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I got a cold. That nasty one that appears to move in and take up permanent residence. It simply made more noise. I honked, sniffed, and shuffled around for days. Days later, feeling irritated, I got mad and took it out on my sweeper. I yelled at it, swore at it, slammed it into the floor to prove that it lets go of dirt it has swept up whenever you bu. No one noticed that I changed the way I look, no one saw that I fixed a problem. Often, we give up or do it without much joy. Our modern society has trained us to need outside approval. We have become obsessed with being noticed and known because we believe that it is a measure of our success.

I know that I am not alone in worrying. It was a big room, full of people. They were asking me questions about raising children.

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A man asked about his daughter. He said she was filled with ideas and desires to do things, all differently than what he wanted for her. Most of them run themselves as part of our day. What to wear, what to eat? What time shall we leave? What about the ideas that dema. Everyone knows about breathing. We spend our life, before receiving. I could be talking about money because yes, we often spend before having it.

When I was nineteen, newly married with a baby, I wanted a rug for our apartment.

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Then, as now, I loved designing how rooms look, and I knew that a blue-green rug would be the perfect base for everything e. It does for me. As the year came to an end, it seemed as if the noise just got louder and louder. Maybe it felt that way because I was hoping that instead of getting louder it would get softer and softer so that the world would pause, get still, be silent. You know Silent Night. We are the object that divine light shines upon, and in this world, we are the light - the emitters of light, the reflectors of light.

As light, we bring light to every situation. We are the beauty of the light revealing all that is good, and we are the light uncovering all that needs to be cleaned. Next time you walk into a room, pause for a minute and imagine yourself as light. There is only one evil, only one lie. It has many faces. It plays many roles. It speaks many languages. But, it is just one lie. Although it may appear that we must deny each version of the one lie separately, the truth is, we only have to recognize this one lie for what it is to permanently disable it, and dissolve its power forever.

We have reached a time in our world where doing just that is no longer a luxury, but is now an imperative call to action. Not for someone else to do, but for ea. We can tell we have a broken finger by the pain we feel, and we can tell a broken perception in the same way, by the pain we feel.

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It is not necessarily a physical pain, although that can be a symptom, it is also emotional pain. We all have both of these kinds of pains at least some of the time. One symptom of a broken perception is the anger that is being expressed these days throughout the world. There is anger over how others think, or live, or act, or what they believe in, or even just wha.

Instead, we do one of two things. We say yes, and yes, and yes, and yes until we are overwhelmed, fed up, irritated, and stressed. We become so busy we forget our personal purpose for doing anything at all. All those yeses become an obligation. Or, we say no, and no, and no, and no until our world has shrunk down to. Outside the weather is changing. Spring bursts with bright colors, and more shades of green than we can count.

Every day brings new growth. October sings a song. If you listen deeply, you might hear it. The trees sing it, the plants sing it, the birds sing it, the flowers sing it. The wind sings it. Let it go as a beautiful explosion of color and textures. We think letting go is hard because we hold on so hard. I have been practicing sitting in a lotus pose as I do my m. I have waited in many green rooms. I have waited in theatre green rooms, pre-speech green rooms, and green rooms for TV shows.

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Once I waited in a green room for the Sally Jesse Raphael show. Yes, way back when. A few years ago I wrote a book about waiting in green rooms. My dad used to call me a space cadet because I would often drift off while at the dinner table. As I grew up, it got harder to find daydreaming places.

For me, daydreaming is the creative time where what I call Angel Ideas flood into my thinking. I wondered where it came from, and finally, I gave up and decided to explore the concept. I tried imaging pushing water. What can you do instead? I used to be a fish, or at least that is what my dad called me. My favorite was the week we would spend every summer at the ocean. Back in the city for a conference, I remember what it was like to live in one.

East-side Chicago and downtown Los Angeles, my home for ten years, have different views but are the same in many ways. Everyone is going somewhere. Runners, walkers, people heading to work, visitors, shopkeepers, homeless, all together. Tiny stores and restaurants tucked into places you least expect. When I lived in Los Angeles, I never thought about. Every nation celebrates some form of independence day. But, do we really want to be independent? In order to answer this question for ourselves we need to look at what independence means.

We think of independence as free; free to do our own thing, think for ourselves, and act for ourselves. Imagination will take you everywhere. But, what are we imagining? Are we imagining hate and fear, or love and kindness. Whichever one we choose, we will get more of it. Sometimes when we think we are doing the right thing, we are really responding to a version of hate or fear. These two strong emotions can catch us unawares and make us vulnerable to choosing a way of thinking that does not match our desir.

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