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After a series of hopeless relationships, Kate O'Neill is ready to settle down, so when her New Age Shaman boyfriend Brian finally asks her to marry him, she accepts.

Even though her clannish, close-knit family disapprove of him, Kate knows that deep down Brian loves her. But Kate's eccentric actress mother, Grace, is determined to prevent Kate from making the biggest mistake of her life. She hatches a plot to scupper the engagement, enlisting the help of the whole family, even roping in Will Sargent, manager of mega cool rock-band Walking Wounded, and unrequited love of Kate's life, in the hope that he can provide a change of direction for Kate's affections.

Reluctantly enlisted, Will offers Kate a job cooking for Walking Wounded, while they are holed up in Tuscany working on their new album.

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As temperatures in the kitchen begin to heat up, will Kate realise her feelings for Will are stronger than ever, or does Grace's plan backfire and send Kate straight back to Brian? Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Dec 14, Leah rated it it was amazing Shelves: I started it a few days after it arrived and I was immediately sucked in.

The Disengagement Ring has a rather fantastic yet devious plot and that was what immediately had me hooked on the book. It helped, of course, that right from the off I felt that Brian was all wrong for Kate. The plot kept me hooked throughout and I genuinely had no idea how the book would end. Just as I thought we were heading to one conclusion, something happened which made it swing completely the other way.

While Kate is seemingly the main focus of the book, the book also focuses on family life and, for me, that was another factor in my enjoyment of the book. Bar the obvious characters who were only there to be disliked, I loved every single character throughout the book. Kate was a fantastic central figure to the book and she seemed very determined about what she wanted whenever she wanted it. I warmed to her immediately and really cared about how everything would work out for her. Owen, Rory, Phoenix and Georgie were all hilarious and I loved how their band came to be.

We had quite a few villainous characters: It was a wonderful cast of characters, all who added their own sparkle to the book. The book is written in third-person and flits from one person to the next. It gave a well-rounded view of events although knowing how everyone felt at all times while the other wondered how they were feeling drove me insane as I wanted them to just figure it out and stop wondering.

The book has quite a few twists and turns and while I did wonder how it would all end, I was safe in my assumption I would be happy with the outcome. The Disengagement Ring is a hugely enjoyable novel and Clodagh Murphy is a very promising writer. May 12, Lauri rated it it was amazing.

The Disengagement Ring

Loved this book so I read it twice. It was predictable but sometimes that's what you need, it was an easy read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There were a couple of parts in the book where I started to get annoyed because there are only so many times things need to go wrong before they can go right. I liked the characters and found Kate's family to be amusing, I couldn't stand her tree hugging boyfriend and I was completely in love with Will in my mind he couldn't be any more gorgeous, he was tota Loved this book so I read it twice.

I liked the characters and found Kate's family to be amusing, I couldn't stand her tree hugging boyfriend and I was completely in love with Will in my mind he couldn't be any more gorgeous, he was totally romantic as well.

The Disengagement Ring by Clodagh Murphy - FictionDB

I also liked the fact it was written from both of there points of view so we knew they were both in love with eachother we were just waiting for them to realise. A light hearted romantic novel, well worth a read. Oct 06, Carol rated it liked it. I was three quarters of the way into this book and loving it when it turned annoying. I wanted to scream that no one would carry on this long procrastinating about something that was so important to two people. Especially when Kate goes to explain to Brian the tree hugger boyfriend that problems in their relationship are too dire to proceed further and then gets co-coerced into staying the night.

I literally wanted to hang them both from a tree. My first novel from this author and probably my I was three quarters of the way into this book and loving it when it turned annoying. My first novel from this author and probably my last. I gave it three stars purely because most of the book was good and I loved the characters especially Kate's best friend Freddie.

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  • May 04, Rebecca Emin rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed this book. It was one of those times when I was near the end and found myself slowing down so it wouldn't finish so soon.

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    The characters are wonderful. I particularly liked the main character Kate, and Rory and Freddie. I also enjoyed how the family ties became a part of the plot, good intentions and disasterous ideas woven together. I am looking forward to reading more by this author. I loved this story. The characters are so rich in detail with a lovely blend of the dramatic and mundane this story will sweep you away until the last page is turned.

    Laughter, tears, drama, family, scheming - it's all here and for fans of Marian Keyes, Eva Rice and Katie Fforde I can't recommend it enough! Jan 17, Warren Gossett rated it really liked it.

    See a Problem?

    This is a lovely book with a quick heart and funny bits. I read it eagerly all the way to the last page skipping over two other less exciting books I had started first. Smiles Sometimes you just want a happily ever after. Funny,sexy,boy gets the girl good book. This is one of the best. Apr 29, Alysa rated it it was ok Shelves: I actually really liked the experience of reading it, it was fun and sweet and everything it aimed to be.

    But there were some lingering complaints that have really festered into full on problems I had with the book: The viewpoint constantly flip flops? Pick a character or two even and stick with them 2. So many non sequiturs, she used to be fat? They once had sex? A loooooot of cheating for a book all about true loves. It just made me uncomfortable. The Disengagement Ring What starts out as a girl who has crushed on a family friend years ago.

    That ended with drunk sex that he doesn't remember. Evolves into their mother's trying to hook them up. His get a him to hire her as his hands chef. Both have other people that they are seeing. Both moms don't like the others. Now added to that the close proximity sparks start to ignite. But will it cause a fire or fizzle out? No depth I wanted to like this book Really wanted to because I think the author has a unique style and her characters are witty. That being said, the relationship felt forced.

    There wasn't any real chemistry between the characters and the heroine kept forgetting that she had a boyfriend. It was just weird. Not the good, not that bad I don't know what to say. I enjoyed the characters so much. But it just lagged in many places. I did finish it in less than a day because of skipping so much nonsense. Lots of twists and turns as to how things are going to play out with the characters.

    One of those books you want to read in one sitting. Really enjoyed this nice easy chic lit. I'd love a sequel featuring the band! Nov 04, Trena rated it really liked it. The characters were just perfect flaws and all. Apr 27, Moon Love rated it it was amazing. I loved this book!

    It's Clodagh Murphy's debut novel and it's a wonderful read. You can't help but become engrossed in Kate O'Neil's story. She's just arrived home after working as a chef in Africa to attend her sister Rachel's wedding.

    She's faced not only with a monstrosity of a dress, but also having to face the best man, Will, who she's always been in love with, even though she currently has a boyfriend, Brian, whom her family detests. Brian manages to surprise Kate with a proposal and she a I loved this book! Brian manages to surprise Kate with a proposal and she agrees.

    The O'Neil family and Will are thrown into a tizzy as Brian is a pompous "tree hugger" and no can stand him. They scheme to split Kate and Brian up, and recruit Will to do the dirty work by seducing her away from Brian. Will ends up offering Kate a job in Tuscany cooking for the famous rock band he manages, and she agrees. I really enjoyed reading about Kate.

    I loved her character. She seemed like the kind of girl I would like to be friends with, so I empathized with her a lot. I also adored Freddie, Kate's best friend and room mate. Murphy did a wonderful job overall with all of her characters.