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Mars has been colonised and is the new frontier with many parallels to the American gold-rush of the 's. This time around however it is genuine alien fossils that are in demand and fetch a high price.

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Since pretty much anything can now be synthesized on Earth, collecting something that isn't artificial - such as the remnants of ancient Martian life - becomes highly desirable. People desperate to strike a vein of Fossils in the Martian soil descend upon the planet although few are lucky enough to become wealthy. Alex Lomax is the only private eye on the planet, working the streets of New Klondike - a city that sprung up after Simon Weingarten and Denny O'Reilly discovered the first batch of fossilized Martian creatures.

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His work is complicated by the increasing popularity of "transfers" - people who have transferred their consciousness into a new artificial body. These transfers reach a level of immortality with bodies that can be stronger, faster and more attractive than the original.

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  • It’s noir fiction on the red planet, but it loses its orbit.
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They can be repaired quickly and moved to another body should one become too worn or damaged. Also, detective Lomax would be a candidate for every sexual harassment lawsuit on Earth, if he was here, as he has no qualms on commenting about the assets of every female biological and transfer he meets.

It does come to a satisfying conclusion, and all the mysteries are solved. I found Red Planet Blues a great merger of science fiction with the old style detective genre, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Red Planet Blues by Robert J. Sawyer

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Red Planet Blues

Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I'm the one and only private eye working the mean streets of New Klondike, the Martian frontier town that sprang up forty years ago after Simon Weingarten and Denny O'Reilly discovered fossils on the Red Planet. Back on Earth, where anything can be synthesized, the remains of alien life are the most valuable of all collectibles, so shiploads of desperate treasure hunters stampeded here in the Great Martian Fossil Rush.

I'm trying to make an honest buck in a dishonest world, tracking down killers and kidnappers among the failed prospectors, the corrupt cops, and a growing population of transfers--lucky stiffs who, after striking paleontological gold, upload their minds into immortal android bodies. But when I uncover clues to solving the decades-old murders of Weingarten and O'Reilly, along with a journal that may lead to their legendary mother lode of Martian fossils, God only knows what I'll dig up The Best Books of Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of

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