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With a fresh perspective, Carol Lloyd motivates the person searching for two things: Creating a Life Worth Living is for the hundreds of thousands of people who bought Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way, but who are looking for more down-to-earth solutions an Dreaming is easy. Creating a Life Worth Living is for the hundreds of thousands of people who bought Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way, but who are looking for more down-to-earth solutions and concrete tasks for achieving their goals.

Creating a Life Worth Living helps the reader search memory for inspiration, understand his or her individual artistic profile, explore possible futures, design a daily process and build a structure of support. Each of the 12 chapters, such as "The Drudge We Do For Dollars" and "Excavating the Future," contains specific exercises and daily tasks that help readers to clarify their desires and create a tangible plan of action for realizing dreams. The book also provides inspiring anecdotes and interviews with people who have succeeded in their chosen fields, such as performance artist Anna Devere Smith, writer Sally Tisdale and filmmaker R.

The pursuit of one's dreams is one of the great joys in life but also one of the most terrifying. Creating a Life Worth Living is an invaluable road map for this journey, guiding readers as they take the first tentative steps that are necessary before they can fly. Paperback , pages. Published August 2nd by William Morrow Paperbacks.

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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Creating a Life Worth Living , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about Creating a Life Worth Living. Lists with This Book. Jul 18, Akemi G. I read this book more than ten years ago when a friend recommended it to me. Back then, I had a full-time corporate job. One of the good things this book did for me was to let me know that it's fine to have an unconventional life. Since then, I quit my job to work for myself -- in a weirdo industry for some, at least -- then I even quit that, and now I write full-time.

I don't have my copy of the book anymore, but another great tip was -- I think it was by a painter -- who said something like, I read this book more than ten years ago when a friend recommended it to me. This has been the best advice on creativity I've ever read to this day. And, of course, after creation comes editing -- I am a writer -- and plain dumping. This is a great companion book for the famous The Artist's Way: If you are a writer, you might also like On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft My review.

Jun 18, Jocelyn Paige rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: At first I was a bit skeptical about what this book had to offer. There are a lot of self-help books out there aimed at helping people achieve their goals, and the fact that this is geared towards creative people made me raise a brow. However, I honestly have to say that this is one of the most helpful books I've read about the creative personality and gives practical advice about how to create a life that's meaningful and realistic. The book includes interviews with people who've achieved their At first I was a bit skeptical about what this book had to offer.

The book includes interviews with people who've achieved their goals and how they accomplished that explaining the sacrifices, payoffs, and learning experiences along the way. I found the chapter that focused on all the different types of creative personalities most helpful on a personal level as it helped me to see my own strengths and weaknesses in a way I had not considered before. I'd recommend this book to all creative people who wish to pursue a professional career. Mar 29, Jenni Pertuset marked it as to-read Shelves: Most people have more than one talent or passion, and it can be hard to know what to give your energy to.

This book gives very practical, fun activities you can do to distill your vision for yourself. It also helps you figure out how to build a bridge from the life you have now, to the life you want. I reread it often. Jul 30, Van rated it it was amazing. One of the most valuable things I've ever read, Creating a Life Worth Living, provides practical exercises for building a creative life. One size does not fit all, and this book illuminates the different kinds of people who become artists and innovators.

Becoming a creative person is itself an act of creativity, and calls us to think beyond the familiar rules and norms. Lloyd does not rely on popular systems like the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator to understand yourself and how you work. She has de One of the most valuable things I've ever read, Creating a Life Worth Living, provides practical exercises for building a creative life.

She has developed her own tools applicable to artists, through canny observation and thoughtful inquiry.

Creating a Life Worth Living

As examples, each chapter profiles someone who has found their own eccentric way to live creatively. I first read it in when it was new. It was like having a coach or mentor who encouraged me not to follow their path but find my own. I wasn't ready to follow through all the lessons. I've revisited the book several times over the years. Other books more specific to the craft of writing have guided me recently. However, Lloyd's book set the foundation, excavating my own values, desires, and ways of doing things.

