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I don't think I would really recommend people I know to read this book. Jul 12, Madison rated it liked it. Oct 25, Melanie rated it really liked it Shelves: Review originally posted at BooksOfMyHeart. She lives in a world where people willingly allow a demon to possess them to make them heal faster and become stronger. There are some who even worship these demons like gods and feel it is an honor to sacrifice your life, so the demon can walk this earth.

Morgan is an exorcist. She has never liked the idea of demon possession, no matter how much her parents tried to convince her to take a demon. Morgan is called in to exorcise any demon who is found to break the laws, which includes violence or illegal possession. Sometimes, the human recovers their ability to live on their own without the demon and others become catatonic and may or may not ever recover. So, there is a demon war brewing. One faction wants to allow demons full run of the human world and let them do whatever they want.

There is another faction, ruled by the current demon king, who wants to keep things as is or even put more rules in place to protect humans. Morgan finds herself in the middle of this work and working with both demons and humans to help solve it. I will just say this is a very interesting world.

Morgan learns some really difficult truths in this story, too. I also really love these characters. Morgan is a very strong heroine, even as she makes some bad decisions at times. I really like her boyfriend, Brian. I think he is very good for her. He forces her to really look at herself and make those tough choices that must be made sometimes.

Lastly, I have to mention two demons who are prominent in this story. Lugh is the current king of the demons. He wants to keep things as is. However, his brother is trying to kill Lugh and take his throne, so that demons can turn the human world into a playground. Though he does have different moral code than Lugh and is willing to get his hands dirty, and even seems to enjoy it. This world created by Jenna Black is really fun. She also has a great ability to create fun and interesting characters.

Aug 10, Kathy Davie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Second in the Morgan Kingsley urban fantasy series set in an alternate Philadelphia. The Story Morgan Kingsley is an exorcist, a caster-outer of demons in a family that worships demons…so you can imagine how much fun the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are in the Kingsley homestead. Then Morgan finds out the truth about her birth. Worse, Lugh catches her at a weak moment and hypnotises her into remembering what happened at the hospital and she learns the truth about the "encephalitis" when she Second in the Morgan Kingsley urban fantasy series set in an alternate Philadelphia.

Worse, Lugh catches her at a weak moment and hypnotises her into remembering what happened at the hospital and she learns the truth about the "encephalitis" when she was Then Andy wakes up from his coma Devil Inside only to find that Lugh's other brother, Raphael, is a bit too concerned about what Andy might say about demonic possessions, i.

Then Morgan finds out she is a product of rape which makes her almost impervious to demonic possession and Dougal has sicced a hunter demon on Morgan who will stop at nothing to test Morgan. The Characters Morgan is a selfish, well-intended, hypocritical, chickenshit asshole with an avoidance streak and a mouth that has never encountered a brake.

I can't stand her! That said, her life is fascinating and I sure wouldn't mind a Lugh in my life! He's a hunky devil. Black has created some amazing characters…yeah, yeah, yeah…even Morgan has…something, oh yeah, Lugh. Adam and Domenic make an incredible couple; Domenic is such a sweetheart and a fabulous cook!

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Andrew is a bit of an anomaly who has been through some nasty experiences. Then there's Morgan's parents. Oh yeah, after you meet her parents, you're kind of surprised she turned out as well as she did. He is such a sweetheart and, whooo, I dunno how things will turn out in Devil's Due. My Take Black will keep you reeling from one action to the next, from one bomb to the next dragging you through sensual dreams to torturous encounters. The Devil You Know is difficult to put down—try to set time aside when you begin reading this tale of revelations.

The Cover I really can't figure out who the guy is in the suit standing in back watching Morgan meditating in her circle of candles. He doesn't look how I picture Lugh. He could be Andrew or Brian. As for Morgan's outfit…it seems a bit bare even for Morgan. I'm not sure what the title is about. Then again, it could refer to Morgan meeting the host that is Adam's body when the Adam demon slides into Domenic to save his life.

Of course, my personal vote goes to her parents…talk about demonic actions! Jan 13, Fiendishly Bookish rated it really liked it Shelves: There are a lot of paranormal authors out there in literary land who have delved into the demon plain. In the demon realm we do have a few heavy hitters: It's got There are a lot of paranormal authors out there in literary land who have delved into the demon plain.

