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She said so until her dying day. When he finished, Judge Solbert cackled. Probably a drop in his blood sugar. I got between Dad and E. A rush of things happened: Because I went to an alternative education school the courses included Spiritual Wealth, Leadership Ethics, and Community Living, my sports were also alternative, meaning yoga and non-violent tai chi. I jabbed my uncle in the soft spot below the ribcage. He clutched his chest and went down. He seemed to be looking up at me but also at the trees and the mountains, the funny old buildings of Free Wheeler, loving me and all of that.

Smoke got in their eyes. Five sneaky neighbor kids, three street bums and two dogs had tried to steal food from the front-yard smokers. Right beside that sign hung a big iron cow bell. All a person had to do was clang it. To feed the heartsick and needy, to soothe the dispirited. After all, who knew when we might be serving up a buffet to an angel, unawares? Daddy—Stewart MacBride—however, said that God helped those who helped themselves, and that he and Mama were going to restore the Nettie-MacBride family names to their rightful place in mountain society.

Make people stop whispering that they were cast-offs raised by kinfolk, both from histories rumored to be scandalous. Taking care of Mama and us. Making our family so rich that we could hire people to whack people who stole from the front-yard smokers. Jay becomes the landlord. He and his wife and their baby now shared the top floor of a piano manufacturing factory Dad had left me, just a block off the busy streets of Pack Square. Even after Dad renovated it, the high-ceiling, thick-beamed industrial loft was drafty and haunted; even when Dad was with me, it felt like we were floating on a forgotten cloud above the streets just one story below.

I liked the feeling, still. Dad and now I owned three properties the city kept threatening to firebomb, but he had been talking to local artists about turning them into studios. He waved a hand against the summer wind. The Diesel Farter had no air conditioning. We puttered across the bridge above the French Broad and up the hill into the wilds of West Asheville.

Some old brick store fronts lined the main drag that ran atop the ridge, forming a spine for steep, narrow streets that dropped down through thick forest and kudzu jungles. No one talked about the details, and Emma died when Jane Eve was just a few weeks old. I should have asked my wife to pack my camping gear. We rattled past fallen mailboxes and overgrown foundations, skirting the fingers of cracked driveways that disappeared into the roots of trees that owned them now, and rounded a curve into what, by then, seemed to me to be a wonderland of nothing.

A line of cars two dozen long filled both sides, stretching down the shady lane and around another curve. Pickups and old sedans, BMWs and junkers, minivans and Jaguars. Even a couple of small tour buses. The hair rose on the back of my neck. Must be a funeral. Lawyer George drove slowly, arrowing between the narrow space left in the middle. People strolled past, casually dressed, many carrying take-out boxes and containers. Parked cars continued past the mailbox and down a wooded hill.

Every table was full of people, and every person was busy eating mounds of food off mismatched china plates. I pointed at an Asheville police car parked far down the lane. MacBride is a police officer. It must be all right to park on the street. You go in and discuss the lease offer. The Horizon Academy was that alternative-ed school.

But I was a Wakefield and accustomed to certain privileges. Lawyer George hemmed and hawed, then shrugged and gave in. Somehow, this web of the spirit would hold our islands together, would keep their foundations inside us. Kick your shoes off, find a shady place on the front porch, and enjoy this collection of short stories about life, love, laughter and southern traditions.

Forget everything you believe about mermaids.

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The glamorous, web-footed Water People of the sultry Georgia coast transform a shy young woman into one of their own. Now available in audio book from Audible. Second book in the series about the town that ain't going nowhere, and don't want to. Summertime in Mossy Creek is a time to kick back, reflect, and remember.

The MacBrides

Join the town for this sweet look inside the town's heart. It's a cold, frisky day in January, and rebellion is in the air! At the same time, the unspoken romance between the police chief and mayor is slowly heating up. She was Hollywood's most beautiful actress until a horrific accident scarred her for life. Catherine Deen returns to her isolated North Carolina town to hide, never expecting to find deep love and a meaningful new life. Grace Vance's law-officer husband died a hero's death. Now Hollywood's biggest action-adventure star is determined to make a cheesy action film about him, and Grace will do whatever it takes to stop him.

Her son has eloped with the First Daughter. Secret Service agents have invaded her famous apple farm. The First Lady is her worst enemy. The President's handsome nephew is trying to make her fall in love with him. For "Sweet Hush" McGillen, life is suddenly a bushel of trouble. Darleen Union and Eli Wade are childhood friends torn apart by a murder that has never been solved.

But now, years later, long-buried secrets are about to, literally, be dug up.

Welcome to the town whose motto is "Ain't goin' nowhere, and don't want to. Enjoy another sojourn on a comfortable veranda with the scent of jasmine around you and this anthology of nostalgic, funny stories in hand. The sexy, raucous merfolk are back as one of their most tart-tongued socialites sets out to make over a frumpy children's book author who doesn't realize she's a mermaid at heart. Everyone's counting their blessings in town, and a few are wondering if their troubles are blessings in disguise! Cupid never had to deal with a stranded European circus.

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The townsfolk of Mossy Creek get some unexpected lessons in life and love on Valentine's Day. He is larger than life. She is his only hope. Together, they will transform our world forever. Can the past be overcome? Whilst her sister is a baking queen, she is more into pickles. Her heart had been broken in the past by the son of the family who have caused endless misery to her family. Can the two overcome all the obstacles placed in their path. Her in overcoming her feelings of rejection and he in winning her back and trying to bring his remaining family to pay for all the harm that they have caused through the years.

