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Imamura's style might reasonably be compared to the trippy works of an imaginary distant Asian cousin of David Lynch. A unique and incredibly odd examination of sexuality in a world of greed and repression, where the human, personal aspect of sex is increasingly being incorporated by economics, legalities, and mechanical desire.

More Top Movies Trailers Forums. Apocalypse Better Call Saul: Season 4 Castle Rock: Season 1 The Deuce: Season 2 Fear the Walking Dead: Season 3 The Walking Dead: View All Photos 3. A small-time purveyor of blue movies has to defend his livelihood against thieves, authorities, and his widowed girlfriend and her family in Shohei Imamura's dark satire.

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The Pornographers concerns the exploits of the hapless Subu Shoichi Ozawa , an impotent in every sense of the word middle-aged entrepreneur employing a small crew in the back room of a barbershop. When not staging stag films in garages and secluded fields, Subu lives with the unhinged Haru Sumiko Sakamoto , her Oedipal, high-minded son Koichi Masaomi Kondo , and her impudent teenage daughter Keiko Keiko Sagawa.

Though he lusts after Keiko, the girl -- all too aware of her sexual power over men -- rebuffs his advances in an increasingly cruel manner, leaving Subu to channel his frustrations into the plots of his movies. As Subu's life grows even more lurid than his profession, local yakuza, the opportunistic Koichi, and the police all struggle to get in on the action.

All the while, the family's machinations take place under the watchful eye of a giant carp, whom Haru believes to be the reincarnation of her late husband. Shoichi Ozawa as Ogata.

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Sumiko Sakamoto as Haru. Its protagonist is Subuyan Subu Ogata — a small-scale merchant and producer of 8mm porn films in Osaka. In a cynical and mischievous way Imamura created a comedic drama and a masterpiece in conservative Japan. While the film does not include nudity or adult content, it is free of the shame and constraints of conservatism. The film shows the human race behind the curtains of restraint. Each family has dirty secrets, and so do the people around Subu Shoichi Ozawa. He lives with the widow Haru Sumiko Sakamoto , her son Koichi Masaomi Kondo , her teenage daughter Keiko Keiko Sagawa , and her dead husband, who is reincarnated as the household pet carp.

The family becomes disturbingly mesmerising when we learn that Subu is in love with Haru, but lusts after her daughter Keiko. Everything about this family seems idiosyncratic. Their relationships seem to be in no way abnormal for outsiders, but most of the kinkiness and neurosis is taking place right under the watchful eyes of the carp. Buy the selected items together This item: Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Woman in the Dunes The Criterion Collection.

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. I love Imamura's no-nonsense depiction of Japanese life and culture. I always enjoy his colourful and alive characters. One cares for his everyday people as they live the absurd condition that is human life This is an awesome movie. A must see for budding cinematographers,and fans of great film production.

The story is captivating,and the acting superb. You will never guess how it ends. One person found this helpful. Just describing the story of any one of Shohei Imamura's films won't be enough to convey its oddity. Imamura's films are the misfits of Japanese cinema. They deal with bizarre, marginal characters in grotesque and unusual situations. Don't expect Kurosawa's epic sweep or Ozu's understatement. Imamura's films are flamboyantly crude and bizarre.

The Pornographers

This film is about a frumpy middle-aged man named Subu who makes money by filming and selling illegal pornography. But he runs a small operation, which makes him vulnerable to just about everything. He needs to conceal his work from larger, more organized gangs, so they don't extort money from him. But of course, his work is illegal, so he can't exactly ask the law for help, either. It's a sleazy story. The film is not the least bit titillating -- the actual pornography is never shown.

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Most of the plot is concerned with Subu running around trying to keep his operation afloat. He has to deal with lots of small details, like where to buy film, where to get women, how to sell the product without the mob knowing about it, and so on. It's such a mundane, slate-gray routine that it isn't even shocking. One might be tempted to read the film as a justification of Subu -- not necessarily of Subu's work, but of Subu himself, an attempt to humanize him, in other words.

Something along the lines of, "hey, this guy is engaged in illegal activities on the fringes of society, but after all he's just another poor hard-working slob, same as all of us.

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And this is a bit of a subtle point, since Imamura does put a great deal of effort into making Subu as "ordinary" as possible. He's not involved with more "serious" crime, and he's not really any more malicious than the average person. And he doesn't take any prurient interest in his product -- his main reason for doing this work is to make enough money to support a family. That family consists of a woman and her son and daughter, both children by another man.

The children despise Subu from the beginning, but after they find out about his line of work, their hostility becomes open. At the same time, they continue to live on his money. They understand that he's supporting them, and this makes them hate him even more.