It's got a plausible back-story of demon lore with a hierarchical pantheon, a potential coup in Hell, demons fighting each other on the Mortal Plain, professional exorcists like Morgan running the bad guys out of our realm, law enforcement officers possessed by lesser flight demons, and last but not least, Black's reality envisions middle-American WalMart "walk-abouts" embracing demon possession as a hip and holy lifestyle. Morgan is the type of exorcist heroine that readers especially female gravitate towards: For fans, this book is a natural progression from The Devil Inside.

Morgan starts to acquaint herself with her unlikely demon passenger, and starts molding a bearable lifestyle with him. But she still needs to unravel the mystery of not only how to get him OUT but how to help him prevent a full-scale war in Hell-a war that might just spill over into the Mortal Plain. What further complicates things is that Morgan is surrounded by frenemies, and a diabolical secret surfaces that her parents have been hiding from her Revelations will be had. I am hoping Black won't paint herself into a corner with Lugh, because fans will be panting for more after this second book.

How will Lugh and Morgan consummate their relationship? When are we going to see what he really looks like? How will Black keep the tension up if Lugh slips his noose? What would be devilishly naughty is if Lugh were to "borrow" Adam's body for a bit of extracurricular activities with Morgan. I'm snickering just thinking about it.

Copyright c Nicola Mattos Apr 23, Archer rated it really liked it Shelves: And some people - like Morgan Kingsley - go up against them toe-to-toe, flesh to flesh, and power against power. She's also a woman who has just discovered a shocking truth: A couple times I found myself trying not to throttle those well meaning people who love to interrupt you while you are reading. Dec 09, Trace rated it did not like it Shelves: Sorry to say book two by Jenna Black in this series was an absolute shocker! Pity, because the whole concept of this series a kick ass female exorcist fighting against illegal demons on the mortal plain is very interesting.

Unfortunately this one fell below par. I enjoyed the first book but felt it could of been better so I picked up the second book in the vain hope it would improve as the series went along. I have the third book in the series but I just promptly put them all in the chari Sorry to say book two by Jenna Black in this series was an absolute shocker! I have the third book in the series but I just promptly put them all in the charity bag waiting to go to charity.

I really hope someone else will enjoy them because it was certainly a big waste of my time over the christmas holidays!! It took me weeks to read this because it was so convoluted do not attempt to read book 2 3 or 4 without reading 1 first or you will be in perpetual confusion Morgan the so called kick ass exorcist is nothing more than a whining, over analyzing and whimpy woman with too much anger and baggage. She just droned on and on and bloody on!! There were no simple conversations in this book, the author felt it necessary to interrupt them with Morgan's continual analysis of every word action and body language of whoever Morgan happened to be talking with.

It was tortuous to say the least. No more from me sorry I'm out and happily so!! I must remember when talking with men to look down at their pants to see if they are enjoying the conversation. This was a good follow up to the first. Things aren't getting any easier for Morgan. Lugh is still stuck in her body. After finishing the first book, I had time to think things over. I was starting to wonder just how this series would play out. How far it could possibly go. I'm liking the direction of it, to be honest. This stands out from most of the other recent books I have read. What I still love about this series, is that Morgan is strong.

She's somehow able to control her body but able to l This was a good follow up to the first. She's somehow able to control her body but able to let Lugh in when needed. I'm excited to learn all about this mysterious girl who is able to resist possession. And that is what this book was centered on. I thought the story line was well written and thought out.

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I was very happy with the many things we learn about Morgan. I'm still wondering where things go. I can't imagine it would be easy to write about an attraction when said attraction is stuck in your head. I am interested to see how that plays out. I'm liking the series very well so far.

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Jenna has yet to let me down!! If you love paranormal romance, this is a must read! Oct 20, Christine Kirchoff rated it really liked it. I love this series! Can I just leave my review at that? The second book in the Morgan Kingsley Series and I love this world just as much as the first book. Full Review - http: Sep 14, Janece rated it it was ok.

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  • Aug 10, Nicole rated it really liked it Shelves: Mar 04, Bry rated it really liked it. So far, this series has been great. I really like the direction it's going in. May 28, Starry rated it it was amazing.

    Morgan Kingsley Series

    Neely-the body that raphael possesed,also the doctor that treated morgan at the healing circle that morgan doesnt remember about what happened bradley cooper-the leader of social siciety group pg. Neely's body and tells morgan that he doesnt plan on killing andy. I used to do volunteer work at The Healing Circle when Andrew was young. One evening when I was leaving, a man dressed in scrubs accosted me in the parking deck. He forced me at gunpoint to drive him out into the suburbs.