I have been more confident and better prepared to make choices. I've become a connoisseur of self-help books, and this is the one I cherish most affectionately. I strongly recommend it for any young creative person, especially those who feel torn between what is expected and what seems important for them. A relatively quick read through, but I intend to go back and work through the exercises at a later date.

A good compliment to the Artist's Way. The latter mostly talks about the internal blocks to creativity, whereas this is more about putting the external building blocks into place to build a creative life. My only negative, which is the same as for every book of this type I've ever read, is that it feels a little bit ableist. Entirely unintentionally I am sure! But no allowance is made for those A relatively quick read through, but I intend to go back and work through the exercises at a later date.

But no allowance is made for those of us who do have additional barriers to a creative life. For example, discussing working to support your art, there is an extensive discussion of different types of work and how they might support or hinder your creative process. There is no consideration for those whose physical or mental health prevent them from working full time and pursuing their art simultaneously.

I'm not saying it's not difficult for anyone to do so, but there are additional challenges that have to be faced but remain unacknowledged. I would love to one day read a book of this type which is specifically written for the chronically ill, the disabled and the non-neurotypical. Or even different books for different groups!

We're all very different after all. Hopefully one day we'll get them. May 23, Robin Davis rated it it was amazing. Well formatted course on finding your passion and setting a plan to achieve it. Really makes you think!

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This story is incredible. Dec 29, Emily rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Yeah, so it's self-help-y. But it's HIGH-quality self help. And really well considered smart career guidance for artists and those who would lead a creative life. I have a kind of "Where has this book been all my life? And that's not only because it was recommended to me by an artist that I have a crush on.

Or maybe it's just that it's the perfect moment for this book. Through reading it, I've come to re-think my creative priorities and feel re-energized and excited in a way t Yeah, so it's self-help-y. Through reading it, I've come to re-think my creative priorities and feel re-energized and excited in a way that I haven't in a good long while. In one corner are boxes for what Max can only believe to be more files. Eric's desk is somewhat in the middle of his office, the desk has books and electronics all around it on the floor. The desk itself it the only thing in the room that seems clean and well kept.

Eric has been a leader for years now, Max trained him to be a leader, not even a year after he joined Dauntless. In the past decade on three people from Dauntless became leaders, two of them are Eric and Max. That's how hard it was to become one. We don't need to on the verge of passing out in the meeting tomorrow. Eric mumbles as if he's not even acknowledging Max, this only makes Max roll his eyes and leave the office completely. At the moment Eric was emailing each faction about their security while he was getting emails from Erudite courtesy by Jeanine Matthews.

Once done with the emails and ignoring Jeanine's email he goes to the files Max gave him. Jeanine was always requesting things from him and his faction, it was always about the same things. The factionless and Divergents. Opening the files it's a report from two and half years ago, it's about an outburst by the factionless. He needed to make another copy of it to send to Jeanine, she's been wanting this file for months but he has gotten around to do it.

More like he didn't want to get around to it from what he'll see inside the file. When the file is laid out open to him the first thing he sees is an old familiar face. The first paper he sees has a picture of a woman, it's one of the former leaders of Dauntless. She's not smiling, more like smirking in the picture, it's the photo idea Dauntless has of her. The file behind it says all the basic information about her background.

It has her age, weight, height, her qualifications, her former faction before Dauntless which was Amity, and when she became a leader. He sighs at he looks at the words intently, he could still remember the day he had to write that like it was yesterday. At the top of the file is her name in bold letters. He clenches the page as he stares at the picture.

Memories of all sorts cross his mind while looking at the photo. Not a second later he faxes it to Erudite before putting the file in a box labeled, Sunshine. I need to document them by then. He turns back around to grab his jacket but not before glancing at the box he had just opened. The box is filled with reports, photos, and files. It's everything that has to do with Daisy Moore, everything in his office that is about her is in this box. It's sitting by his desk collecting dust but he doesn't have to nerve to throw it out even when it's been useless for almost three years now.

