their sales staff with sophisticated psychological sales techniques.

Sales Jobs

They are laser-focused upon building rapport, avoiding confrontation and pivoting every interaction into an experience the customer will enjoy. How effective is it? From the article in Gizmodo: This is quite amazing. Yet how many other companies are utilizing this sophisticated and powerful modality?

For business owners and sales leaders this revelation should be the Rosetta Stone of selling. When a powerhouse like Apple is using these techniques, it's time for the savvy to sit up and take notice.