    But they never found him, never figured out who he was. Der Jager ends up escaping but not b4 saying he'll be back to talk to her, adam plans on helping morgan, and morgan plans on warning everyone close to her that they have to watch out Der jager might transfer into their bodys to get to morgan.. Dec 17, Omi rated it really liked it. It was a fun, quick, read. Nothing spectacular but entertaining. Wie kam das Buch zu mir Dieses Buch habe ich mir schenken lassen und ich habe mich selten auf ein Buch so gefreut wie auf dieses.

    Allerdings ist es wenigstens etwas ansprechender als der erste Teil auf dem Morgan abgebildet was. Ich denke mal, dass es Andrew darstellt. Die Grundidee der gesamten Geschichte ist genial. Die Spannung ist wieder super in diesem Band. Trotzdem schafft es die Autorin einen immer wieder in einen beruhigenden Zustand zu versetzen. Frauen gib es kaum neben der Hauptprotagonistin. Lugh ist sowieso der absolute Traumtyp, aber auch Brain, Morgans Freund, ist sehr interessant und sympathisch.

    Allerdings ist dieser Teil nicht so brutal wie manche Szenen im ersten Teil. Ich wollte einfach nicht, dass das Buch endet. An manchen Stellen wird der Leser direkt angesprochen, aber sehr selten und somit sehr angenehm. Leider ist seit 3. Ich bin ein Riesenfan dieser Buchreihe und man kann dieser Buch mit keinen anderen vergleichen.

    Es ist einfach originell, emotional und super spannend.

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    D ich mag bei der Reihe ja auch die Gestaltung der Schrift auf dem Cover. Diesmal hat es Morgan mit alten und neuen Problemen zu tun. Ich mochte Morgan auch in diesem Band, auch wenn sie stellenweise nicht ganz so tough war wie im letzten. Ein bisschen Nervenzusammenbruch darf auch mal sein. Irgendwie ist er mir immer noch zu blass. Adam mag ich ja sowieso, interessant auch mal seine "andere Seite" kennenzulernen.

    Hier auch wieder der Hinweis: Mit Morgans Bruder kann ich allerdings auch noch nicht so viel anfangen. Ach ja und ihre Eltern sind echt furchtbar, da braucht man keine Feinde mehr wenn man solche Eltern hat. Letzendlich mochte ich diesen Band auch gerne, Die Erotik kam nicht zu kurz, Spannung war auch vorhanden, jedoch hat mich das Buch nicht ganz so gefesselt wie der vorherige Band. Das hat mir so ein bisschen gefehlt.

    May 23, Marianne rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Devil You Know is an excellent sequel in one of my favorite series: Morgan Kingsley, exorcist extraordinaire, drives out illegal demons from unwilling human hosts. Ironically, Morgan shares their plight as she recently learned she had become host to the future Demon King; Lugh. For some unknown reason, demons cannot possess her as easily as other hosts, and it takes a demon from the royal family to withstand her exorcisms, or possess her.

    Despite Lugh's strength, she maintains control of her The Devil You Know is an excellent sequel in one of my favorite series: Despite Lugh's strength, she maintains control of her body and mind. Lugh can only surface while she is sleeping, and in one instance that nearly cost them their lives. In the second book we delve deeper into their respective family secrets. Some long kept secrets are fairly dark, and surprisingly; intertwined. Not only do Lugh and Morgan share a body, they can both trace their troubles back to Lugh's morally questionable younger brothers: Raphael in particular plays a big role in this one, and although his methods are deplorable, it still gives us a feeling of how demons differ from humans.

    I admit, in some ways I even understand his actions. I may not condone them, but his relationship with his brother is still an intriguing one. For a little while I even felt bad for him. But of course, Raphael is And Raphael is self-serving. We also learn more of how human hosts really feel about the demons that have taken over their bodies. As one would expect, not every partnership is a happy one. Although we also get examples of partnerships that have worked out perfectly. Adam and his boyfriend Dominic are back and Morgan continues her tentative relationship with them, in particular Adam.

    Some may find a gay relationship bothersome, but I liked it. Admittedly, a BDSM loving demon is somewhat cliche, but in this instance it works for me.