There are photos in it that are of her in dauntless and places she might have disappeared to. Everyone report in there is about people who thought they were what happened to her or saw where she left. The files are everything Dauntless has on file about her. None of them mattered though, none of it helped him find her. Odds are she's been dead, they never found her body so no one was sure of it. She's become quite a story in Dauntless because of it, people know her more from the bedtime stories than when she was actually leading dauntless.

He's heard the stories, no one bothered actually telling him in fear and other knew better not to bring up her name in front of him. But he knows what people say, what people call her. She's the lost Sunlight. Parents would tell stories about her to their kids, children always asked about her since she's in their school books. The books tell the students how she was the first Amity to transfer to Dauntless, how she was ranked first in her class. They'll read about how only a few months later after initiation she trained to be a leader.

She was a leader for six years until one day a battle broke out in the fields of Amity. The Factionless were stealing crops and other things from Amity. They notified Dauntless immediately for help and Daisy Moore came to help. The books say she took a group of well-trained soldiers out to end the battle and died fighting.

That's not how the bedtime stories are told about her though, the stories are much different. People say when Daisy came to Dauntless she brought the sunshine from Amity with her. Her skin was so bright and clear that she lit up any room in Dauntless. Her smile was warm as a summer's day and her heart full of fire and passion like the sun itself. She was as sweet as Amity can be at times but was also harsh and rough like Dauntless. She was top of her class by being both Dauntless and Amity, soft yet harsh.

She became one of the most selfless leaders in Dauntless, she was loved by all of them despite her anger a brutality because she showed moments of love and care. When war broke out in Amity she was the first one to go to them since it was her childhood home. When she left she took the Sunlight from Dauntless, everyone there waited for her to come back to light up the faction once again.

She never did though, her or the sunlight never returned. Once she had saved Amity she disappeared. People say she died on during battle, then others believe she was taken by the factionless, a few even think she decided she's hiding at Amity for the rest of her days. The stories always end the same way, however. It ends with the people in Dauntless waiting for someone to return the sunshine, to return Daisy. Eric snorts while setting down his gun and going behind her. The class of initiates is out on the roof of a building learning how to shoot long distances. Max, their trainer, is on the other side of the building showing a handful of kids how to hold the gun properly.

Most of them haven't even learned how to shoot close distance. Only five of the students were shooting long distance, that included Eric, Daisy, and Four. The three of them quickly move on from shooting four yards away to longer distances since they pick up what Max say pretty quickly.

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However, Max hasn't had time to show Daisy how to shoot long distance since most of the class couldn't even hold a gun right. Daisy had decided quickly that once she's a leader she's going to make sure there is more than one trainer during initiation. Max has no time to teach all the kids, especially when half of them don't listen to him correctly. When Eric moves closely behind Daisy she stiffen before turning and glaring at him. Eric mumbles into her ear while coming closer to her from behind. She tenses from how close he is but doesn't move away from him like she did before.

Eric's head is right beside hers as he helps her aim at the target.

His stiff chest is against her back with his thick arms around her told her wrists. Hating how he's acting like the trainer she tries to act like she's showing this herself. If she could find any other way to master long range shooting then she would do it in a heartbeat. She needs to learn this so she wouldn't be behind Four and Eric. Max doesn't even notice Eric helping from yelling his heart out at the other initiates for their stupidity. Four looks at the two close together before rolling his eyes and shaking his head, every time he saw them they were either arguing or secretly help each other.

At the beginning of their training, Eric and Daisy would constantly challenge one another for first ranking. They would only one to fight and compare themselves to each other since they were in the top five since the beginning. As weeks past, however, Four noticed that when one was struggling to be in the top three the other would help them slightly. It's as if the challenge of being ranked first isn't as fun if it not between the two of them. After they helped one another they go back to saying they are better than the other and pick another fight. When Four tried to break the fight they would start yelling at him instead of each other.

