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The heat and smoke overwhelmed the firefighters when they attempted to use the stairs to reach the second floor, leaving the classroom windows as the only means of escape. In fact, one firefighter was on a ladder outside a window when he noticed that the white shirts on the students trapped inside were turning brown.

In the few seconds before the room reached flashover, the firefighter saved the lives of ten students by dragging them through the window and dropping them 25 feet to the ground. While firefighters rescued many of the trapped students and teachers, the fire was too powerful for their efforts to be completely successful.

Survivors, alumni gather to remember victims of Our Lady of the Angels fire

In the end, of the estimated students and teachers initially trapped on the second floor, 95 perished in the fire. Some of the victims were completely untouched by flames; the noxious gases had simply been too suffocating.

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The school lacked fire sprinklers and detectors, the stairwells only had first-floor fire doors, and there was only one fire escape. As a result, many of the national fire codes governing schools were drastically overhauled. The National Fire Protection Association rewrote its provisions for schools, revising the exit standards and also requiring that schools be outfitted with sprinklers. Stricter codes were also enacted regarding the quality of building materials with concrete soon replacing wood and plaster in schools throughout the country.

In fact, NFPA credits the lessons learned from the Our Lady of the Angels School Fire with saving the lives of countless children, noting that no school fire since has killed more than ten people. This video features classic C. This video, provided by the Chicago Fire Department, includes footage of the fire as well as comments by Retired Captain Richard Scheidt, who was one of the firefighters who responded to the fire. This video, by the Chicago Tribune, includes photographs and video of the fire as well as recollections by a victim's family and a photographer who was at the scene of the fire.

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50 years later, survivors and alumni gather to remember victims of Our Lady of the Angels fire

Summary written by Adam Groves. This DVD includes interviews with parents, children who survived, and men who fought or reported on the fire.

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  • Our Lady of the Angels fire survivors share their stories 60 years later.
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It also looks at how it happened, how it might have been prevented, and what was done to make sure it would never happen again. This is a worldwide look at the most disastrous fires throughout the centuries, starting with the Great Fire of Rome, July 18, 64 AD through the Bush Fires of Indonesia, Our Lady of the Angels alums say something good came out of something horrific: The fire made schools safer. Sweeping changes in school design, materials and construction, as well as requirements for fire doors, sprinklers and fire drills, were put into place nationwide after the blaze.

Our Lady of the Angels School Fire: Introduction

Szafran was pulled to safety from a window by the Rev. Joseph Ognibene and parent Sam Tortorice. Szafran found her third-grade sister outside and they hugged, surrounded by mothers and fathers on the sidewalks screaming the names of their children inside. Some parents tried to storm the building, only to be driven back by flames, or tackled by police. The fire destroyed the neighborhood around the school at Avers and Iowa. How do you counsel that man, who saved the other children? Commemorative license plates have helped fund the scholarship, named for a janitor who rescued many students.

About five years ago, alums began reconnecting because of olafire.

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  4. Chicago to mark 60th anniversary of Our Lady of the Angels fire.
  5. The book charged that a boy at the school confessed to setting the fire, but was never prosecuted. He has since died, Kuenster said.

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    4. Many survivors were shocked when Cowan was charged with setting a fire at a storage building of St. Benedict Parish on the North Side. At the time, his wife attributed the incident to stress and alcohol abuse.