    The Devil You Know

    Now that Saul has been cast out of Dom, we see how Dom and Adam learn to cope with the true Dominic, instead of the demon Saul, who previously inhabited his body. I like Dominic the human, he is a gentle soul, but far from a pushover, even though he lacks Saul's penchant for heavy pain and accellerated healing abilities. Let's just say that Raphael choice towards the end of the book, made the ending very interesting indeed. Not to mention slightly disheartening. Jul 01, Wendy rated it liked it. What makes things even more complicated - and deadly - is that somehow Morgan ended up possessed by a demon herself.

    And just as a ironic twist of fate - it's the Demon King, the most powerful demon there is. But no matter how powerful Lugh is, Morgan's mental barriers are pretty good and the only way he can control her is when she's sleeping or when she's um, otherwise busy, which is why he keeps trying to seduce her.

    That and he's hot for her which makes for some really sexy scenes. In The Devil You Know, Morgan and Lugh keep trying to hide from the demons who don't want him to be king, including his evil brother. There's a demon war brewing between the ones that want Lugh to rule, and those who don't and Morgan is right in the middle of it.

    Will Morgan be discovered as the one housing Lugh? And will Lugh be able to finally take control of Morgan's? The beginning was good, we see Morgan learning to deal with living with a demon inside her, and other problems as well. Since this series is in first person, it's practically impossible to know more about Lugh without bias and I feel this story would have been a lot better if I could read more about what goes on in his head.

    The secondary characters', Adam and Dominic, interactions with Morgan are great to read, there's a bit of unwanted sexual tension and it makes things really interesting. I liked the writing, it flowed well and it wasn't too fast or too slow for me. The only problem that I had is that there was a lot of conflict in the book and I felt like at the end, anything was barely resolved. I know this is a series but for all the conflict and enemies trying to kill Morgan, etc, I felt that Black should have at least solve more, because when I finished the book, I was left with "was that it? I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.

    Aug 06, Anna Tulley rated it really liked it Shelves: I don't know what to think of this book, i guess i really liked it, to the point of being so attached to it, that i fervently wanted to beat some sense into the majority of its characters. I'm still frowning, feeling frustrated as hell, trying to decide what to make of it, but only anger comes to mind at the moment.

    It had an awesome beginning but lost it's momentum, and something surely rubbed me the wrong way. We got an insight of Morgan's past and things became clearer but shit definitely hit I don't know what to think of this book, i guess i really liked it, to the point of being so attached to it, that i fervently wanted to beat some sense into the majority of its characters.

    We got an insight of Morgan's past and things became clearer but shit definitely hit the fan. I don't like the way this story is developing. She felt helpless and hopeless most of the time. Ok, i get it that she may had all the rights in the world to be like that, because of what she's been through, but come on, she made things far worse with her attitude. Andy her brother, I'm mad at him for being a demon host in the first place, for regretting it afterwards, for being such a wuss. Though, he's the least responsible for all this crap that has been going on and i do feel sorry for him.

    Lugh,the demon king, acted like not a King at all,he was so damn inadequate and worthless. I'm wondering who is the puppet and who the puppeteer? And he's simply the source of all evil! And Raphael, the guy that i really wanted to get my hands on, this bastard really got on my nerves! No matter what his excuses are, he is repulsive. Let's not leave out the epitomy of stupidity, Morgan's parents!

    Talk about frivolous,brainwashed,cluless people! I'm not feeling sorry for them in the least bit. The only characters towards whom my feelings haven't changed in this book, are Adam and Dominic. I really enjoy learning more about them and their relationship, although they were kinda in the background this time and i craved for more. I also, liked Brian a lot, although he's considered a liability. I don't see where this story is headed to, a lot of things happened, people got hurt for what exactly?

    We are back were we started I honestly like this series and i do intent to read the rest of the books but i'm thinking of taking a break from it, at least for now, i'm really annoyed. Hosts of issues for our Urban Fantasy host, Morgan, who is still housing the amusing and powerful demon Lugh. She really is too moody and uptight. Still her world is fun to be in, especially because of the charming Lugh dreams, the darkly teasing Adam, and the unusual battles and crisis she must face. It sometimes borders on Paranormal Romance over Urban Fantasy because of the emphasis on Brian and their relationship woes this admittedly grows thin , but cools down unrealistic love interest types.

    Some are turned off by the bits of BDSM and alternative lifestyle stuff, but it affects me in pleasing, twistedly good ways instead. Jenna Black obviously had fun writing this world. Oodles of mental gymnastics and emotional ambushes accompany all the excitement to make me fall in love with the series even more than the first did.

