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Practicing the things mentioned in this article will surely help. I do have a fear of public speaking if done so in the professional or official manner, where you are standing and speaking to unknown people looking right into your eyes!! Just like you, this has been something I have had since childhood, though speaking out where known people are gathered always seems easier. I loved what you talked about immersion therapy, and it does sound something worth trying! Awesome tips shared about how to overcome your fear of public speaking, and I totally agree that the more you do it, the better you become.

I guess once you give yourself that much needed PUSH and go all out, the next time or the next after that would be a cakewalk! I bet your presentation was great. Even if you start out a bit nervously your personality will shine through and people will warm to you. If you say an idiotic thing as one of our speakers did at Business yesterday — came out like a sexual invitation — totally unintended but very funny it just makes you seem human and people relate to that.

Best of luck and hope to meet you one day soon! Public speaking can be a LOT of fun, but only if you practice. I am finding this to be true. Thanks for sharing, Yaro. Thanks for being so honest Yaro. I had the same problems when I was growing up. I hid behind anything that would get me out of doing anything that involved interacting with people. Good for you, Yaro! And thank you for sharing. The idea of public speaking terrifies a lot of people. I just did my first reading of the first few pages of my mystery novel in a public setting.

Then, serendipity happened, so I received some timely and useful tips before-hand. One tip was to practice often, easier to do with a five-minute reading instead of an hour-long presentation. People liked what I did and the entire experience has been a confidence-builder. You see my presentation from stage in a Mankini last year, that discussed the power of stepping out of your comfort zone? Was a learning experience for me and am pretty sure comfort zones were stepped on like crazy that day, to include several people who share their fear of public speaking was crushed that day.

You certainly have balls, no pun intended! It was scary, yes, even for me. Yaro, I can totally relate to what you had to go through as a student. Thanks for the tips, they do help! Thanks for the inspirational post. One of the best ways to improve your public speaking skills is to join a Toastmasters Club. You will find friendly, supportive people there. It is a safe place to improve your skills. If your speech bombs at the meeting it is no big deal. You can always do better at the next meeting. I have made new friends at my club and we always have a lot of fun. I have decided that sometimes we fear things that are really not that scary after all.

I stuttered as a child and I love to talk now. In fact, I plan staff meetings every week to improve public speaking, I teach childcare classes once a month to practice and I watch other great speakers. Yaro , you are such an inspiration and proof that an Introvert can become an extrovert. I wish you much success and I love following you! All great speakers were not born great speakers; they developed the ability here on earth. The more often we speak in public, the better we get at it. When I realized the need for me to get rid of my fear of public speaking, I joined toastmasters International, learned from the veterans by listening to and watching them any time I had the chance, and I began putting everything I learned into use by speaking any time I was given an opportunity.

Public speaking is essential for anyone who aspires to great things in life. It will help me to overcome all that but fact that you described that we never want to overcome that and just want to hid ourselves is often. Hope one day i would also do like you.


A great inspiring post Yaro… Sounds just like me when I was young. Immersion therapy is basically like diving into a swimming pool filled with cold water. Upon diving in, you feel shocked by the coldness of the water, but your body adjusts to the cold temperature after spending some time in the pool. Wow, what a great article. All very good points, and the surreal experience thoughts made me laugh out loud. Like others here, I had a recent experience with public speaking, and the biggie for taking away some of the fear is the passion for your topic.

That was pretty great to have such a large portion of the fear removed because of that. Again, another great article, and congratulations for stepping outside your comfort zone way outside it sounds and inspiring us to do the same. I have a mild form of Asperger syndrome, so social interaction, have been difficult at times.

How I Overcame My Fear Of Public Speaking

The increased success of my business, teaching and training people, face to face and online, play an integral role. Currently I am reading a book called Stand and Deliver by Dale Carnegie, which is having a huge impact in my public speaking and communication skills.

Hi Yaro Some great points here about Public Speaking….. It was at a local Chamber of Commerce meeting so I was flung in at the deep-end so to speak excuse the pun in front of about people. It went down quite well, and I included a few funny lines which made everyone laugh and more relaxed. Afterwards, people came up and bought me a few drinks at the bar and had a chat, so it gave me more confidence for next time. Thanks, I really enjoyed reading this. This sounds just like me. I am an introverted person and am scared to death of any type of public speaking.

