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Oh, you unthinkable duffer! Quit busting my balls! And kick your teeth out your ass! I like the idea. That someone, somewhere is made for you, forever. Everyone can develop their paranormal abilities. Where are you going? For me, I feel good. Your hand will grow bigger, and your finger will grow bigger, but your scar will always stay the same size. If it was true once, it must always be true.

They swam toward her; they slid up onto the bank. The words tapped at her, a woodpecker drilling a trunk. Then the tapping became new words and the new words grew, and what was grown was love. The color looked amaze against his pale skin. No, nice was awful. Nice was coddled eggs and applesauce. Nice was totally bland and forgettable. Was I supposed to let him? Had that been the real price of my salad? It would grow and strengthen.

It would become impenetrable, opaque. He gave it a sharp crack on the rock, splitting it open to reveal its crystalline purple heart. I could happily spend all day looking at the luminous stones, butterflies, shells and birds — but I do feel conflicted about looking at stuffed creatures.

Today I had my first acupuncture session, and I was saddened for the butterflies pinned to their boards. I hope they get to fly around the exhibition at night-time, feeding on iridescence to top up their own meters. The new policy about restricting children should also be extended to those who are Cat person versus Cat person person. What does this mean? We were relaxing together, and then another lady came along with her fancy noisy feather toy, waved it at the cat in my lap, then they ran off together into the sunset. She totally cut my [cat]grass, like I was lying on the beach telling my life story to the man of my dreams and a distracting vapid bikini type walked past.

Of course the cat ran away of their own enticed will, but that lady should have been sensitive enough to realise that we were already having a nice time without her prying. If the cats had some glamour shoots, I think people would buy good-quality photos. This could be tracked with donation boxes featuring each of the cats the boxes could be mounted on the wall so the cats could climb on them, similar to perches featured in this article.

Each cat could sponsor another cat currently in a shelter. Imagine a floordrobe made of paper. She describes hers as: I set myself a challenge at the start of the month to reduce my sugar intake — this is layer-themed as well, because I want to be super muscular and get rid of my sheath of fat.

A friend who has achieved 0 sugar started taking magnesium and cinnamon. I eat a lot of cinnamon. I also remember each one vividly! Another lady at art school tried to reduce her intake of desserts by making a rule that she could only eat things she had baked herself. I have tried this for a few years with less success. That provides some context for being pleased even with this level of sugar — because I really did used to eat a lot of cake mix. Plus hunny bunny chocolate every 3 days.

And botanical cuisine jars a week. I felt the sugar rush as exciting as the game in the lego movie like pressing the recharge resonators button on an ingress portal. So I was obliged to eat some sweets. I will continue to eat less sugar next month, but I did spend a lot more time thinking about sugar and was sorely tempted by my sugar lip scrub. This weekend we caught a lady stealing flowers from our garden. Perhaps in a few months…. If she had knocked on our door and said that her Mum was sick, and really loved flowers, I would have dug some up for her and put them in a nice pot.

It made me doubt the story, and wonder if she could have bought some other flowers. It was just so odd and disrespectful, as she had been furtively driving past in slow-motion, and left her car running as she leapt towards the bulbs. At the very least, if her Mum really is sick, I hope they provide some cheer. Margaret Olley would pick flowers on her walks she called it pruning , to immortalise as paintings. I feel conflicted about my response, and wonder about the justification of my cynicism. Cellular memories of a thieving not thriving history. On a happier note, the Sonia orchids in the image sorry no irises left for enjoyment or photography!

They were expensive, and from a florist. These are inside so they are definitely safe! When we hugged, I felt my ear make a suction grasp on her cheek, and I thought about how we all have an ocean inside our heads if only we could hear it. Doreen Virtue shared a lovely shell photo which looks just like one that we dug up years ago at Lennox Head. The Left Hand Gallery is about running an art gallery from the left hand point of view non-commercial and with a focus on the artists , which also makes sense with a left-handed owner.

It even has its own giant left hand sign. A scary title, but I hope to read it to at least find out if it self-destructs when it feels it has had a thorough reading. After my phone had been near the truffle, it ran out of battery. I wondered if the travel theme is the reason behind the many Qantas maroon vintage bags used in her studio to store art materials. There was less progress on my PatADay record this visit — I patted one dog called Bella, but apart from that I was trying to behave because I had organised the trip.

Happy last day of blogjune! Not much to say today, my arms are tired from yoga and not typing very quickly. See Mr Cat who is so hard to capture — he moves right after being in the perfect position. Mr Cat is very sweet with his WWF friend — not the former wrestling organisation. The difference has been in changing my transport options daily and holiday , changing eating habits and becoming vegan, and buying less stuff. I keep it on my desk for the tag alone. Congratulations everyone on reaching the end of June! I look forward to next year, particularly to see how everyone has progressed on their dreams and footprints.

In the Adelaide hills, rose plants are being put in large enclosures cages to protect them from the possums. I guess toes can look pretty appetising, like human sausages with a little ridge cap nail on the end. I love these striped Floribunda-type roses — they remind me of carnation experiments at Questacon. When I was little, a science fair had them all lined up, each stem sucking up different colours to change the petals.

The best rose-lust blog is Rosomanes by Masha. There is something poetic and Magritte-like about keeping a rose in an aviary, like a songbird with clipped wings. One of my friends fosters orphaned or injured possums. Cracking from paws and effect. Herald Sun , p. The bad weather cooperated and made sure that after a rainy dash we were ready for hot mulled wine and in a scarf-buying mood. The only way to improve this rainy day outing would be to have an indoor fireplace, non-gelatine marshmallows and an expansive shag rug next year, perhaps?

It was fun to get out of the usual market groove and see different local handmade products and enjoy the live music. Contemporary art from the Wesfarmers collection. The page edges are silvered. Dunedin Public Art Gallery. Cut-out photos of roses were backed with hot pink so that they reflected back on the wall near the edges. One of my next career ideas is as an entomologist. These are the things that hold me here a house, a vessel, a shell, a ring: Katherine Bowman, 29 January-6 March I have learnt that if I want to remember a book or artist, I need to note down the details or they will be forever lost in the book labyrinth.

This display on my work desk means I can play with my zoo friends during hold music, hold music, hold. If I go on leave, I try to position the tiger, dinosaur and giraffe in different lewd? Dino used to growl and light up his eyes, but I pressed the button too many times. The rose is a build-it-yourself invitation from a gallery overseas.

I sometimes put things on the easel but it makes the display more vulnerable to wind gusts. Thanks Peter for the post inspiration! Faded book covers show memories, shelving and give a sense of how long the book has rested between being touched. I like the faded Rothko-esque framing device — on both sides — of this Manet book.

I imagine the books pressed their bodies together during a Yves Klein performance , they desperately tried to preserve the original colour of the cover before it altered like etching plates left out for a while without proper cleaning.

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The picture is fuzzy because I was laughing, and trying to remember the proper term. Cupcake lust means that I often forget to take a picture of pretty cakes before desire takes over. Very high-profile vegan business in Canberra. Fancy swirly icing and a fair amount of cake in the patty pan. Fairly recent vegan caterer, with wonderful local raw cake made by Celeste of Raw Capers. Veganarchy Bus Depot Markets, various: Crafted3 Canberra Farmers Markets, various: Cupcakes are on my to-do list. Cake Cabinet on order: My Rainbow Dreams Dickson: Not really a cake, but their walnut and choc chip biscuits have just the right mix of salty and sweet.

My last favourite place was Mornings in Paris Nicholls , which closed earlier this year and had just the best homemade vegan icecream. If they have vegan options, I might go back there one day. The secret is in her tail, which pulls out to reveal a measuring tape which was tightly furled in her abdomen like an anaemic fern decorated with standard units each line an intestinal villus , the golden ratio of ratios. This involves using headphone cords or anything else vaguely stringy, measuring my waist, then comparing the length to that of the online ruler.

My book collection — the entire sum of my own private library. I used to buy books all the time, but when I started doing interlibrary loans, I had less of an ownership need unless we had a deep soul connection. I am actually very gentle and careful with books from libraries and other people, and I considered restacking things before I took the picture, but at least this is real!

