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A rough guideline for this type of speed endurance is to take a 1-minute recovery for each 10m in a repetition. World record holder Wayde van Niekirk moves away from his competitors in the last m - not because he accelerates but because he slows less than his rivals.

400m and 400m Hurdles Speed Work

Here are some examples: If you are looking for more specific advice See our interactive Online Training facility. We split the training year into three sections for m training - conditioning, pre-competition and competition phases. Our aim at Momentum is to get the m athlete fit and strong.

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Max speed work is added in the subsequent phases. Using a bungee or a slight downgrade, the athlete runs faster than what they would be able to do so on the flat. Competition Phase - this phase includes sessions with very long recoveries, so the athlete can run as fast as is required for each effort e. Using short distances ranging from to meters, you run a series of sprints near top speed with a specific rest interval between each sprint. An example repeat sprint workouts starts with a total-body warmup followed by three to five sprints of meters with a second recovery between sprints.

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The goal of the workout is to maintain a high intensity level for every interval. Flying starts sprint workouts allow you to accelerate so you can focus on top-speed running mechanics. Start 10 meters behind the starting line for an acceleration zone so you cross the starting line at top speed.

Lap it up! 400m Running

Continue for a distance of 50 to meters at your meter race pace. Rest for three minutes and repeat the flying starts for 10 rounds.

While the meter dash is a sprint, you must have a specific tempo and rhythm to reach your best time. For a rhythm workout, start at the starting line and run meters at your race pace, followed by a meter jog for recovery. The content of the four-week programs in phases four and five depends very much on the athlete's progress and competition races.

Take the your best metres time and double it - subtract the result from your best metres time.

Speed Training for m runners

Suitability to metres racing:. To determine your potential metre time based on your current metre time and the pace for each metres of the metre race visit the metres pace page. The following evaluation tests can be used to monitor the sprint athlete's development:. Based on test results it is possible to predict potential times for a sprint event.

Clyde Hart's 200/400M Sprint Training Program