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Professor Alexei Yablokov, President of the Centre for Russian Environmental Policy, said the concrete and metal sarcophagus was riven with cracks, already leaking radiation and at risk of collapse unless repairs were undertaken and work on a replacement urgently begun. Ukraine, where Chernobyl is located, would also be affected. Understanding some of the true costs of nuclear technology and the link to GreenFacts. Understanding some of the true costs of nuclear technology.

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There is information there, however. Scientific facts on the Chernobyl Nuclear Accident. Document and information compiled in The decaying Chernobyl Sarcophagus. The uranium atom bomb dropped over the city of Hiroshima had an explosive yield of around 15, tons of TNT.

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It immediately killed between 70, to , people figures vary and can be presented differently; for instance, 90, killed immediately and , within months. It injured countless others. Tens of thousands died in the ensuing months and years from injuries and radiation. This was the first time a nuclear bomb was used as a weapon of mass destruction WMD. It was insane, pure terror:. Tibbets, after the name of his mother. Tibbets died at age 92 in Tibbets, died at age 92 in Tibbets, a year-old colonel in , never expressed regret over his role.

What goes around comes around. It had an explosive yield of 21, tons of TNT. This is just a small part of Hiroshima, Japan, after the first nuclear bomb destroyed the city on 6th of August Three days later, on August 9, another nuclear bomb was exploded over Nagasaki, Japan. In a recent article posted on Global Research, Daniel Ellsberg writes: Read this article by Daniel Ellsberg: America has been asleep at the wheel for 64 years.

I doubt that one American in a hundred knows that simple fact, and thus has a clear understanding of the difference between A- and H-bombs, or of the reality of the thermonuclear arsenals of the last 50 years. Those pictures show us only what happens to humans and buildings when they are hit by what is now just the detonating cap for a modern nuclear weapon. Was there an earthly paradise? She talks about Obama.

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Canadian Constitution Act , ; go to page 47, read article La terre tremble pendant des mois en au Canada. Aux profits de quel lobby? Invisible Person with Enormous Power. I want to say that this post is awesome, great written and include almost all important infos. I would like to look more posts like this. Like Liked by 1 person.

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  5. And maybe I was right. I think I was right. Your English is easy to read, though. Sure thing, I was sincere; that, I know. Radioactive Wolves is a piece of implicitly touristic promotional material. It is as well, — to me, most of all — a geostrategic nuclear war propaganda piece against Russia. These three aspects are closely knitted together. I try to show it further down in the comment. The video piece is astutely and professionally constructed. Those who made it honed it carefully with lush images drowning the obvious consequences of the disaster through the narrative.

    That PBS documentary is misleading in as much as it would presents itself, or be perceived as, an accurate piece on the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster, especially as for its consequences. Suspend, put away for a moment if you can the subliminal lush african landscape, lions, girafes, etc. Also, have a look at the sponsors: It would be interesting to follow the money. Lush landscape, yes, but, nonetheless, the video admits, always with that classic soothing voice common to massemedia narrators, that the soil has been contaminated and the contamination is absorbed by the plants..

    Despite all the soothing stuff, actually the wolf captured by the team is and remain radioactive , as is shown, and the vo implies that all wolves in the region are radioactive: You would too get poisoned , and so do I, more than 30 years after the disaster. The message that the sponsored PBS documentary conveys through the way it is presented and done , is, among other things, that, in , things have changed.

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    As in Vietnam since the seventies with agent orange consequences, and victims, to this day , as in Japan, Hiroshima, Nagazaki, since with bio-consequences to this day , as in Fukushima since.. Watch and listen carefully. Start at around 14 mns 30 secs or so. Stark images of soviet era.

    Beautiful, gorgeous images of marshes around Prypiat. Beavers are native to Belarus [north of Chernobyl, Prypiat, Ukraine]. But they were an obstacle to farmers, and they were persecuted, like the wolves. Short peaceful moment, look how beautiful the images we show you are — and they are. Want to buy another one? Call us any time! We could push it a little harder, no? Incidentally, I stumbled upon a comment that is of interest, here. I edited the comment to extract the figures:. Compare this to other countries. This is not including all the weapon tests and accidents involving weapons.

    Now, the propaganda aspect. The building was designed by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, who commented: French architects Titan have built a replacement visitor centre at the home of former French leader Georges Clemenceau after the original was destroyed by Cyclone Xynthia in The house's new entrance pavilion has been designed to blend into its coastal surroundings — clad entirely in sand-coloured concrete — and houses a museum shop and educational space. Clemenceau, who was French president during the First World War and one of.

    Backed by Hollywood actress and wellness champion Gwyneth Paltrow, facilities will include private dining. Located in the city of Nanjing, Artyzen Sifang will have leisure functions such as sauna rooms, spring massage rooms, a pub and a reading room. Portuguese architectural practice Valdemar Coutinho Arquitecos have created a dramatic new 7,sq ft sq m sports complex in the Viana do Castelo in northern Portugal, with a focus on greys, sharp edges and angles.

    The complex, called Atlantic Pavilion, with its brutalist-style facade, was commissioned by the local council. Entrance doorways are topped by a rectangular structure with two large recessed windows. These have deeply champfered frames, drawing the eye. Koolhaas, one of the most famous names in architecture today, will close out the event which takes place in Amsterdam and whose theme this year is on identity. Paul Finch, WAF programme director, said: Work could soon begin on what has been described as one of the first developments of its kind in the world.

    An outline planning application for the project will be assessed by mid-November, with preparatory works on site at Delta.

    The building, part of an expansive national cultural initiative, will utilise transparent glass walls and a mushroom-shaped, perforated roof, to mimic the free-flowing, airy, and barrier-shattering attributes of music. Bergen City has ambitious plans for itself as a Unesco World Heritage Site and, in response, 3XN has created an equally bold masterplan that makes a new arena the of epicentre it.

    Despite its World Heritage status,. Oakland Athletics baseball team has commissioned Bjarke Ingels Group BIG , to lead the design process for its new ballpark and surrounding development in California. BIG will work in collaboration on the project with James Corner Field Operations, the landscape architect for the project, and Gensler.

    A new hotel in South Tyrol, Italy is coloured to match its natural surroundings throughout with Asian-style patterned panelling, its architect has told CLADglobal. A Uruguayan hotel and winery has been designed to disappear into its surroundings with a creative mirrored exterior design. Designed by MAPA Architects, it comprises 13 hotel cabins, a winery and a farm, which provides food for the restaurant. The 13 cabins were prefabricated in the Uruguayan capital, Montevideo, and assembled.

    The brickwork for a new university building in Milan will be arranged and assembled with the help of robots. CRA founding partner Carlo Ratti said: Australian architect Kerry Hill, famous for his numerous award-winning hotels, has died, aged The Australian Institute of Architects' Gold Medal-winning architect lost his battle with cancer on Sunday, leaving behind a legacy of hotels including the Datai Langkawi in Malaysia and Amankora in Bhutan.

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    Australian Institute of Architects acting national president Richard Kirk paid his respects to Hill, saying: It has a convoluted backstory that dates back to and has faced various setbacks since. Please sign in so we know where to send the reply. Email Address format is not valid. To add a property to your favorites for easy access in the future.

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