This incorrect perception stems from my own insecurities in social situations.

The Dreaded Oral Presentation

I will use some of the examples you list to try and overcome my fears. Without us taking action nothing really happens. My inspiration is the possible regret that I might feel on my deathbed. On the other hand, I have always felt funny when it comes to public speaking … in fact I enjoy doing it, but when talking in a much smaller setting like in a coffee table one , I tend to be quiet … go figure!

Anyway, I want to more confident this year and I know that public speaking is a great way to improve your self-confidence. I also had a terrible time in high school and university with presentations. I remember the 1st one, where I had a paper, and I was shaking so much….. Public speaking was just part of my studies management so it came back frequently, and then I even got a job where I had to teach.

It really took me years to get over it, and even now and then I get that strange feeling if I know I have a presentation, press conference. Hi Yaro, You wrote a great article, and yes getting out there and doing it is the best way. Hypnotherapy is an excellent tool to help reduce nerves and is also used for running through the scene, thus achieving a sense of familiarity and self assuredness when on stage.

Thank you for your post. I often have difficulty during the middle portion of my public speaking, but I will use your pointers and I look forward to having my experience be a better one. Thanks again for posting. I love to speak in public but I have a fear too. So will have to refer to this post often. However, that being said, I recently spoke at my daughters wedding, with no notes.

I even cracked a few jokes and everyone applauded. They said how good it was. Guess, it must have been the scotch that helped. It is inspiring to see someone who overcomes his weakness and fear and share how he did it. This is a very helpful article on facing the fear of puclic speaking. Thanks for being honest about your initial fear of public speaking. Your passion for your message was central to overcoming the jitters! My question for you-have you ever been heckled by someone who just felt like having a go and if yes, how did you deal with it?

I started practicing recording myself on video in my own room and went from really bad to not so bad. I know it is a very different experience to be in front of an audience I used to play live in rock concerts but it is actually helping. I must admit I too was a very, very, very shy person and still am to this day but in a different way. When I was young I had to do all those presentations and like you made up stupid excuses.

But, that was school — I had to get up and do duets in Sunday School in church and skits and all that crap and boy did I hate it! Then as I got older out of high school no one would ever guess I was shy because I was the biggest flirt of all time and just loved the crowded environment — loved bar hopping and even did kareokee — WOW!! But, when all that stopped after having a kid on my own the father has never made an apperance I went back to that childhood shyness and it is still with me in an odd way.

Can you imagine that??

3. Talk about what you know

Yeah, I would rather talk to someone in person than speak on a phone! I have a big phone event coming up next week and my body is tightening up as I write this just thinking about it. I enjoyed reading your post and so happy to see that you have overcome your fear and that you actually look forward to these events, I believe it is a HUGE high that is filled with anticipation and excitement that comes out of it all that got you over the fear!

I have learned so much already about blogging from you and this entry is particularly relevant for me. It always helps to know that others who have some of the same problems overcame them. Thank you for sharing this…you are truly an inspiration. I find this article is yet another very helpful discussion.

The moment I read the title of your article, I immediately clicked on it because I too have a fear of public speaking. There is just something about speaking in front of a large group of people that terrifies me to death! The only good thing about me is that I manage to hide my fear specially when I have to do it for work like doing a presentation for my colleagues and superiors but other than this I prefer not to do it. Great tips though, thanks!

I was shy as a child and when growing up too but as you say you get more confident as you get older. That is the key I think — to stop worrying about what others think. I have done public speaking successfully without fear. The key is , as you say, to know your subject, practice first and talk from slides as a prompt. It works a treat. You went from fear to enjoyment very slowly but surely. I think that nearly everybody fears public speaking at first.

Taking public speaking courses which make one practice public speaking or joining something like a Toastmasters Club can make the progress from fear to enjoyment much faster. Many people struggle with public speaking but few people ever seek help or address it seriously. Although it seems counterintuitive, really facing your fears squarely is one of the best things you can do to overcome fears of all kind. Very cool Yaro, great post and tips, especially about practicing on YouTube and with friends. Takes a lot less energy in my experience as someone who used to fight all my thoughts!

