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For readers of Augustine they will love this book.


Definitely a book to re-read in future. Jul 31, Michael Macdermott rated it it was amazing. Outstanding words of wisdom from the great American Bishop. Sep 21, Mark rated it it was amazing. Fulton Sheen is a saint and a gifted one at that. Sheen is a genius at drawing insightful analogies. The style of this book is deceptively simple.

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Anyone can understand this book which means that everyone should read it. It will make you a better person if you let it and may even save your soul if that's important to you. Can't wait until I read my next Sheen book or until I read this one again. Bishop Fulton Sheen is a saint and a gifted one at that. Sheen was Your gift to this confused world and an instrument of Your glory. Mar 07, Joyce rated it it was amazing.

Venerable Fulton Sheen does not disappoint. Victory Over Vice is an excellent collection of short reflections on the seven vices and how to overcome them by meditating on Our Lord's words spoken from the Cross on Good Friday. Sheen's reflections are insightful and inspiring. This book makes for very appropriate Lenten reading. Feb 17, Kevin rated it liked it. Practical advice for overcoming the 7 deadly sins.

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Mar 05, Eric rated it really liked it. Aug 22, Judy rated it really liked it.


This is a great book for meditation. I loved how he tied the last seven words of Christ to the virtues needed to overcome each vice. Sep 03, Kevin Hidayat rated it it was amazing. He changed my life. But i understand if you don't like him and his works. Because of him I can accept that. Olomi rated it it was amazing Dec 28, Dani Hope rated it really liked it May 01, Brian Reagan rated it it was amazing Jul 28, Natalie rated it it was amazing Mar 19, Vernon rated it it was amazing Jun 30, Vincent Munar rated it it was amazing Dec 28, Materially there is no difference, for a person can lose twenty pounds one way as well as the other.

But the difference is in the intention. The Christian fasts not for the sake of the body, but for the sake of the soul; the pagan fasts not for the sake of the soul, but for the sake of the body. The Christian does not fast because he believes the body is wicked, but in order to make it pliable in the hands of the soul, like a tool in the hands of a skilled workman… That brings us down to the basic problem of life.

Victory over Vice by Fulton J. Sheen

Is the soul the tool of the body, or the body the tool of the soul? Should the soul do what the body wants, or should the body do what the soul wants? Each has its appetites and each is imperious in the satisfaction of its wants. If we please one, we displease the other, and vice versa. Both of them cannot sit down together at the banquet of life The development of character depends upon which hunger and thirst we cultivate… Tell me your hungers and your thirsts and I will tell you what you are Gluttonous about the perishable, they become indifferent to the everlasting A twofold recommendation is hidden in this short sermon from the Cross; first, to mortify the bodily hunger and thirst 62 … Mortification of the bodily appetites is only a means, not an end.

God thirsts for us not because He needs us for His happiness, but because we need Him for our happiness Sloth may be either physical or spiritual. It is physical when it manifests itself in laziness, procrastination, idleness, softness, indifference, and nonchalance. It is spiritual when it shows itself in an indifference to character betterment, a distaste for the spiritual, a hurried crowding of devotions, a lukewarmness and failure to cultivate new virtue His work was done.

Victory Over Vice - Sheen, Archbishop Fulton J.

But ours is not. Those who say they need faith alone are the slothful trying to justify themselves. There is no hope for the spiritually slothful in these injunctions.

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Our Lord is the die; we must be stamped by it. He is the pattern; we must be remodelled to it. The Cross is the condition; we must be nailed to it. Two lessons emerge from this Sixth Word from the Cross witnessing to His finished work and our own unfinished tasks: All insignificant tasks fulfilled our of a love for God assume supernatural value… No work is finished until we do it for the honour and glory of God.

Covetousness ruins a man because it hardens the heart. Man becomes like unto that which he loves, and if he loves gold, he becomes like it — cold, hard and yellow Jesus had given up everything in reparation for covetousness, keeping only one thing for Himself that was not a thing — his Spirit. If we have lived for God, then death is a liberation. The soul with the vow of poverty is more satisfied than the richest covetous man in the world, for the latter has not yet all he wants, while the religious wants nothing.

We are disappointed because when we look forward to a future ideal, we endow it with something of the infinity of the soul. I can imagine a mountain of gold, but I shall never see one… That disproportion between the infinite and the finite is the cause of disappointment. We have eternity in our heart, but time on our hands. The soul demands a heaven, and we get only an earth. Everything is disappointing except the Redemptive Love of Our Lord. On the Eight Deadly Sins by St. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public.

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