Wonderfully woven with a storyline that will grip you f Can the past be overcome? Wonderfully woven with a storyline that will grip you from the start. The characters are wonderful and so clear that you can see them in your minds eye. Sep 03, SBC rated it liked it Shelves: I enjoyed this but it did get a bit kooky-crazy in parts!

Dec 08, Emsy Van Wyck rated it it was amazing Shelves: Cooking from the heart, romance, and suspense highlight Deborah Smith's fabulous and fun The Pickle Queen Oh my, I've got a reader crush on Deborah Smith as she has combined some unbelievable southern sassiness and fun, culinary wow, romance and suspense in her MacBrides series. I absolutely loved the first book in the series, The Biscuit Witch and couldn't wait to read her second, The Pickle Queen.

While this could be a stand-alone novel, if you don't you'll be missing out on quite a bit of back-story and actually a rollicking good read. Just be forewarned that you may want to stock up with some pickled items and biscuits before you start the story. In other words, don't be put off by seeing "novella" in the title. And this is all embarrassing headline news on all the entertainment channels as her ex partner is a Hollywood star.

Pickle queen

But someone comes to her rescue at the last moment in court - and Gabby has an idea who might have been her errant Southern Prince Charming. Though I don't think she sees Jay Wakefield on a white horse, probably more like a mule. In A Biscuit Witch, I was convinced that Jay Wakefield might have some redeeming qualities and had a sense that there was some hidden history with Gabby - and all is explained in The Pickle Queen. Smith mixes into her culinary goddesses' fare a good deal of magic - and that might explain the soul-mate connection between Jay and Gabby - but it also could be fate.

I love the fact that psychic powers are behind some of this feel-good home-cooking and if you're craving some BBQ, cornbread or biscuits, and pickles - don't blame me! There are wild and fun plot twists, including pickle eating contests, a spam and pineapple dinner that may help save a soul, cliff side fights, and so much more. This book is impossible to put down. I admit it, I'm totally hooked on this series and am now jonesing for book three, The Kitchen Charmer, which will tell the story of Tal and Gabby's armed services brother Gus the kitchen charmer and wool spinner Lucy.

So, if you're like me and you love stories set in the south, romances that have a strong culinary bent, and a little mysticism mixed in with some page-turning suspense - DO add Deborah Smith's The MacBrides series to your TBR shelf. It's a fabulous must-read. Fab Fantasy Fiction http: Feb 06, MB What she read rated it it was ok Shelves: My logical brain just could not cope with the illogical inanities of this plot or lack of it.

I mean, I like quirky Southern magical realism as much as anyone, but it has to actually get somewhere and do something! As always, my reviews and prejudices are my own and I notice that I seem to be the exception to the rule compared to other readers and their positive reactions to this book. Not sure how to describe it but I enjoyed the descriptions of a utopic off grid community that might sound like a hippie commune but is home to many others as well. I'm annoyed already because I can't find the 3rd title yet in any of my libraries' Overdrive systems.

Will have to petition for it to b 4. Will have to petition for it to be added post haste. Aug 08, Jennifer rated it really liked it. I read my first Deborah Smith book Blue Willow on a long international trip many years ago. Her writing pulls me in and captures me, and I don't want to break for sleep or food.

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Great for long plane rides; less so for daily life. But I make it happen. Excellent storytelling, delightfully quirky and flawed characters, and beautiful imagery. Dec 23, Beverly A. Fodor rated it it was amazing. A really good read. I discovered this author after I got my Kindle and her books were some that came up when I was searching for some books to buy.

I am glad I found her. I hope it is released soon. Mar 23, Lynn rated it it was ok Shelves: There is all of the food "magic" and quirky characters that you would expect. I will have to say that I was a little disappointed in the ending. I was expecting something much bigger. It just seemed a little anti-climatic to me.

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Nov 29, Toni Cox rated it did not like it. Cute and funny with tons of food references is all I need to say about this book. It is as quirky as a gherkin! Feb 25, Joy Glunt rated it it was amazing. Dec 01, Rossy rated it really liked it Shelves: I figured out what was different about the prior book and this one; they are simple contemporary romance! Flowing text, Original pages. Web, Tablet, Phone, eReader.

It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to read online or offline wherever you are. Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders. The battle is on their doorstep and in their souls. These old mountains are smart, Lucy.

They can be gentle like mamas; oh, sure, they'll croon and they'll kiss you and they'll whisper while you sleep, and you'll learn what all the old rocks are saying, all these ancient ghosts, all their starshine wisdom. But these old mountains, sometimes they know you can't hear them any other way but to get smacked up along the head.

You watch out, Lucy P, for you got the Charm, like us Netties do. You're a guardian of these mountains, and they're a guardian of you. They will warn you any how they have to. They will slap the near life out of a Charmer. They're doing it to make you and Gus listen. To make you ready.

Even their mystical North Carolina mountains can't block the turmoil of the outside world.

The Pickle Queen

As fear and ignorance threaten their community and everyone they love, the star-crossed couple must overcome brutal challenges and personal demons to forge an alliance that may be the only hope of Good triumphing over Evil. I know you are in your cups at this time, drinking, taking pills, and sleeping under trees, but I have some experience rehabilitating lost souls in that regard, and so I am enclosing a box of my biscuits and a cold wrapped container of cream gravy for dessert. Please eat and write back. We need a veterinarian of your gumption here in the Crossroads Cove of Jefferson County.

She'd heard the term as a girl.