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As a first step we find that a plasma in direct electrical contact with a polymer material shows high etching rate and non-uniform treatment whereas a remote regime treatment can lead to a relatively uniform treatment over the exposed to plasma area. The interaction of vacuum ultraviolet VUV light with polymer surfaces was found to be critical under conditions where local oxygen is displaced by noble gas flow.

This VUV flux is also dependent on plasma source type, being highest for high voltage sources using noble gas flow.


For a surface microdischarge SMD source we find high activation energy compared with atomic oxygen etching suggesting less reactive species reaching the surface are causing surface modification. However, for an atmospheric pressure plasma jet APPJ source we find that the activation energy changes over treatment distance, decreasing below the value expected for atomic oxygen as the jet gets closer to the surface.

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  7. June 26, Received: August 10, Accepted: May 12, [Advance Publication] Released: We found that all plasma treatments gave rise to the breakage of some C-F bond, resulting in defluorination and the formation of oxygen containing functional groups onto the PTFE surface. The use of ethanol plasma caused unexpected improvement in the T-peel adhesion strength of the electrically deposited Cu layer on the treated PTFE substrate with approximately three-fold improvement over that for conventionally adopted sodium treatments.

    Journal of the Metal Finishing Society of Japan.

    Atmospheric pressure plasma being used for textile treatment

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