Above the cupboard not shown: Plus a tin that I bought at Benedict House and an icon that was a gift. Plus a heart-shaped leaf and some breadtags. Fitting, as I grew up in its setting of Canberra although it is called Candybar. Even the Canberra Times is the Candybar Times.

Gangles used to live on one of the mountains surrounding the city. When they put a lake in the middle of the city and a fountain in the middle of the lake, Gangles went to live on top of the fountain. It is long and bleached in the sun. You can see what looks like the National Gallery on the right hand side of the picture. I used to have many more books but they were destroyed in a flood, so perhaps my reluctance to purchase books is really from unresolved grief.

Halfway through the year, reflecting on the rest of calendar year. Sonja and the cats, finish a library course, learn to weave, find out about insects, eat more local food, improve at deadlifting, look at other volunteering opportunities and make progress towards an exhibition. And repot the geraniums. Library books — first they need to reach the library from the publishers, then they might switch to other branches, be posted to a distance student, or lent via interlibrary loan interstate or overseas. Books are frequent travellers with significant ecological footprints: If you work in a library, the most obvious side-effect from bibliographic voyaging is all the packaging.

Mounds of bubblewrap, paper or plastic padded envelopes, tough bags, polystyrene, potato-starch bubbles, air bags, plastic satchels, and enough cardboard boxes to build a fire-hazard castle. Most libraries stockpile the padded bags to reuse, but it can be challenging not to send a lot of items to landfill. Usually you need less stickytape and other paraphernalia to keep them secure during reuse — but sticky labels also create a lot of waste ink, label, adhesive paper.

Coming out

The downside of the bags is that they are full of recycled newspaper padding, so if a trusty paper padded bag knight gets a spear in the face, he leaks everywhere including between the pages of the book he carries gruesome paper blood, obviously. Perhaps the bag wants to be a book and is assimilating. I only recently realised that the paper padded bags are slightly heavier than plastic padded ones so they can cost more in postage and over time add up to a lot of unnecessary weight. A point in their favour is that books are less likely to get caught inside less plastic friction.

Bubblewrap padded bags can have limited potential reuse because the bubbles will get squashed. If there is a paper outer, you can separate this from the bubbles so that the paper is recycled, and the bubbles in the landfill bin. If you do this a few times you will not like these bags as the recycling process is labour-intensive and soul-destroying. The plain bubblewrap plastic padded bags which have no paper outer go straight in the landfill bin.

It can be challenging to get rid of it. Polystyrene is also difficult, but if you check your local recycling guide, some commercial waste management places will accept it for a fee. Non-biodegradable air-filled bags can be popped and placed in the REDcycle plastic recycling bins at some supermarkets.

I wish that the REDcycle bins included this on their list of accepted items. If you keep your squashable plastics from home, it is an illuminating exercise about how much waste you create, even if it can be made into something else. I do wonder about the processes involved in making this squashable plastic into furniture — fumes? But I need to learn more about this. Apparently some people feed them to birds but I try not to do this. The process is free, but do factor in the cost of postage as well as the fact that materials are once again clocking up the kilometres. Check to see if your council has a guide, and if they will recycle the bubblewrap padded bags with plastic outer — sometimes they have a recycling symbol.

It can be frustrating to look at all the materials accumulated by book transport, but I try and focus on the benefits of getting the right book to the borrower, it could be for something crucial in their research or development that will change or green the world. Plus their across-the-road neighbours, National Gallery of Australia is now catering to vegans! Previous custom vegan desserts have been similar quinoa cream based desserts with fruit and crunchy bits delicious but unknown. Rumour has it that there may be a possibility of getting vegan mudcake sometime.

I would rate the curry as meeting the requirements of 3 Canberra Beanies convenience, health factor, cost. I would rate the dessert as an almost 3 maybe 2. Now that there is the achievement of vegan savoury items on the regular gallery menus, I hope that vegan desserts are the next frequent feature, not just for vegans but also our dairy-free friends. Having grown up in Canberra, I remember when Woden was trendy, and actually called Woden Plaza before the corporate W took over.

The Camel Train was my favourite place — slightly forbidden and just so full. Some of the more recent uses of the space have been as a Christian book shop and now a mini-mart. The photo was taken from the fountain side, you can see the steps leading down. In the photo above, the fountain and steps used to be in the same location as the fancy paving. It is much easier to feel the pain of art that is a battery hen, a sense of loss. I look forward to a cleaner and happier sculpture being free at the end of August.

The Snake Pit was painted by community groups. Here is the Snake Pit today — the entry is where you used to get into the movies. I have fond memories of the bowling alley too — I wonder how the space is used now, it is in the weird island building in the middle of the interchange — as well as the cinema. It was a magical place, just like our beloved Electric shadows. Please click to see her profile on the Missing Persons website. This means we could easily fit book displays into standard transport. Make every bus a library or bookshop cafe.

Or have book cart drill team performances on the bus — donation on top of your standard fare. My being and aura is layered with cat hair, even my gym clothes. The fur is everywhere anyway. Probably a washing machine filter issue. I used to despair at the mounds and dust bunnies of cat hair — I could even make a third cat every time I empty our vacuum cleaner. Cat hair can be inspirational. You can see an installation shot on page 6 of the Trouble catalogue.

This little friend was in the hallway — to reduce the hazard of spider smashed on light switch, I put him outside. I hope he will be okay. Most likely now has a spider layer of cat hair the tiniest fur coat ever to scare the rest of the arachnid neighbourhood. The only photo I took was of my dinner from 98 Chairs. Their team was very accommodating no vegan pre-warn, either!

Everything was scrumptious, worth making the roadtrip from Canberra thanks Liz P for the recommendation! When I was little there was a giftshop in the underbelly , let alone eat at other vegan-friendly places. A lair for batmerino? Leanne Grady has recipes for baked zucchini loaf, spicy tofu and lettuce rollups and scrumptious strawberry shortcake. Every dish was sprinkled with a helping of melancholy. Back in the day if you had a ravenous appetite for cute pictures, you were kind of stuck with joke books or terrible Anne Geddes baby photo albums.

This was pre-lolcats, and I desperately wanted some squee in my life. I had lofty goals of a friendship with a cat or puppy, but I had to settle on having the Addams family equivalent: I once knew a kitten who thought a large cat on a calendar was challenging his territory so he attacked it.

The calendar fell over. This is a recent loan — I think the recipe titles give the impression that the person is cooking a cat to eat. Or is that just me? And for balance, ye olde loldogs! Living with a gourmet pet: Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. But obviously lacking in table manners and etiquette.

Burglar bunny would be a pretty cute name for a pet — we had a great cassette tape of Burglar Bill when I was growing up. And you can now get the audio book on a format other than a cassette tape! This week I felt rather frustrated with ISBN barcodes being placed right near the spot where we put library barcodes.

During the book design process, maybe someone thought it was a good or handy spot if the book was being sold — easy to scan and get the cash! However, think of the library staff who need to add a barcode so the item is trackable for their collection. Every time you try and scan it with the barcode wand, it picks up the ISBN barcode. A negative heliographic plate, originally glass and then transparent celluloid is prepared with chemicals, powders and other materials for different textural effects. Annely Juda Fine Art, Clearly I like it I saw it again last night first time was on Saturday, noted in my previous Maleficent post.

We went to Palace Electric, which has lots to look at like this ceiling work above , which sort of has a sky-ocean relationship with the honeycomb tiles underneath. Jen has captured a much nicer angle of the ceiling. Other works in the area are listed by the Molonglo Group. Some Maleficent spoilers from here: I was left with the same questions that I had on my first viewing:. There is a dress-up blog celebrating rubbish collection day , but it looks a lot more wholesome than our disposal items, so easier to look fancy.

But nothing seems a worse fate than the toshers featured in the Smithsonian mag. I washed my hands a million times and felt much better after a bath and shower. Not a great water-use day, but I just felt so unclean! My favourite things were the insect lampshade and the Alicia Kane ceramic muglets for succulents. Our next stop was Old Bus Depot Markets, but we were sad because Veganarchy was away so we were deprived of the best vegan cupcakes in Canberra.

