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This is probably when they placed their sacred scrolls in jars and hid them in caves nearby, to become a gift from God to our generation. Some Essenes apparently escaped to Masada and died there after burying their scrolls near the synagogue.


Though this community disappeared from history, its legacy is only now being realized. A few scholars have suggested that the Essene community included the early Christians. This claim is not clearly supported by evidence to date. It is probable that some of them became Christians in the early years, since many of the Essenes were priests and were concerned about the existing Temple authorities. One scholar has suggested they may be the converts referred to in Acts 6: Many scholars have noted the similarity between Essene theology and practices and those of John the Baptist.

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It is possible he had contact with, or was a member of, the Essene community he too came from a priestly family but apparently left the priestly practice. None of these possibilities can be clearly demonstrated.

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What is clear is the similarity of many Essene beliefs and practices to those of the New Testament. Clearly, God provided a context in which the message of Jesus would be understood even by those who rejected it.

It is amazing to see God's careful planning for the arrival of his Son. Jesus was the Messiah the Essenes longed for. Did they recognize him? That we cannot yet answer. Can they help us recognize him and understand his message better? That answer is a resounding yes! Praise God for preparing for Jesus by creating the Essenes! Discover the Bible in light of its historical and cultural context! Your support now will help strengthen marriages, equip parents to raise godly children, save preborn babies, reach out to orphans and more by supporting our daily broadcasts, online and print resources, counseling, and life-changing initiatives.

Password Forgot your password? Learn about upcoming promotions, releases, and other updates from That the World May Know. Want information about taking a tour? Central Ave Zeeland, MI Sons of Light In Jesus' time, there were four major religious groups or "philosophies," as Josephus, the Jewish historian of the time, called them.

The second part of the war the War of Divisions is described as the Sons of Light, now the united twelve tribes of Israel, conquering the "nations of vanity.

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  6. There are many key differences in the way the War against the Kittim and the War of Divisions are described. The War against the Kittim is referred to as a day of battle with seven stages, with the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness each winning three of the first six before final victory for the Sons of Light by divine intervention in the seventh.

    While it is unclear if this is meant as a literal hour period, it does not seem to describe a protracted battle. After the War against the Kittim there is a six-year period of preparation culminating in the restoration of the Temple in Jerusalem.

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    The beginning of the description of the War of Divisions says that there are 33 years of war remaining of the total 40 years of the war. In the War against the Kittim each side will fight alongside angelic hosts and supernatural beings and final victory is achieved for the Sons of Light directly by the hand of God. In the War of Divisions, on the other hand, there is no mention of angels or supernatural allies fighting alongside either the tribes of Israel or the Nations.

    Another distinction is that in the War against the Kittim the Sons of Light face defeat three times before victory, but in the War of Divisions there is not mention of defeat or setbacks of any kind.

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    Scholars have been disappointed to find very few connections between 1QM and the other war-related texts and the rest of the Dead Sea Scrolls. There were, however, a number of notable links that can be made. Pliny gave their number as around 4, Men become sons of light when they experience the transforming influence of divine truth and are purified and controlled by it, that is to say, truly enlightened. Then David said, None ought to carry the ark of God, but the Levites; for them hath the Lord chosen to carry the ark of God, and to minister unto him for ever.

    The two warring factions are described as going to battle with one another for the rulership of the world. The text goes on to detail inscriptions for trumpets and banners for the war and liturgies for the priests during the conflict.

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    The Sons of Light have been known by many names over the course of history. It is the eternal battle of light and darkness. Typhon, The Lord vs the devil, Jesus vs.