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A yoga class or quick burst of exercise is a good method to calm your spinning head, or enjoy some light-hearted TV or an ice cream or coffee date with a friend. You could also spend an hour playing with the puppies at the pet store, indulging in the total silence of a library, or browsing for random treasures at a thrift store. I block out "me time" in the early evening. Even if I know that I'm going to get back online later and work, I realized that I'm a lot more likely to go to the gym, see friends, or cook myself a real dinner if I give myself PM "off" to do those things before getting back online.

If I finish all my work first, or even "just do my high priority work"—it's 11 PM before I stop, and I am realistically not going to go to the gym or call anyone up or even cook, I'm just going to finish my work for the night and crash. Scheduling downtime requires a combination of time management deciding when else to get the work done , working ahead when possible so I have more time later , and keeping a to-do list. While you usually reserve fun things for the weekends, plan at least one enjoyable activity during the week. You'll be able to head into your work week with something to look forward to and have a way to blow off some steam if the week starts off too strong.

ImDesi November 23, Schedule recurring social activities, like a monthly book club or weekly dinner with your best friends.

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By having regular activities like this written into your calendar, you'll be able to plan around them instead of planning your social life around work. Make the commitment to yourself, and then share it with others: Ever find yourself staying at work because you don't have a reason not to? Make reasons to leave. Join groups or sign up for exercises classes that meet after work so you have to sign out at a reasonable hour. Make plans with friends ahead of time so you can't back out and just stick around the office. Mabelis CognitiveLibert November 23, You have to plan when you'll leave the office from the beginning of the day.

That means understanding what needs to get done for the day and getting it done first so you aren't scrambling after hours to finish up. Also, block out the last 20 minutes before you plan to leave to wrap up loose ends, so you aren't trying to send "one more email" after you were already supposed to head out of the office. So, be deliberate about taking time before work, after work, or on your lunch break to step away from the office. Your job may be your focus for the rest of the day, but for a few minutes, move it to the back burner and focus on something anything else.

Consider some highlights of your perfect day. What would you really enjoy doing? Identify what tools or extras would make the mandatory work easier to complete. Aromatherapy while you grade papers?

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  • Figure out what can help you, and build it into your day. Instead of saving all of your life chores for Sunday, get them out of the way as soon as possible, either by doing them first thing Saturday morning or dispersing them throughout the week. That way, instead of spending your last few hours of free time on Sunday night scrubbing the bathtub, you'll be able to fill it with something fun and relaxing.

    Work Smarter, Not Harder: 9 Time Management Tips that will Change your Life

    Carve out some time on the weekends—at least a few hours, but ideally a whole day—to stay away from screens. Put your computer and phone away and turn off the TV, then do something physical or creative that you really love. Go for a run. Your mind will be a little more refreshed and a little sharper by the end of it. I also subscribe to the learn something new each day and like the way you divvy up the reading. This is so chock full of other awesome tips that I could write a ton more about it! But, I wanted to pause to thank you for collecting this amazing list of tips and best practices for folks to think about trying.

    Just like you said, every one of these might not be for every individual, but having used a lot of these in the past; I can endorse the majority of these as being a really effective way to organize yourself and your life! First off, thank you for writing and sharing this great blog with the world.

    Take Control of Your Time

    It is exceptionally well written and has everything I look for in a great blog; white space, great use of multi media, and internal and external links. I actually have pocketed this blog to use as an example for the next staff I train on blog writing. I have struggled with this for years, yet remember a time I found it easy to get up early and be productive.

    Okay it was in high school. You are definitely not alone in this…most people that I talk to are in the same boat…I know I was for most of my life…and my mind can still try to take me back there at times. The mental energy of beating myself up for not doing something was so much more taxing than any physical energy it would actually take to do it. Once I really understood and believed that, I just started breaking things down into smaller chunks and simply focusing on the next right action.

    Very insightful, helpful, with a lot of great action steps. Boy is only 8mo and does not have a routine yet. I aim for 7 hours to be able to work on my side biz each morning before work.

    TimeShift | Shane Cradock

    Then I work at least 1 pomodoro on my side biz — usually writing. And want to get myself to write words each morning. Need to do creative work in the morning. Then I plan to add idea generation. So will add them one at a time. Will let you know how it goes. It is a complete source of information to change habits and construct funny routine! I LOVE the tip of writing down 10 random ideas every day.