    Highly recommended for Urban fantasy buffs. Nov 20, Kimberly rated it really liked it Shelves: Morgan Kingsley is trying to keep her life as normal as possible, meaning nothing to do with Lugh's problems. The past few months have been hard on her, she discovered that she is possessed by a demon king, her best friend is trying to kill her, someone wants to burn her alive and she is putting her boyfriend, Brian, in danger so Morgan deserves a break. However, she cannot continue on with her denials any further.

    Adam, a demon cop, has been investigating Morgan and her family and it seems that Morgan Kingsley is trying to keep her life as normal as possible, meaning nothing to do with Lugh's problems. Morgan's propensity for doing exactly that through the whole series has prevented the books from garnering a higher rating from me.

    Morgan is a very flawed character. Usually, I can totally appreciate a flawed character. I think it makes for more interesting reading and adds humanity and depth to character and story both. But there has to be some sign that the character is not only acknowledging their flaws, but doing the right thing to either triumph over them or work around them. Morgan acknowledges the hell out of her flaws - to a point of repetition by the end of the book I was ready to scream if she mentioned she sucks at lying one more time, or that she can't keep her mouth shut even when she should , but then stops there.

    In fact, she's stubbornly adamant about NOT trying to change the ones that consistently cause her the most trouble.

    Jenna Black - omyhukocow.tk

    I did see her make some strides in her trust issues, but I'm not entirely sure about how I feel about how she went about it, or even how much good it'll do by the next installment, so I'm holding off on giving too much credit for it at this point. On the plus side, there is a lot of room for character growth over the length of a series, and that IS promising.

    But the promise is balanced by the fact that we're four books in already and not much has been accomplished in that area so far. I'm going to keep reading so see what happens, because there ARE characters in this book I really like and I also very much enjoy the world Black created with this series. It's a refreshing change from other paranormal series that are vampire- or wereanimal-heavy don't get me wrong, I LOVE vamps and weres, but it's nice to have a change now and again. In fact, the only problem I really have with the series at all is just that, simply put, I like the demons more.

    Morgan is the most powerful exorcist on the planet, but things have gone sour since she's been illegally hosting the king of demons in an effort to keep his enemies from finding him; in the long run, saving humanity. Insurance has yet to pay out on her house fire. She's being sued by the father of a demon host the court ordered her to have exorcised, because the host ended up brain dead. She's broke since being suspended by the exorcism board pending the outcome of the lawsuit and investigation.

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    • The death threats have escalated. She's set up for murder and an unknown demon is holding a grudge against her, bent on making her life miserable. But worst of all, her inability to trust Brian without any reservations leads him to break up with her. This 4th book in the series continues with the same cast of characters who are now part of Lugh's inner circle, many of whom hate or have issues with each other, making the task of working together interesting.

      But we're slowly learning more about each of the demons and Morgan finds the labels she originally assigned to them aren't necessarily holding true. The different aspects of the relationships are good, the characters are interesting, and the sexual tension will make you squirm. I have an easy time feeling Morgan's emotions. And best of all, the story has not gotten old with the same ole same ole feel that happens by book 3 of many series. I had a difficult time putting the book down to go to sleep and woke up early to finish it.

      I'm looking forward to the next release. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Morgan Kingsley, excorist extrodinaire, is always in trouble. She flies by the seat of her pants from one disaster to another. Hosting the King of demons in her body, and keeping it a secret, is no picnic. In this book Morgan has been suspended from her job as an exorcist pending a law suit. After an exorcism left Jordan Maguire Jr. In the midst of dealing with this Morgan recieves a severed hand in the mail.

      Her boyfriend recieves a picture that shows her with another man, and although it's doctored, she can't convince him of this. Her car is vandalized, and she's getting letters in the mail threating everyone she knows. She has to go through a crazy journey to find out who this insane stalker is, before they escalate to the point of murder.

      This was a good read. Not my favorite in the series, but a good addition non the less and I'm looking forward to reading the next. One person found this helpful. I like Jenna Blacks writing and sense of humor, and this series has and interesting universe where humans actually sign up to be possessed by demons - who are simply an energy life form. Or that is how it is supposed to work anyway The series over all is good but seems to be dragging out a bit.

      The last 2 books in the series seem to be just running in place with no real development in the plot. This doesn't mean I am not anticipating the next book, but I really hope that the big event that has been building, and building to actually happens! See all 21 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published 8 months ago. Published on May 19, Published on January 7, Published on April 1, Published on November 18, Published on April 21, Published on March 12, Published on December 23, Published on December 7, Published on October 5, Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

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