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Sprout Social did a similar analysis and found that the Instagram posts tend to get the most engagement on: And forgive us of our sins, O the Highest High, tonight,. O Lord, and keep me in that exact state. Attend to and take care of me in the frightening hours of the Day of Judgment. Make me leave this world in safe and sound condition, and enter the permanent land of bliss and beauty Paradise in peace and tranquility; And join the delightful charming people who have refined manners, intelligent minds and beautiful faces, multiply provisions allotted to me, and to my dependents, also promote welfare of the people and make me sit, through Thy mercy, in the company of Thy upright servants.

If penalized it means I deserved punishment; if forgiven it is because Thou art the Most Merciful Master. How would Thou punish? My heart is full of Thy Love, undoubtedly, and Thy absolute authority, very kindly, take notice of that, and keep us together with people who are given respite. For the sake of Thy pure and pious friends, peace be upon them, make us preserve true traditions of the Holy Prophet S.

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Truly, we are the worthiest among thy creation, treat us in that context. Make my knowledge about thee of the highest quality. Do not let me drown myself in hatred, nor feel resentful; keep me steadfast, within bounds, obedient, enduring. Have mercy on me because have not the strength, nor patience to withstand it punishment , Through Thy mercy, O the Most Merciful.

Ask forgiveness of Allah for yourself and for all faithful man and women by reciting the following 7 times: Same dua different format. In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the Merciful. There is no God except Thou. Thou brought me into being, I am Thy obedient servant, child of Thy slave, in Thy unconditional service in person standing at Thy disposal.

I refer to Thy undertaking and promise, that whoso seek humbly Thy approval and consent to get rid of evil, Thou shall favour him with atonement. Allow me to make amends for my sins, surely no one can forgive except Thou. Therefore, it is required to pray insistently at that hour. I It is also recommended to say the following that is reported from the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him and his Household: There is no god save You!

If one recites two rakat prayers and in each rakat after Surah Hamd recites Surah Tawheed 70 times and after the prayer recites Astaghfirullaah 70 times, then by the One Who has sent me with truth anyone who performs this act and does Isteghfar then even if he supplicates for my whole nation the Almighty would accept his supplication and would enter the whole nation in Paradise.

Salaat 2 for Friday It is related from Amirul Mo-mineen a. The prayer for Friday is four rakats. In each rakat after Surah Hamd recite Ayatul Kursi 15 times and after the prayers recite Astaghfirullaah 70 times and 'Laa hawla wala Quwwata illa billa '50 times. Salaat 3 for Friday It is narrated from the Messenger of Allah s.

The narrator asked the Messenger of Allah s. After sunrise and before noon. That is in between the two.

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We should know that all these prayers for the days of the week are narrated from Imam Hasan al-Askari a. Write prescribe for me freedom from pain, trouble and anxiety, make ready for me blessings and happiness, so that what is last does not come in advance. Or what is urged to happen quickly is not delayed. Give me contentment and an independent disposition. Imam Zainul Abideen as dua.

Dua Nudba weeping after Fajr.

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Salawaat Abul Hasan Zaraab Isfahani. In the Name of Allah, the All-beneficent, the All-merciful. All praise be to Allah, the First before the bringing forth and the giving of life,. If my mother was heating up cans of tuna and cream of mushroom soup to slop over toast, my neighbors were having home-made pizza or scrambled eggs. There was something comforting about these less-than-formal suppers, where the modesty of the meal meant that food became incidental to the companionship and conversation, which was brought to the fore.

If company was coming, all the better—the sense of unity was broadened as our guest, with great humility and courtesy, dug into the same simple fare as the rest of us. Obedience is not a popular word in our postmodern culture, and right now tensions between Catholic laity and leadership might cause some to bristle at the notion of a meatless penance assigned to the American Church by her bishops.

We would need for it to become a long-standing, entrenched sacrifice, as it was before, because the trials we face as a Church are going to be long-lasting and difficult. This sort of communal effort might, over time, help to restore a sense of unity and joined purpose that is badly needed right now. We pause at a stop sign—even on a deserted road at four in the morning—because it is the law, but also because it is the right thing to do within our community; it is a sacrifice of our own observational abilities, made to a common good, and we obey without complaint.

Michael, and the parish two towns over has a band instead of a choir. Unity aside, perhaps the modesty and simplicity of a meatless Friday can initiate a trend toward a more voluntary simplification of our lives, and a less materialistic mindset to boot. It is the formulator of humility, too, which—especially in these challenging Catholic times—the whole Church could stand to cultivate.