He didn't dare help out Eric but when he would try to help Daisy Eric would get in the way and help her instead. It's clear Eric didn't like anyone around Daisy beside him but she didn't notice. Not wanting to do what he says she does it anyway and it hits the center of the target.

She lights up instantly since she hasn't been able to do that for the last hour. He moves her with his body to aim at the next one. Once she shoots that one they move to the next one and then the next until he finally releases her. His hands slowly move down to her waist to hold as she continues to shoot. When he's sure she can do it on her own he moves his hands off her completely but not before lingering on hand on her lower back. She hits one on her own and sighs in relief that she's able to do it. Eric smirks when seeing her determinedly shoot herself before going back to his gun beside her.

When he gets in formation she turns to look at him and nods shortly at him with no smile but with a light in her eyes. He raises a single eyebrow at her before they both return to training.

A Life Worth Living

They continue to shoot for half an hour until Max come behind the three and nod in approval. You three will move to the next stageā€¦. Daisy, did I show you hot to shoot long distance yet? Eyes bugging out of her head Sunshine looks at Eric is a surprised expression. Why wouldn't he tell Max he taught her? He would get more points for doing what he did and he would also be able to brag more about it. Instead, he lies to Max, she has no clue on why he would though. He's always tried to have one up on her just like she did with him.

Creating a Life Worth Living by Carol Lloyd

This would be a perfect time. Four raises an eyebrow from hearing his lie but doesn't say anything about it. He's surprised Eric did that but it wasn't farfetched. Four notices the way Eric looks at her when she's not looking and the way he taunts her almost flirty like. Nod raises an eyebrow impressed before looking at the three and suggesting. Once Max goes back to the rest of the students Daisy comes up to Eric and shoves him.

She looks rather pissed from what he did. He doesn't move from her shove, he simply stands their unfazed. This only makes her try to shove him again but this time he grabs her wrist when pushes him the second time. He steps closer to her with his hands wrapped around her wrist when he doesn't move Daisy looks up at him and asks clearly annoyed. Walking out of his office Eric throws on his jacket and head down the hall. A few drunken members see him walking causing them to sway to the opposite side of the hall. They try to seem less drunk as they pass him and don't dare look his direction.

Since Daisy disappeared less and fewer people have been able to relax near him. Only a few have the courage to look him in the eyes and even few actually speak words to him. Before Daisy disappeared people had the guts to talk, look and even insult him since Daisy was always there to unconsciously make sure nothing existed between Eric and someone.

When she did die everything changed, he was more cruel, rough and brutal than ever before until one day people just forgot he ever had a caring side of him. A few remember though, a few remember the days Daisy was around. Going into the elevator he comes face to face with his second favorite person, Tris Prior. She's standing in the elevator awkwardly when seeing Eric come in. Moving quickly to the other side he's going to she looks down at the ground.

He was one of his trainers during initiation, along with Daisy and her current boyfriend Four. When she was in initiation Eric passed a rule where if you weren't ranked high enough you'd be factionless. Daisy didn't like it but she agreed with it since too many people came who didn't offer any quality skills for Dauntless.

Fortunately, she passed and later on publicly starting dating four. When Tris became an official Dauntless member her and Daisy close friends, along with a girl named Christina and Four. Eric never likes Daisy hanging out with them but he didn't ever have a say in the matter. Christina and Tris use to be brave enough to talk to him when Daisy was around but then she died they didn't even look his way. Every time he sees them he remembers Daisy and his mood instantly gets ruined.

They wait in silence until the elevator stops and the doors open. That's when Tris sprints out from not wanting to be that close to Eric. He rolls his eyes while the elevator doors shut once again. When it opens again it's on his floor, only the leaders of dauntless and other faction leaders sleep on this floor. The first rooms are for other faction leaders when they come to visit. The further down you go is where the leaders of Dauntless live.