One stallholder had a dazzling collection of gemstones including Australian amethyst, plus ammonite fossils that are millions of years old. White of the Canberra Lapidary Club says,. It had the power to open doors for you to enter a new and fascinating realm, and to tell you something about the ancient prehistoric world in which it had its genesis. I only reached a 2 on my PatADay score, but they were both unbearably cute small dogs. He was a sweet, but rather uncooperative model! Today I watched Maleficent. The stories have the same haunting music of Tchaikovsky and green smoke clouds.

Fauna, Flora and Merryweather are godmothers in the original movie, with a shift to being Aunties in the newer movie. I was standing between Questacon and the National Library — the area won a AILA National Landscape Architecture Award for design click on the link, their picture has the same area on the right, 2 years has been a big growth spurt for the hedge! The National Capital Authority is a relevant information source, but their website is down, luckily Pandora has archived the site. It is one of my deepest wants that their catering involves heaps of wheatgrass shots over the 3 day program.

It could be a new boutique flavour sensation. I am in a club — you might also be a member — it is the Guild of Cutlery Thieves. That actually provides incentive for a personal spoon set. Truly a tragedy of the work kitchen commons, with the silverware snugly safe in the drawer until they are taken home like so many stolen wildflowers. Well-designed cutlery eases my heart and tummy. My shame revealed — today I smuggled 5 teaspoons, 1 big spoon and a fork back into the work drawers. I loved that teaspoon more than anyone. We have some SAS spoons from 10 or 20 years ago!

See his other works on the BoS website. Harold Holt [Zara] acted as her own decorator, infusing the house with Australiana including Australian pearl shells as ashtrays admiring visitors had to order their own shells from the Dept. My favourite part is the bright pink bedroom which has beds that Mrs.

Holt found discarded in the garage of a government building in Sydney. A sister dumpster diver! The article is worth hunting down for the fantastic retro photos, but sadly these older Vogue articles are either not digitised or let me know otherwise! Photographs by Kerry Dundas. I often have overdue books. However there is the need to return them! Lorraine on looking great: Lots of exercise routines and a good suggestion of rolling a tennis ball under each foot whilst sitting! You are what you wear: The psychology of dress!

Lots of self-tests about overbuying and appearance anxiety, with chapters focused on lifestyle and not just clothing. A puzzling 2-page spread of a lady disrobed but for some handbags — a statement about leather? A refreshing book that shows the importance of homes being welcoming and as working symbols of what is important, interior design programs do the same soul-crucifying work to houses as beauty magazines do to self-confidence. Happy first day of blogjune! We really enjoyed the town thank you Ms. It took under an hour to get there, but we needed to start with victuals!

We went to the end of the main street and got drinks and pastry from Dojo bread , who also run bread-making courses through The Farm Dojo. I think all the pastries contained dairy, so I had secondary enjoyment by staring like a carbcreeper. The markets are on the 4 th Saturday of each month. They ran away from us. String was my favourite place in Braidwood — note that both String and Longbarn are closed all of July. They also have chickens!

It sounds like the noise your brother makes if you are having a fight with him and land a stomach punch. I patted 8 dogs, a PatADay record! Here is Ringo who had two-toned hairspray and was very sweet. Previously tried and tested in my post of June The Kitchen Cabinet with Ginger Catering, who are now at the Arboretum is now under new management Restaurant Associates , so they no longer sell farm vegetables or vegan chocolate disappointing. Bookplate National Library still have custom salads pro tip: The previous people Broadbean Catering formerly known as Portrait Catering, now at National Museum offered custom salads, lentils and zucchini balls, but they preferred a phone call ahead.

The good news with the new management is that they have something on their menu that is already vegan! It is a jewelled quinoa salad with sultanas, toasted seeds, confit garlic, herbs and preserved lemon. Brian the friendly besuited manager even checked that the confit was vegan. Be wary of the chai latte liquid mix, as it contained honey at last check. With some prompting they can make a custom vegan salad.

The manager Lianah was very accommodating and happy to check all ingredients. Double drummer had lentil and pearl barley salads, as well as lots of ingredients for fresh juices. I toiled away in the heat today, for a harvest of potatoes and some fetid compost. The plants could have kept going for a little while, but the hot spell had made them faint in their enclosure. Those plants lost the will to live after Mr. Cat both thought it was a pleasantly private place to attend to their needs.

Understandably the plants preferred the great nursery in the sky. Later I read theories about tyre chemicals leaching into the ground, so I washed the tyre and gave it to a friend for her dog not as a toilet, you attach hessian on the top to make a hammock. It was quite exciting to discover all the potatoes hiding under the sugarcane mulch like savoury easter eggs.

I had been told that piling up the mulch near the potato plants would make it easier to harvest. It was sheer luck they were in roughly the same area to make for convenient fencing. I made a great find with four sprouted avocado seeds! I put them in a container for the windowsill. Protip — leave the avocado seeds on the edge of your garden to give any earthworms the chance to crawl out. There are more instructions on growing avocado plants on Australian avocados site.

The reason we let the potatoes go was because we planted tomatoes two years in a row, and I freaked out about crop rotation. Anyway, we grew tomatoes in pots this year. The heat is sort of an excuse, but there are a lot of other gardens in Canberra that have done better. How are they so nefarious? They like to dig, or just squash a plant by sitting on top: You can see Ms. Back from our brief holiday in Adelaide, which I rate as a hot contender for vegan capital of Australia!

When my Mum travels she sends postcards which only contain descriptions of food eaten, probably the source of my view of holidays-as-food she now chronicles the weather so as not to be eating-centric. I had the quinoa burger vegetarian but made vegan, it was delicious but not as good as a burger I had later and a nectarine cake pretty tasty but needs coconut cream or something to go with it.

I felt a bit weird from the heat and so much cake so we went to Chocolate Bean for more cake logical! The praline one was better but too much for one person. It looked nothing like I expected but I was pleased to be able to eat something, and it was quite good. When I returned to my seat, the quinoa patties were waiting there interfiled with dead slices of orange.

The patties were a bit dry and the green sauce was super hot! In Brighton there was a very familiar caterpillar but not identifiable for everyone in our group! Unfortunately we missed out on the Brighton Jetty Bakery which has lots of vegan options.

Their menu is on a different theme each month, and Ken at the counter said there was a family that came once a month and ordered every single item. I had the spring rolls and then the black sticky rice sundae rice, f-ice cream, coconut cream and toasted coconut. The waitress recommended the sundae over the plain rice with coconut cream.

I could eat 5 of them. Both the spring rolls and the sundae are on the February menu, too. It was also fun to walk up and down the street, the stobie poles are emblazoned with angels, there is a mosaic couch, teapots growing succulents hang from the pedestrian railing, corrugated iron magpies are pinned to the fence and finally a pink cat shop nsfw. I am so glad we went there, because it was the best vegan burger I have ever had on all counts — flavour, charm, price, romance, whether I would eat of them, etc.

The raw key lime pie was delicious and reminded me of the raw vegan food made by Raw Capers here in Canberra — really good texture made with good quality sweeteners and a health focus. I think this is more the anticipation of first bite, but perhaps the theory requires some exploration. My friend had never been there before and really enjoyed the different architecture and more organic street design. It would be nice to work at the desk growing all those fragile tentacles.

Dangerous territory with all these lovely things for sale, like glass tumblers in a triangular shape which were just made to hold. The beads and products in the rooms had been moved about for Christmas lunches yes, one of my resolutions is to do things in a more timely fashion, as evidenced and betrayed by the seasonal baubles below. I should have paid more attention to opening hours as unfortunately they were closed. A resolution for next year! Snail Mail One, p. Poetry married page through traditional printing, from heavily embossed imposed words to letters gently kissing the surface of the paper leaving ink remnants and memories.

LGBT-related songs

We saw works at the zygote stage with setting the letters and proofing, through to completed bound books with poetry by Rosemary Dobson and a typeset artist book with linocuts by G. Bot and poems by Anne Kirker. Caren also supports emerging artists through the Ampersand Duck Broadside Residency, by providing graduating students an opportunity to work in the studio and produce an edition of prints using handset letterpress. The studio is filled with work in progress by the residents, as well as completed books and prints by established artists.

One of the zines even has a view of Studio Duck, compare it with the photo from our visit at the top:. Thank you Caren for welcoming us to your studio and providing an insight into your working process. We look forward to having more artist studio visits during our program.