What could I say if not that your story resembles mine? Growing up our comfort zone luckily enlarges but things for me have really changed after taking a public speaking course based on Dale Carnegie books. I would just need to practice more. Go to see you personally posting more Yaro. Thanks a lot for posting such an informative blog article on Public Speaking. Even I was scared of Public Speaking when I was in school but now I am much more confident in this technique. In addition to exposing yourself to what scares you, I would suggest to — at times when you can completely relaxed, and not be disturbed — focus on your breath.

Find how to use your breath to feel better; because all fear, anyone ever has, can be linked back to a lack of oxygen. Thanks for sharing your story. Seeing how you did it can certainly help people to learn how to reproduce your success in public speaking. I also appreciate your tips. This is really something that can only be learned with practice. I would like to recommend an organism that has helped me for a few years now. Like Yaro said, immersion therapy is a solution and this is something you can do in the Toastmasters. Thanks a lot for these advises.

Are you a Reluctant Host? Overcoming My Fear of Entertaining

I have always been terrified by speaking to an audiance. I will try your advises asap. Since my comment I made several tries with different people. I must admit that little by little I am growing in confidence. I am coming back from time to time to your page in order to see if there are new information. Anyhow thnanks a lot for your advices. Hi Yaro, Awesome steps to knowing who you really are.. Most thanks for sharing the journey… It has been some time for me but I was working for indigenous communities whereby most of my public speaking was before a membership of adults performed monthly.

I do miss those occasions because that lead to tv interviews and local ABC radio. Arhh those were the days. This is really useful advice — feel the fear and do it anyway — so true. And doing it gradually with baby steps, not jumping in the deep end — because you are more likely to start if you take baby steps at the beginning. This helps you focus your attention back on what you are supposed to be doing — whatever it is — in this case, telling people how to succeed with online marketing using a blog. Some cricketers, golfers or tennis players, etc, use a trick to help them focus on the next ball, swing or serve: Once it becomes a routine action, the mental refocusing becomes more routine as well.

It could be as simple as rising slightly onto your toes and back, or putting a hand in a pocket — no one would notice it on stage, but it can become a way of breaking out of the negative thought spiral. Hi Yaro, thanks for your story — I was struggling for years with a part of my personality — i constantly had new ideas, and never remembered small details. This is the time of year when a lot of us host or attend parties and dinners. This causes a dilemma for some people—like me—who have a fear of entertaining.

People are usually surprised when I mention that I am a reluctant host. In fact, I sometimes try to compensate by being an extra-good guest, offering to bring food, helping during the party or meal, doing the dishes and bringing indulgent gifts. I also love going out to meals with friends. We reluctant entertainers have our reasons. Some may feel that their home is inadequate or too messy, some get nervous being the center of attention, others are daunted by the expense or the time involved in preparing for a party, or others, like me, feel like their cooking might not live up to expectations.

Because I have written a few cookbooks and have been cooking professionally for more than 15 years, I have a probably misguided fear that people are going to have high expectations and be let down by the food I cook. One flop that comes to mind is the hard clumps of natural peanut butter in the West African stew I once served to guests. Last year I decided to try to overcome my fear of entertaining by just doing it more often and trying not to put so much pressure on myself for everything to be just right.

Andrew and I invited people over who we feel very comfortable with so I could build up confidence with a friendly crowd. Andrew also supported me by helping me choose the menu and preparing a dish himself. Celia often made dessert, while Solomon set the table, so it really was a group effort. Am I a confident host now?

And I still much prefer being a guest! Is this the season for you to overcome your fear of entertaining, or are you already a comfortable and confident host? Like you, I have always really disliked having people over for dinner. No Fear means never let anyone change who you are and don't let anybody tell you things to hurt you and to stick up for what is right. Short read and perfect for the teen attention span. Not only relevant to teen girls but provides prospective to all women from all walks of life to live bold, brave, and courageous. See all 24 reviews.

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How I Overcame My Fear Of Public Speaking

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