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Kiss on my Deity Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts Baka and Test: The 35th Test Platoon Shomin Sample Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 23 October , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Chivalry of a Failed Knight.

Cover of volume 1 light novel , featuring Stella Vermillion. Action , fantasy , romance. Anime and Manga portal. July 13, [8]. October 15, [9]. January 15, [10].

April 15, [11]. August 12, [12]. December 15, [13]. May 15, [14]. October 15, [15]. December 15, [16].

April 15, [17]. January 14, [18]. Before a battle the player optionally goes into the "Battle Preparation" menu accessible at any time and chooses up to three sets of seven commands for each character in the party. This set of twenty one commands is called a "Command Setup" and several of these setups can be saved for switching between classes.

Commands can also be linked in order to create combos. These can then be used in battle. The player controls one of the characters while the others are controlled by the AI. Players can freely change the character they are controlling. The main character can transform into the White Knight using action chips which are acquired by defeating enemies. Some enemies are extremely large in size. Enemies can be attacked with various kinds of elemental attack magic, while the player can heal the party by resorting to divine magic.

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Magic is an essential part of the White Knight Chronicles battle system, but it comes with one pitfall—Magic skills do not improve a character's physical strength. This means magic users have to avoid enemy attacks. Among the featured weapons are swords, two handed longswords, two handed axes, spears, bows and staffs. After defeating an enemy, players will obtain materials. Materials are used for crafting and upgrading armor, weapons, accessories and item, as well build Georama parts.

The Georama system is an online mode that lets the player create their own town. It can function as a lobby and allows the player to set up shops and harvest spots. People can enter this virtual town and also take a look around. The editing mode functions as a system that can be placed from a list of objects ranging from houses and other garden accessories to anything customizable for the town.

Towns can be placed in the middle of plains, deserts, or wilderness with six different field types.

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Other items can also help to shape the hub including elevated platforms, embankments, trees, and other items. The georama system was also in Level-5's Dark Cloud series. Non-player characters NPCs can be recruited to towns from locations around the world map. This makes the player's Georama change depending on whoever is living in it. NPCs have jobs and specific skill levels which will affect the kind of materials and items available to use in Georama.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Wikipedia

Each Geonet has up to 20 rooms for players to join. The game begins in the kingdom of Balandor, where Princess Cisna is having a coming-of-age banquet. Leonard, the main protagonist ; his childhood friend, Yulie; and the Avatar a new employee at Rapacci Wines, where the three work , are tasked with delivering wine for the party.

Sarvain, the royal advisor, tasks Leonard to rescue the Princess with the White Knight; [6] Yulie, the Avatar, and a "humble traveler" named Eldore join him. The motive behind the kidnapping is Cisna's ability to unlock sealed Knights, of which she is unaware of at first. The leader of Magi is a general called Dregias, the man who killed Valtos. All that is known about him is that he is capable of transforming into the winged Black Knight, Ebonwings.

Ten thousand years ago, in the time known as the Dogma Age, the Yshrenian and Athwani empires erupted into a vicious and brutal war. These two were the largest and the most powerful kingdoms in the land, nearly equal in prestige and resources. Their battles raged across the world, turning verdants forests and peaceful hamlets into charred and burned fields. The casualties quickly mounted on both sides, resulting in a situation where one side or the other had to gain an advantage, give in, or risk mutual destruction.

Yshrenian scholars and scientists introduced the Knights referred to as Incorruptuses , giant machines created solely for the purpose of war.

Night of Nights (Flowering nights remix) By COOL&CREATE/BeatMARIO

These beings, when bonded with a human soul, could utilize immense power on the battlefield and able to lay waste to an entire army single-handedly. The Athwani military soon began to fall under the overwhelming power of the Knights. Their forces became cannon fodder, causing a severe drop in morale and efficiency. The scholars of Athwan, desperate to turn the tide of battle, developed sealing magic intended to completely remove the knights from the field of battle and leave both armies on an even plane.

They cast their spell, and though many valuable lives were lost in the process, the knights were sealed away. The Yshrenian army courageously rushed into battle against the Athwani army, but their spirit was broken. They had lost their strongest advantage and, having become reliant on the power of the knights, had no real hope of victory. The Athwani kingdom did not escape unscathed, however.

Years spent in a costly and violent war ended with the death of their best and brightest, leaving the country in a state of discontent. Unrest grew throughout the land, eventually resulting in the death of the Queen. The North America release of the game removed the original Japanese voices for Travelers and Shards of Time, replacing them with English-dubbing. A web exclusive prequel manga called Shirokishi Monogatari: Dogma War Chronicleis was released in The story takes place 10, years before the main game's story in an era embroiled by war and chaos. It follows the story of another White Knight who predates the White Knight hero character of the game.

White Knight Chronicles has received mixed reviews. It received an aggregated score of Despite the lukewarm reviews the game sold well; around , copies on its first day and around , in its first week in Japan. A prequel titled White Knight Chronicles: Origins was released in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.