Or explore the various print offerings! This includes non-government agencies such as those addressing homelessness ; government departments, police and prison services, health professionals, professional organisations and more. This national information clearinghouse for the Australian alcohol and other drugs field was established in , and the huge collection has made an invaluable contribution to our health legislation. Without monthly database updates, the reduced currency of the database will have detrimental impacts on the health professionals that rely on it to provide contemporary research outcomes, meaning that they cannot provide the best patient care.

Many are not well paid and are themselves working for a non-government agency but are passionate about their work and grateful to library staff who help them with research and information gathering. Find your voice and make it heard. We all need to find our voice to stand up for ADCA library, as without their contribution, people working with those most at risk will be deprived of evidence-based research assistance.

I took my strategy from a portly young man competing before me. My thoughts and best wishes are with ADCA and their staff, I hope that the festival stall on Saturday will contribute to a revision of the funding decision. ADCA recommends… alcohol and other drugs resources for the health library.

Collective amnesia — are we complicit in the closure of special libraries?. A push technology personal librarian project. I walked towards him at the waterfall, the celebrant said the words, and my partner gave the most wonderful and thoughtful vows. Thank you to Frieda Gayle, such a wonderful and thoughtful celebrant, who even hiked to several areas to find the perfect place and really did organise everything!

Many thanks to Shawna Lee for taking us to the rainforest and the beach, and for your heartfelt hula and beautiful photographs. Yesterday we had a family celebration at a rural property in a Canberra valley, with thanks to Leonie for letting us picnic and croquet on her lawns. We also had a nice moment opening cards from overseas family, who also sent a traditional Norwegian spoon for sharing porridge.

Mum organised all the details — making the cardboard table pad, stamping the cutlery napkins, finding tableware and furniture, even down to hand-quilting a hot pink rug. I think it stems from her project management expertise. I am so thankful for her caring and organised nature and to spend this special moment together. We forgot to bring our board games carcassonne and dominion , but my father and brothers had set up a croquet lawn, so we enjoyed pretending to be in Wonderland.

You can see below, Mr. We had a wonderful experience at the ceremony and the picnic, and I am so glad that we both decided to speed-date on that fateful night so many years ago. Frieda Gayle, first listing on Kauai directory. Marriage paperwork and local advice: Ellen at The Wine Shop Kauai. Post-ceremony art exhibition enjoyment: Claire at Nocturne D esign.

Millie at T-Bar Canberra Centre. Photography beautiful pictures to come, the ones above are my dodgy ones and venue: Leonie at Snowgum Studio.

A few years ago the infestation of adhesive frangipani gave rise to the responding trend: It would be a lovely project to make a scented maze with all their plants, but I have a weird feeling that keeping flowers inside seems like a plant version of veal calves. My favourite orchid was Onc. I have absolute immunity to that song because I used to hear it ten times a day when I worked as a seamstress undergoing aural torture. Both types appear as a half flower, but you can put two together to make a whole — an opposite of the floral rhyme: There are different stories around the two types of the flower, one is that two lovers were forcibly separated and went to these different parts of the landscape.

We are leaving today and they are treating us with suspicion and disdain. I do hope they like our housesitter. I have the dress, shoes, veil, jewellery and gloves. I inherited the gloves as well as a jar of gallstones from my Grandma a few years ago, it was quite emotional to go through the bag of gloves and think that we were holding hands through time. I miss her a lot. I wanted to have a photo of one of my cats wearing the veil so they felt more included before we abandon them, but they were uncooperative. Ms Cat is trying to charm for attention in the background, and Mr Cat is being unimpressed with me, or sniffing the netting?

Or it is a two-headed cat. This week, my work team sent me off with a great surprise morning tea resplendent with inflatable palm tree. Vicki drew this pineapple on the whiteboard and everyone was wearing very kitsch grass skirts and leis, and the table was covered in vegan food everywhere you looked, it was themed, even the printer wore a skirt. They would be great wedding planners. My social awkwardness in being surprised but of course, very grateful and touched! But this does create two tiers of tasks for the different events like different tiers of a cake, perhaps. She showed us some amazing vines to use as a cake wreath, and grey leaves and pink roses for corsages.

Trying to rearrange the flowers when I got back home reminded me that floristry is not one of my core strengths, as reflected by the image below. I was feeling borderline bridezilla because I had walked up and down the Gold Creek strip hunting for this nonexistent place. At least I found Darling Central! Here is a Gold Creek magpie looking as puzzled as I felt. I trudged over to the Canberra Centre which has had so many changes and finally had bra success, despite changerooms definitely not being the place to discuss asymmetry. Bra shops would also be an entrepreneurial place to have mole checking and pap smears because it feels quite intimate and invasive, better to get it all done in one go.

It will be sewn into the dress like a secret supportive amulet, so I had needed it ready for the appointment. Or practice ballet poses. The corset is indicative only, the main focus was on the handkerchief skirt which has different panels for more movement in line with the fairy theme. We just need an outfit for Mr. S, decide cake fillings, and find a spy camera so that we can save money on wedding photography, and buy pink glitter mushrooms to scatter in the Hawaiian forest.

It might not get the bridal body that others have suggested, but it will prevent me from going over the edge and taking over a seaside town. This is because Ms Cat is healing from nerve damage, so she is isolated in her bedroom with Mr S, so Mr Cat and I are banished to the couch. If it meant that Ms Cat was rehabilitated, I would be happy to be a sofa lady forever. So to wake up a bit, I walked around the Parliamentary Triangle, and as I reached the summit of the little hill near the Gallery of Australian Design, two birds swallows?

I will imagine it was a flying hug. The sun was finally gleaming and all the Reconciliation Place sculptures near the Portrait Gallery and Questacon were glistening. The first works in the exhibition are my favourite, the branches shimmer and sway as you walk past, like the twinkling of a heatwave.

Outside, I noticed this sweet yet savage bike! Or just keep things horizontal a la Ms Cat. Not only is it rude to assume that someone is unhappy with their body ahh, thanks for telling me I had a problem! We are doing everything else outside of the norm, so it would be nice to skip these interactions as well. Thank heavens for the anti-divorce diet The perfect wedding is one where people care about you beyond your body. Part of this involved wildcard searching for words to fill in the puzzle blanks, a creative use of Boolean search operators.

It was interesting to see the black-out shapes change in the different puzzle templates, Denise has also invented Secret Shapes, so when you finish the crossword puzzle, the remaining letter squares can be coloured in to make a picture.

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Their favourite crossword dictionary was used so religiously that there was a hole in the front cover where you place your left thumb while flicking the pages. There was a whole setup of the dictionary, crossword clipboards and magnifying glass on their coffee table. Back in the day he introduced punch cards into the ABS, and was always learning — he progressed to writing books on his computer and towards the end of his earthly life, was downloading classical music. Thanks Denise for regaling us with your tales of crossword creation and publishing, and we look forward to your talk at the Library Career Soiree.

I spent a relaxing last day of blogjune at the Om Shanti Pamper Day doing pilates and getting massages. Sheila Variations has written a great review of the story. She then told me about an Aboriginal story of a medicine man transformed by a spirit, the organs in his body become quartz crystals magic stones to help him communicate with the ancestors Spencer and Gillen in Torrance, The spiritual quest: There are beautiful descriptions of quartz-like crystals as fallen stars peoples of Bloomfield River in Queensland or solidified light the Arunta peoples in this article on Meteors in Australian Aboriginal Dreamings.

It is comforting to think of the stories linking up from different parts of the world and how we might talk to others with our shimmering stones on the inside and outside. Surely a worthwhile mission. Present a sundae glass fancy! I am normally against this, but you could double dip your spoon if you want to mark it as your private eating territory. Top with coconut cream if you need to wind back the sugary taste.

Avoid the temptation to add coconut essence — it is often made of glycerine which can be derived from animal fat. Tummy and willpower need to talk. Lots of drawing today, with the Sketch like pictionary in Mr. Normally I use a lot of photographs and preliminary sketches. I wish someone had taught me differently earlier. I propose that the current amenities review of the parliamentary zone result in a vegan food truck or wandering cupcake seller, it could be called govsnack copyright Cush, cu5h.

Look at the success of Sweet Bones in Braddon, only 4 kilometres away from the parliamentary triangle but with a fair chunk of time trying to find a car park there and one on return. Today I was incorrectly enthused by their roast vegetables with pine nuts listed on their menu, before their staff member kindly pointed out that it was a quiche filling. Clearly subheadings on chalkboards are not my forte. If there was dark chocolate I could have bought it, as Peter is very insistent about not putting milk solids in chocolate he mentioned this at the Chocolate Maker talk.

Lovely roses outside Parliament House, maybe I could eat them — rose petal icecream and lavender truffles are my top favourite foods of all time. Some of these places have excellent call-ahead vegan options but I hope that they become permanent menu items:. Make sure you mention it when you book the high tea tickets. Pork Barrel tomato or mushroom pizza with no cheese, depending on your view of veganism relating to yeast, no call-ahead ,.

Coffers at the Treasury building basic white rice and vegetables, no call-ahead ,. Bookplate at National Library custom on-demand salads, call-ahead needed. They also do excellent vegan catering with lime-soaked coconut strawberries. Paperplate LG1 level of the Library has a noodle salad that could possibly be vegan,. Sometimes it takes a lot of phone calls, planning and walking just to get lunch.

Perhaps instead of parking spaces in the parliamentary triangle, we should convert all the parking spaces into community gardens so there would always be something to eat. The sculptures have left debossed grave mounds, or giant footprints. Now the trees are missing their steel night protectors and gnash their bare roots in anguish. See the more recent guide below — astounding! Besides inspiring interest in science careers and discoveries, it could also be an excellent apocalypse bunker. It would benefit from the protective ambience of Olympic sculptures, which send a message that we are fit and ready to defend ourselves.

We can also wear awesome lab coats:. This was in the time before lab coats were worn in department stores so their authoritative air had been retained. I hope the Olympic sculptures wherever they may be are wearing lab coats or something to keep them warm.

Department of the Environment and Water Resources March Referral of proposed action: Humanities and Science Campus: Stage 1 and 2. National Science and Technology Centre Australia. The Shell Questacon Science Circus: Questacon — National Science and Technology Centre]. Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research. Today I accidentally trapped a spider in the compost bin — I was putting a dead pumpkin vine in there and then the spider crawled up! I fished out poor wincy who is now somewhere in the nandina.

Canberra has also had a lot of rain recently so that might be something to do with spidey emerging. People actually need cosifying instructions beyond recipes and pillows, like gentle lighting, rugs, texture and headboards Welcome: How do you cosy-up a home? I would add, large mugs for drinking and eating multi-purpose, to warm the hands , lavender heat packs, good quality socks and scarves, and remembering to cover your car before Jack Frost does it on your behalf in Canberra, anyway. Plus of course, eating pie! Chop 2 onions, 1 sweet potato, 2 carrots and 1 stick of celery into small chunks.

Boil or microwave until tender if you like you can fry the onions with garlic. Cook 1 cup of brown rice and mix with the cooked vegetables. Add a tin of lentils in vegan gravy to the mixture. Add 2 tablespoons of tamari. Sprinkle with vegan stock powder, coriander powder and cumin powder.

Put the filling in the blind baked pastry crust. Chop 9 or so potatoes into small chunks, cook in a small amount of stock until tender. Put a tablespoon of vegan margarine or oil in the well of the potato mixture. Heat 1 cup of soy milk and pour it on top of the margarine, then beat the whole mixture again. Put the mixture on top of the filling. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with Italian herb mixture. Bake for 20 minutes, then place under the grill for 5 minutes to brown.

Real Living , 66 , 9. M describes the colour as sort of 80s beige, but I think it is probably from the 90s or later. Did you see the logo clearly? Say it in a robot voice. Businesses finding millennium-related names already outdated. Knight-Ridder Tribune Business News: The Indianapolis Star and News — Indiana. Retrieved from Factiva, 21 June It was destined to be an interesting show, as demonstrated by the invitation which Roman says was shot but I queried the bullet holes.

This price list has a handy map of the artworks. He foxily sells paintings and sculptures, sometimes they are of dubious provenance. This can cause issues if you want to donate the painting to the Museum in the game, or you can cut your losses and make your own fake painting gallery at home.

Apologies for the fuzzy image — I had challenges with our 3DS and I decided to fix it next time. You can see the Vermeer on the left and Seurat on the right. He never was difficult for me at all. He was a very intelligent man. He knew what he wanted. That was the first time I had been on a set and everything to me was Greek. I watched his direction. He explained it to me and showed me how to do things and would tell me why I should do it that way. I would incorporate what he felt into my performance or at least I would try to.

The reason I started boxing wasn't because I wanted to be the best in the world or the champion. It was to open doors that ordinar- ily wouldn't be open. And boxing at that time was starting to open the doors to movie land. Everyone on the set helped me. Perry [King] was good. I can say nothing nega- tive about anybody. I had no complications with anyone. They knew I was an amateur and they helped me as much as they could. Because the better the movie looked and the better I looked in the movie, the better it was for them.

By the time you get to the point where you're shooting, it was numbing. For the first three or four times, you giggle. But after doing it so many times, it's like brushing your teeth. Plus, she's a nice lady. She was more embarrassed that me. The sensiuL The shocking. The powerfuL The shemefui Expect ell thet the motion picture screen hes never dered to show bcCore. The way it was done was very good, I thought. Most of the crew was kept out. We worked into it. I had met her before. In fact, we talked about it. They cover you in the front because it was only shot from the back. It was not a thing where I was walking around the set in my birthday suit.

The way he could look, the way he could make a move, and the smallest utter of a word could mean so much. On the set, he kept to himself. He was never around me much. And that was because I was out playing. Boy, can you imagine that? At that time of my life, I was happy-go-lucky and full of energy. I was a very virile, young human being. At that time there was no disease. You could have fun. I feel that during the movie that Brenda and I became good friends. Brenda Sykes, to me, was a very nice person.

She helped me during the movie and we went over our parts together because I was an amateur and she was an actress. We did rehearse together quite a bit. Was that a nice way to put it? The first is with former Mr. Rams receiver Duane Allen. Norton performed all of his own stunts.

I wanted to learn as much as I could about filmmaking. There was quite a bit of rehearsal. We had no problems. The pitchfork gave way like a knife you push in someone that goes back into the handle. When Perry went to jab me, he did it a little too hard. I told him he did and that it should not happen again. To make it look real, he had to move it around and by doing that you can very easily get scratched. He put his gloves back on and resumed his fighting career with several bouts in I think at that time that it was a little too long and had too much nudity.

I was biting him and they shot it real close. There was more blood coming out. The New York premiere was exciting for Norton. Seeing me in the cinema. Do you believe it? Do i look real? I was full of questions and that feedback helped me. With its gorgeous production values, unusual story, graphic violence, fisticuffs, and naked male and female bodies, the film earned its R rating and provided something for everyone. It was different because it was a black and white thing.

It helped me with the females a lot more than boxing. But after the movie, with the black and white thing, more white females came up and talked to me about that scene. Did you relate to it? How did you feel doing it? It was good for me, it was good for race rela- tions, and it helped me get a little poontang. Although credited to Onstott, the DRUM novel was actually ghost-written by Lance Homer, who went on to write six more entries in the Falconhurst series. DRUM spans twenty years and stars Norton in the title role as a New Orleans slave who gets sold to Falconhurst and becomes involved in a bloody slave uprising.

To prepare for the shoot, Norton read the sequel novel. The cast included the great Warren Oates in the role played by King in the original! Almost immediately, DRUM became a troubled production. The original editors were also dismissed. I do remember Steve. Richard Fleischer was older and more set in his ways. We were more of the same age, so we talked differently.

But he still got his point across. It was the attitude that he wanted to make a good picture. I could pick his brain. He would tell me things. He was a good director. That to me was very educationai. He was a very friendly man, a good man. Easy to rehearse with, easy to talk to, easy to ask questions. Because I was green, I asked a lot of questions and he was easy to talk to. I asked everybody questions, even the extras.

And Warren was very helpful to me and he would tell me why he would do something a certain way. And I watched him do it and I understood why he did it that way. But I never saw him drink. I was too busy chasing the ladies. I was single then. I was more friendly with Pam Grier.

She was a very nice person. You can think mentally how you would act with Brenda Sykes and Pam Grier. Brenda Sykes was so cute, like a little doll, one of those little black dolls you buy. And Pam Grier was a very nice lady and very attractive and very healthy. So you can think about and derive something from that without me say- ing too much. I remember that she was, uh.

He never saw her use drugs or alcohol on the set. Norton and Kotto had a similar relationship on the set. It was one minor mistake. I told him that I was trained to hit people and hurt people. So if I could miss him, he could miss me. And Warren Oates just came off that way. He would say things that were just funny. It was supposed to be serious and whatever, but it came off humorous. And he enjoyed doing it that way and I remember laughing on the set with many others.

Many of us laughed about the way Warren did it. He made something so serious, funny. It would be several months before DRUM would be on the big screen, but Norton was on the small screen that same month in a televised fight. The original cut ran close to three hours and De Laurentiis insisted that most of the first act be reduced to a brief, narrated prologue. Trimmed from the film were graphic depictions of a throat slitting, another Norton bite, two deaths by pitchfork, and Norton holding up a pair of bloody white testicles which he has just ripped off with his bare hands.

United Artists quickly picked DRUM up but De Laurentiis, annoyed by all the troubles, removed his name from the film and canceled his plans to shoot a third entry in the series. Drum died in the novel, but he was still standing at the end of the film to set up a sequel. Norton was unaware of all the politics.

I had nothing to do with the business. DRUM is the explosion! The international take was also good. I think they were surprised that I came off doing them so well without any experience. There was no nega- tivity about the movies or about me making the movies. It was all a big plus. I'd be thinking of both. And I decided that movies took too much time [away] from boxing. So I decided not to do anymore. I was making more money fighting. During his acting hiatus, his image stayed on grindhouse and drive-in screens throughout the s as DRUM was re-released through sub-distributors to fill out double and triple bills.

At the end of my fight career, I started acting school. You know Milton Katselas? I started going to his class. And I enjoyed the therapy of going to the class whether I used it or not. It was good for me. It was good therapy. Norton continued his acting classes. On the way, the Clenet hit a curb and a tree before flipping upside down and trapping Norton.

Norton spent two years in a wheelchair and had to undergo extensive physical therapy before he could walk again. Much better today, Norton works out regularly and still looks great. He keeps busy as a fight trainer and an entrepreneur. In his autobiography. Going The Distance, came out. What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve. If you think about it, you can do it.

You ever hear of Napoleon Hill? He wrote a book called Think And Grow Rich. That book helped me more than anything else. I read that book pretty regular. And I feel good. My outlook on life is: Find a challenge to keep you going. And once I complete one thing, I try something else. Neither movie is expected to be on Region 1 DVD anytime soon. His frequent appearances at sports conventions and autograph shows attract numerous boxing fans but not many movie buffs.

A man brought a picture of Mede. How can it be politically incorrect if it hap- pened? In getting to where we are now, we had to pass so many hurdles. The blacks, whites, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Italians, anybody. That goes for any race. It changed the minds of a lot of people. Whether it be good or bad, it changed their minds. But he most Lcertainly made fun ones. After a few more futile attempts, 1 gave up — for many years. Yet not too long ago, 1 did an Internet search and discovered that the seemingly miss- ing director had made some relatively recent appearances at the respected Festival of Fantastic Films convention in England.

When I interviewed Fuest over the phone in early , he was in terrific spirits and quite flattered that Americans like myself showed a deep interest in his work. And, hell, it was great knowing that he was still alive! Residing in Winchester, England, Fuest is doing quite well teaching film courses at a local British university in South Hampton close to the Isle of Wight , wkile also experiencing some commercial success as a fine artist.

Fuest has little knowledge of his Gemianic background, but some of his earliest memories inevitably come from the Nazi Blitz against England during World War II. And it happened so often that eventually we remained amazingly cool about the air raids. Around 16 he became somewhat encapsu- lated by jazz music and painting, soon thereafter going to Wimbledon to attend art school. So wlien 1 played in this one band, 1 used to take my drums on a bus and go 20 miles to do a gig.

Now' wken I look back upon those days after well over 50 years, they have a kind of rosy glow' to them. But it was still a very austere time. The Festival of Fantastic Films. Well, not too long after that, 1 went out to rule the world at age 28 — and com- pletely failed. I was there for five years and, I must tell you, it was a ivotiderful company. A lot of very' good directors were there at the time: Honor Blackman as Kathy Gale. Look, this conversation between Kathy Gale and whomever, or Jolm Steed and whomever could easily take place somewhere otljer than in a plain old office.

But also quite experimental. So I mentioned your name. That way; the bathroom would become the most important room in the house because it would be the only room in the house. But as the investors got more and more interested in this fittle project, we began to attract more names. Then it went into color.

Then it went from 20 to 40 minutes. English people with wide trousers and lots of union jacks and swinging mad, and all that. Most of the peo- ple in it are now dead. To tell you the trutli, I shudder to think of it, but it was also the best that 1 could do at the time. Actually', some of it looks really good. In fact, we got some great reviews at the time: In fact, 1 man- aged to get use of the whole 'Bmisian army. The story' was all about mine fields and gun running and does sound rather in terribly bad taste now, but it was also shghtly amusing at the time.

Any'way, w'e were set to start pro- duction, when the Six-Day War suddenly broke out and then all of the Arab states were dynamite. But having art-directed the series, I quite hon- estly never thought about helming entire episodes of the show, which had, of course, become quite huge by Have you got it on DVD? They' were all ftin to make, actually. Of course, she had a major problem following in the footsteps of Diana, who is something of a legend, not only because of her acting abihty but because she was such a great gal and an incredible show business personafity.

And when Diana left the show, it was a realh' hard act to follow. Yet even though Linda had some trouble, these problems eventually get buried and become quite trivial with the sweetness of time. Actually, had 1 not been happily married at the time. I liked her enor- mously. Just rwj nice to work with. I mean, she always knew her lines, was on her mark, and was just smashing.

Those were really the nicest days of my life.

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It was really quite incredible. It was about a heist, a bank job, and everything went according to plan. It was incredibly uneventful, like a documentary' on Imv to rob a bank. Maybe people will see it two or three times to see whether they missed anything. But then it was just sOly, ridiculous. Fuest took this golden opportunity' to try and persuade Hermann to score the movie. Do you think you can do the music for us? And, you knoyv, Laurie Johnson was just panting to score the film, so unfortunately' yve never got Bernard. But, stifi, there are some nice things in that score.

Just then, a Mustang yvhisks by and she chases after it, but to no avail. Well, there was a side road that ran off at angle from the main road, and 1 said. I think it yvould have been super, actu- ally. But, still, with Albert Femiell and Brian Gemens on board, yve really laughed a lot. Well, there yvas this great hound that came up to me and Any'hoyv, he jumped up and pinned me to a tree. So 1 figured the best thing to do was just to yvait until somebody yvalked past.

But after about half an hour someone finally came by and helped me settle the dog doyy'n. But as the years go by, the ratings get higher and higher. You knoyv yvhat 1 mean? I read it on the beach and thought. Of course, the extraordinars thing about the DR. Grapliic deaths occur by means of bats, locusts, and rats, as well as by such gruesome techniques as blood-draining, skull-crushing, and impalement. While the script is credited to Whiton and Goldstein, Fuest says he had a large hand in writing much of the dialogue, as well as in developing DR.

But on the first DR. PHIBK being a mad organist, his clockwork orchestra But if you hav e the guy up in the air being attacked by an amiy of rats Brian Gemens was the one who came up vvltli tlie terrific conclu- sion. PHIBES making his getaway in a balloon or a helicopter after pushing his assistant Vulnavla out of the window of his castle. And it was really such a mess, with so many unanswered questions. Also, techni- cally, the original ending was impossible to shoot on the budget we had. And the next day — lo and behold — Briim came up with the way to do it! He was a bit older and had just finished shooting TORA!

But we got on very well. Where did you get those? And as 1 was leaving his flat, he gave me three of those same prints. A really sweet man. I worked with him on the first DR. Have you heard of tliat? Have you never heard of it? Unfortunately, an embarrassing vaude- vlllian recap of the first DR. Fuest, in fact, con- siders the sequel a send-up of a send-up Nicholson and Arkoff just wanted to do it, make their monev; and to hell with everything else. The movie does have its moments, though.

It was really more like a lucky' charm. Look out for it — coming out soon on a CD near you. But these producers chose a wTiter to do the screenplay, and we all waited for two or three months while the guy did the script, w'hich was really bad. So then they hired anoth- er guy. And we waited another two months, got the script, and it was equally bad. But all we were getting was crap from these scriptwriters. So 1 sat down and wrote the screenplay, which Michael Moorcock hates. So 1 went with the script to the British Film Foundation offices in the very grand part of London. And I recall entering this room containing this long, foot maple table with all of these chairs arranged around it, and all of these pads of paper and pen- cils, and carafes of w'hite wine at strategic intervals.

The whole thing looked like the Last Supper, you know. And then these people, about 12 or 15 of them, filed in, sat dow'n, and just looked at me. I guess I appeared like some kind of fanatic, but 1 was fighting for my life, really; And one of them said. Are you going to be in it, Mr. Vesali US' first scene in PR. And I said, Nooooo. Hell, why don't we go to Spain, anywo '?

I did that on purpose. I wanted to pepper Jon's char- acter with as many idio. Jon was kind of vulnerable and withdrawn and odd and he had a beard And when we shared a car to the smdio on the first day of shooting, Jon got into the car and 1 couldn't help but notice that he d shaved his beard. And I thought, "That's a funny thing to do. I've got this guy; and I'm going to go on as if it's business as usual. In fact, he used to go off and privately play his taped music and play chess.

But gradually he kind of thaw'ed out, and at the end of the filming 1 had a party at my house and Jon was going about putting on my records and saying, 'Hey, what do you want to do ne. All sorts of things about it make me smile. A cou- ple of movie encyclopedias say that it was totally- incom- prehensible, but 1 did receive a wonderful review from the Los Angeles Times. I had a very good time on that movie, and a nice time on the DR.

They were all great. PHIBES hung around for some dme, and one of the two original writers on the first film — I can't remember which — kept coming up to me with various ideas which were all really quite impracdcal. We re talking about the nuds, and, for the most part, you really can't make a DR. You can't shoot them on location. You have to have sets. And, of course, Brian Eatwell created these beautiful, magitificent art deco sets for both movies.

That was the problem with the DR. And, apart from everything else, it would also have been so expensive, and DR. It wasn't Spielberg or anydung — just very inexpensive filnmiaking. In the mid- 70s, see,. AIP had an actor who looked e. Wouldn't it be wonderfiil to put both this younger guy and Vincent in the same movie together? Guys would die in oil, others would die from all the various resources of die earth; you know; like the tide coming in and killing some guy. Tlie forces of namre. We re very conscious of it here on this island.

Anyhow, there's a mouse in the room eating its way through the cheese and this guy is watching it, knowing that once the mouse has eaten half the cheese, he'll hang himself, laughs Or there'd be lots of mice crawl- ing over a huge wedge of cheese and eating it, with this guv. If we'd done a third film, it would have taken a miracle to get it off the ground because it would have been very difficult to top the first one— and the sequel, for that matter.

The cast itself is quite fascinating, too, including an over-the-top performance by Ernest Borgnine as the Devil's messenger and also as the Devil himseff ; as well as then-unknown Tom Skeritt playing the film's hero, along with William Shamer, Keenan Wynn. Ida Lupino, and Edward Albert.

He was full of magic tricks, though. He was an incredibly athletic And all the time while we were making it, 1 said, I don't understand this! I've had to cut the schedule to six weeks,' and I said With those shows, I had a great rapport with the crew and the artists, and it was a great environment in which to work. Sandy- Howard, however, was bad news. He was really- amazing. He wore this incredible blue shirt, along with pants, cap, boots, and dark shades, and he used to walk around looking like a.

And he made an absolute for- tune from. It was just a good idea that made him a lot of money. While many fans have compared the organ-playing DR. Unfominately 1 never had a chance to really chat with Ernest Borgnine or Ida Lupino. Ten thousand feet in the mountains, and it was all just..

But the actors were great, nobody tlirew a number. What the hell is this guy doing? He was very nice, but the crew' was just absolutely die worst 1 ever worked with. I mean, 1 would have loied to have fired everybody; They' were just inept, slow; humorless and The apogee of everything, you know.

These short films were called After-School Specials and they' were beautifully' craft- ed scripts. So it was definitely a learning process for them. It was like working in a stockyard. They' should have had a French director and made it in French. And the producer would constantly come up to me and say. We have finished with so-and- so, we can let her go. But I put her on a train to Italy. But 1 thought, These are professional filmmakers? And I had problems getting my money' from them, too. They called me and 1 went in there at 24 hours notice because tlie previous director had collapsed.

It was okay, and I must say that it was very nice to get my first assistant involved with the proj- ect. But it was tough. Look, this show is short. We need another 20 minutes screen time. The show has to move — zoom! And when 1 think about it, 1 very rareh' went above three or four takes on a scene.

Bring your pillows and sleeping bags: Rny tickets online atwwwAnxietyHlms. Selected filmmakers can win awards and prizes for 1st prize, 2nd prize, and ranner np films, leg on to WWW. Deadline for entries is November 31st, This is our fourth yoar. Past guosts include Joel M. Reed, director of Rioodsucking Froaks, Ted. Ackerman, Jack Hill, Ted V. Her early childhood was spent in nearby Cape Charles, a picturesque town on the same Eastern Shore peninsula as Psy'chotronic headquarters. Conny has nothing but fond memories of her youth. At 14, Conny was modeling on a local TV show when she met leg- endary' comic Soupy Sales, who was hosting a live, lunchtime show for kids, on another set at the same station.

Van, for the Mr. His shirt was unbuttoned just a little and he wore a gold medallion around his neck. Fabian was just about the most handsome thing I had ever seen. It was a lot of fun! In , she sang at a Miss Teen Night that was held at a drive-in movie theater outside Detroit, where two music industry executives saw her. But Beny Gordy, and his sister Esther, who was an attorney at the label and who would become my confidante, were wonderful and professional people who treated me just great. Every one treated me like 1 was his or her kid sister. We were all friends and 1 never had any untoward experience with anyone at the label.

Soon after joining Motown, Conny and her feUow performers hit the road where they did package show's at various venues throughout the Midwest. It was a wonderful club where the people danced all night long. We were on our way to do a show and people were throwing tomatoes at the bus because they saw two white people ray mother and me on there, with all these black musicians. They said there was a mix-up and there were no rooms for us, so we were all forced to sleep sitting up in the firehouse; Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, The Supremes, The Temptations. Can you imagine how that felt?

Other tracks are on British Northern Soul comps. Despite her lack of chart success, Conny feels her time at Motown helped her further develop her stage presence, and although her contract was not renewed, she continued to accept several local singing gigs afterward.

But that was the mindset of the day. And believe me, if you were in Detroit in the early s, you were right in the middle of it. At 18, Conny married for the first time. There was only one other girl in the contest and she was never meant to win it. A fight promoter named Don Elbaum had taken a professional interest in me and he thought the contest would help get my name in all the NYC newspapers.

LGBT terms

And he was right. Donny Elbaum got me a hell of a lot of publicity and it definitely helped my career. Page managed a nightclub in town called The Pussycat Lounge, and he w'as a slick talker. He was so handsome! In fact, he never came around again. With his help, Conny got a job at the studio, in the mailroom. He was the tall, white detective who helped Raymond Burr. My huge scene was to be riding in a cab with Don. Don and 1 act astonished and he immediately leaps out of the cab and leaves me there to call Ironside from some phone booth.

We stopped and picked up some fried chicken in a bucket and took it with us. There I was — in the 60s — eating fried chicken in the balcony of a theater, with two tall and handsome black guys with Afros! As I recall, Marty Milner was very kind and funny. My favorite though, was Kent. He was a little distant and shy, but very good-looking.

Trust me, it would have taken a lot more than a wig! Tramp was given co-star billing in the film. We got along fine, right from the start. However, when the pair skips town without giving the Angels their cut of the cash, the motorcycle gang vows revenge and chases them and G nny as a sexy, two-timing biker 1 babe into the desert. The finale has Stem being killed when he drives his motorcycle off a cliff, while Slate and Conny are stranded and left to die after the Angels steal their water supply and drain their bikes gas tanks.

Anyway, we took off into the desert and wound up on a guided tour of Hoover Dam. Of course, his long, dark curly hair was not hidden! He wore sunglasses, jeans, boots. Terry the Tramp was very smart and articulate. This is not to say that he, or any of the other Angels, should not have been feared. I was just lucky that they never hassled me. Besides, they really had no reason to harm someone who was part of a film that would be making them money. It would have thrown everything off schedule, and that costs money. The same goes for The Angels.

There are quite a few whom 1 cared about a lot that have passed on: The youngest Angel on the set was probably Animal, who was 19 at the time. He was also one of the craziest! I remember going up in a chop- per with him and a cameraman, who was shooting some of the stunt rid- ers below us. We had gotten up maybe feet over the desert floor when all of a sudden I smelled something really foul in the chopper.

Animal had popped an amyl nitrate under his nose, and then he dove out of the chop- per. He hit the ground and rolled for the longest time. I hung out more with the gaffers, grips and stununen and of course. Just before I left the film, I had a jewelry shop in Vegas take several stanzas and engrave it in a huge plaque.

I gave it, along with several silver charms used, at the time, for earrings to most of The Angels. There was a tittle piano bar there where we all shot pool, and I played the piano and sang for them. Of course, nearly everyone back then smoked pot. He contacted me just last year. There is a lot more 1 could tell you about him and The Angels, but if 1 did, as they say. Naval Air Force officer. Van had just returned stateside fi-om a reconnaissance mission in Thailand as part of a group called The Thailand Raiders , when he fell asleep behind the wheel of his car.

It was a loss that left her shattered for years after- ward. In , Conny, then 25, met an Ohio disk jockey named Larry Coates, who eventually became her 3rd husband. He never hit either of us, mind you. But he was an emotionally cruel person. The head games and power trips he pulled were really something else. In fact, the marriage was a total disas- ter. In , they moved to Nashville and Conny got another record deal, this time with Bamaby Records, an inde- pendent label that was owned by Andy Williams. Always a musically eclec- tic performer, Conny was now directing her singing and songwriting efforts to the country' music field, and Bamaby released her eponymous album later that year.

All the while, Conny longed for another opportunity to act, and by a new film role came her way. Canter, sir, 1 want to thank you for wanting to come down here to do this film about country music. Nothing like a city girl from Detroit! Actually, Burt himself chose me for the film. Burt Reynolds does nice things for people all the time, he really does. He is a wonderful — if compficated — guy.

Co-star Art barney play's a sinister evangelist and amateur detective named Deacon Gore who pursues him on his crime spree, determined to bring him to justice. Soon, Reynolds hooks up with a struggling country music band. The Dixie Dancekings led by Conny , and becomes their manager, eventually landing the group a gig on the Grand Ole Opry'. Well, he and Avildsen got into a screaming match over it and Burt picked him up off the ground, and called him a leprechaun!

Their temperaments really clashed. Actually, Burt got angry' with me once, too. He was really stressed out and when I went to his honey' wagon to tell him how much 1 appreciated every- thing that he had done for me, Burt got very' pissed off and got right in my face like he was going to strike me. It was quite an eye-opener. Working with him on W. There is a scene where he was to exit a bus in front of the oil company building in Nashville.

They were shooting Art as the bus doors opened. He was to look around menacingly and then step dow'n. I guess they had shot it a few' times when Art became bored. The next time the cameras rolled, the door opened and there w'as Art, as the Deacon, dressed all in black.

Things steadily went to hell after that! Conny went to visit him and a nurse called down to see if he was up to having company. I opened the door slowly and saw Art, with his back to me, leaning against the wall with his left hand supporting him and he appeared to be taking a leak. His right hand was hidden from me, but his posture was definitely that of Art peeing against the wall! Ya never seen a guy take a piss in his hospital room before? He used to do it all the time on the set and it would scare the hell out of everyone. Anyway, the nurse hurried to his bedside and all she could hear was this really aw'ful noise in his throat.

He kept it up until she was about to call for help. Wanna fluff my pillow? His character is a professional gambler who is set up by a cartel of local crooks including the mayor and police commissioner and sent to prison for four years. While there, one rather bizarre scene has him talking to a cockroach in his jail cell! What follows in the next 90 minutes is a bona fide bloodbadi on celluloid. Contrary to most of the tough guy roles he play's, Joe Don is a very kind, funny and loving man.

Where Burt Reynolds was a lot more emotional on the set of W. As big as he is, he is just as loving and warm, and 1 thought very, very cute. These are all wonderful actors. Phil Karlson, the direc- tor, was excellent, too. Buddy Joe Hooker and Ronnie Rondell. It was a great experience working with all these guys.

I even met Buford Pusser when he visited Joe Don one day, on the set. He died in a suspicious car crash not too long afterward. With several other beatings, stabbings and murders, the redneck crime film was a blood feast of graphic and bone-crunching scenes. Well, things went fine except Paul accidentally got part of my strapless bra and pulled that off, too! Needless to say, my then-husband Larry' Coates was watching the whole scene and he got all bugged out and twisted over it.

Paul was pretty' nervous! As for me, I was embarrassed as 1 was and still am very' modest. He takes erotic portraits of ladies and couples and posts them on his website eroticportraits. He watched every move 1 made on that set and every- one thought he was a big pain in the ass. Neither Joe Don nor 1 were nude in that scene, but it was still very explic- it. We shot that and the scene where Paul and Hunter rape me, on the last day of filming.

Nevertheless, they canned it, which disappointed me. But, wow, did I enjoy working with Joe Don. He was a sweet- heart. It was because of Burt that I was in that movie to begin with. So 1 owe Burt Reynolds a lot. In the show, Marjoe Gortner and I were married, and he com- mits a murder. In real life, Marjoe was a child preacher who did the tent and bible thing. At any rate, it was a total scam — as so many things are — and Marjoe went on to become a blonde, curly-haired actor for a while.

I remember that one evening during the shoot. Bob invited Coates and me over to his house for dinner. I think he was married, or at least had a lovely girlfriend living there with him. I was thrilled to be around him as he was, and still is, a very handsome and magnetic man. But what a gentleman he is. ShaUier and McClure were pretty over the top. It was very funny and 1 remember laughing really hard when it happened. I had a blast working with those guys.

Contrary to her bawdy image, Totie Fields was not a foul- mouthed person. I mean, here we are. But, Merv, watch this. It looked like we were on side-by-side elevators and my elevator kept going to the pent- house while hers stopped on the mezzanine! Ya see what I gotta work with? I mean, come on, Merv! Her raspy voice was price- less.

I only wish her life timing had been a lot longer. One of the only ones I can think of who was a com- plete and total asshole is George Maharis. Betty White and Jamie Farr, two really fine people, were also on the show. Well, at the beginning of the taping, during the warm-up, Betty and 1 were in our litUe soundproof booth which was behind the curtains, hidden from the audience , when Maharis dropped his pants and mooned us. Now let me ask you, how ugly is that? Except yours is purple and ugly! Despite her move to Florida, Conny kept trying to relight a fire under an acting career that now laid ice cold in Holhwood.

At the time, 1 was working at two car dealerships in Naples and doing club dates, too. During one of these jaunts to L. There were a lot of disco and country music and comedy acts on the program and it was almost like a three-ring circus. He kind of taught me what to expect from a bad guy. Following her two-year stint working for the sheriff's department, Conny taught Engfish as a sec- ond language to adult inunigrants, ages It was won- derful to help people like that.

I felt really good about it. She played the guitar and we sang together. Sharon had a beautiful, high voice and with my tough-sounding voice, we sounded sort of like sweet and acid, you know? Well, Puppy played the sweetest little sax you ever heard and we had a great act. We brought in a lot of business and money into that night- club and I enjoyed it a lot.