    After reading your excellent article I realized that a good daily routine is what I really need in order to overcome many of the things that are making me suffer. Once those become habits, add more. Just keep moving forward. I have to admit, however, that I read articles like this that are written by the self-employed with a grim smile on my face. Working in 21st Century Corporate America means high responsibility, constant accountability and minimum if any authority and resources. Outside of work assuming there IS an outside we can apply a lot of your advice.

    I can definitely understand what you are saying and can see where you are coming from but hopefully I can shed a little more light on this from my perspective. It also took me quite awhile to work up to all of that stuff. For a long time, my only positive habit was flossing: I would say this is one of the most valuable blog posts ever and has the potential to transform lives! You can also browse through amazing picture quotes.

    If you find this interesting, you may have a look here: Congratulations on this terrific article. I work in the high performance and publishing industries. I absolutely loved your message and writing style. Maybe I should interview you for my upcoming book! Feel free to reach out to me at anytime re: Thanks for sharing your daily routine, Chris. I get it done in minutes. I enjoy reading and meditation the most. TMM played a huge part in changing my morning routine. You would probably enjoy it. Thanks, I will check that book out now. Really appreciate that you shared all this with us here on the Open blog, hopefully we might see more of you on here too in the future!

    You and everyone on your team that I know inspire me each day: Right from the beginning, I was drawn to the simple step of announcing a daily mantra. Something else that stuck out was your meditation recommendations. Like you, meditation is something I could not imagine building into my life even after hearing so much about its benefits. Thanks so much for sharing!

    You have an incredible gift of putting strong content together in a powerful and motivational way. I am a junior in high school and this blog post is going to change my life, I can feel it. I cannot wait to begin writing my morning pages! I think the idea of writing one page a day will help me not just become a better writer, but believe I am as well. Thank you for revolutionizing my life! Hi Angela — I am so inspired by your comment and your amazing attitude at such a young age it took me until much later in life to get to where it sounds like you already are: Chris, this post is just simply awesome!

    I made some changes, slowly. My life has taken on new meaning. A great inspiration Chris! Without knowing it I had started a daily exercise habit but now you have spurred me on to more habits. Start from body and soul.. A very very brilliant post in every aspect — it touches the very core of sensible existence — what does it mean to live life to the fullest? The choices we make in terms of friendships we choose or tasks we undertake, affects us considerably. Wiser choices come from sounder minds.

    Good health means being fit both mentally and physically — something you have brought out in this post so well. Thanks for the inspirational words Chris…! I routinely return to this blog post. The takeaways are so simple. It is beautifully written and beyond helpful. Thanks so much, Chris.

    Chris, this is a great article! I am going to use it as a source for my website and give you a backlink. Our site is all about health and nutrition https: I am glad I found this: Wherever we find a systematic depreciation of life, advocacy of bloodshed, and materialisation of things spiritual, there, we may be confident, does evil influence prevail. This is a real good blog post Chris! As I have read in the Consumer Health Digest, sticking to a routine can really do a great deal of good to anyone!

    37 Tips for a Better Work-Life Balance

    The Routine that you have posted is really easy to follow and fun too: I am on my way to success thanks to you: It allows to send invite people and send reminders on schedules. Hi there, we use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience and to analyze site traffic. By continuing to use our website, you consent to the use of these cookies. Open blog New workplace culture articles every week.

    New workplace culture articles every week. Optimize Your Mind Get positive: Start the day with a mantra Be proactive: Enlist a partner or mentor Write: No less than 7 hours Part 3: Try meditation Find a well of inspiration Practice gratitude: My pleasure Britt…and thanks for being so honest. One tiny improvement at a time can lead to huge results. I think you summed it all up perfectly with this sentence: And thank you for reminding me of this today I forget it as well: Have a great day! Hi Chris, First off, thank you for writing and sharing this great blog with the world.

    Thanks so much for your comment Chelsey! Before I was focusing solely on my professional life but not getting the most from my personal life.

    Joe Rogan Inspiration - Create The Life You Want To Live!

    I have learned the importance of planning to do the things I love to do the most in all areas of my life. I feel much more in control of my work and life goals and feel like I can achieve anything. T he results to date have been fantastic and I have developed so much personally. Its format is 3 morning workshops spaced over 4 weeks designed to equip you with the mindset, habits and tools to get more of the real priorities in your life and business done. Anyone interested in boosting their productivity, results and overall satisfaction in business and life.

    But how we use that time varies hugely from person to person. We all are creatures of habit and our habits define our actions and ultimately our results. And figures like the ones above are not unusual. And part of the problem is that we are using an outdated model to manage our time. Improving your productivity can impact some or all of the following: