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Stas's performance poem by Volzhenina E. N "My country" in English can be heard from the following link.

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Officially State symbols Message Strategy Kazakhstan East Kazakhstan Regional Library A. Home Contacts Site maps.

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Salle de lecture francaise. This means one who can speak all languages.

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Every living being has got a different language. He says but they are a little bit jealous of the Americans who speak English, which is the language that you speak. The America is my fatherland. My motherland is in India, and America is my fatherland. Conversations and Morning Walks.

Reuniting the Motherland - A Fatherland Experience.

You should read the French. Retrieved from " https: Facts about " The America is my fatherland. This masculinity is not defined in relation to any notion of femininity but is, rather, constructed around the notion of celibacy — specifically, non-relation. Anyone who has even a passing familiarity with Indian notions of yoga and brahmacharya and the promised rewards of semen-retention — the kundalini rises, no less!


Because this is truly a tragic, inexpressible masculinity. Then again, the shift that seems to be taking place, may also be connected with the particular stage of national development in which we find ourselves.

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We are now entering — have entered — a phase of national development in which large numbers of people will inevitably be excluded. Of course they say otherwise — and so they should. And the Supreme Court should rule that everyone must chant sabka saath, sabka vikaas, individually and collectively, five times a day, in the national interest.

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But, I fear that we are going to need more robust strategies of discontent management also. And that is exactly where a fatherland — stern, disciplinarian, enforcing some rules — would be rather more serviceable than a soft and pliable motherland: This will be, let me state with proper patriotic ardour, no ordinary fatherland — not least, of course, because it started out as a motherland.

Indeed, one might even say that there is a particular cultural appropriateness in a fatherland that is also a motherland.

Surely our nationalism can match that?