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As I awaited my first load, I was both excited and nervous — could I pull this off?

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He tried for about 10 minutes before giving up. Another guy who came over was superb. He made me get all the way onto my bed instead of just kneeling at the edge. He pushed my head down and began fucking me. He fucked me for about five minutes before coming, and then he just lay there on top of me, still hard inside of me, holding me, cuddling me. He started fucking me again and after five minutes he came a second time. He began fucking me much like every other guy had.

But then I started to panic. I suddenly felt very full in my intestines and had the urge to take a shit. I was so full of cum that it began pouring out.

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He said it was frothing up all over him and at that moment, he came. I felt immensely proud of myself and incredibly sexy. I finally understood what all those anon cum dumps got out of it. But despite years of going to the gym off and on, my body never toned up.

But here I was having my ass worshipped. I was just a sexual object to them. None of this relied on my personality or my intelligence; it was just my body they wanted. That made me feel sexy. The quicker they came, the better.

The Book of One Shots (BoyxBoy, ManxMan)

I just wanted them to use my body to get off. And knowing that their DNA — the seed of 15 guys — was in me just turned me on more. This was the first but not the last time I did this. I took the pills and felt nauseous for a few hours. A small price to pay. I feel more natural being dominant. But once in awhile, I still feel the urge to be used — to be that sex object whose ass gets worshipped. Type of correction required Factual error in content Spelling mistake or typo Rights and permissions Other. It had a gray waistband that was connected to a yellow pouch with two gray bands that ran under my butt.

I slipped it back on feeling the straps lift up my butt. I was starting to like the feeling. Thomas threw me a pair of pants from his gym bag he brought down.

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I put them on along with a pair of socks. I put on a tank top and gym shoes. Grabbing a sweatshirt and my gym bag, Thomas and I headed out. We got into his Suburban, and he drove us to the gym. I hadn't really paid attention to what I was wearing until we were in the gym. All eyes seemed to be on me. I looked down to see myself wearing yoga pants! They were skin tight and clearly showed my underwear. And they looked like they could be meant for women. My face immediately started to burn.

Thomas wrapped his arm around my shoulder and laughed seeing my face. I blushed even more. We entered a studio in the back of the gym and Thomas rolled out two mats near the front of the room. You're the most self loathing gay I've ever read about. This is an extremely hot story.

I'd like to hear more about your early days. Was he one before he started topping you? I understand you totally I am not just a cumdumb but also a loving slut too: I live in Zurich with my mafia father, bitch mother and a wasted brother, enough money for everyone but no one gives a shit to eachothers life I started to be a cumdumb when I was at the catholic boys school in Leipzig, i really can't explain but since then I luv to be cum filled and fucked by the cream of cum, even if I cum I can't stop getting screwed all the time I am 17 and I totally got your point bro!

Sunday, December 27, How did I become a cumdump? Thanks for all the suggestions of what to write about here!!! I really appreciate it and still am blown away at the response I have gotten so far. I have had quite a few suggestions of what to write about I plan to answer each and every one , but decided it made a ton of sense to start at the beginning. How did you become a cumdump?

Pussyboi Cumdump: How did I become a cumdump?

I was 15 years old when I became a cumdumpster. I was going into my junior year in high school, it was summer time August , and I was attending a soccer camp for one week Sunday to Sunday. I planned to play soccer for school, I played in a "classics" league that was a year long program, and was at camp to brush up before try-outs.

The camp was being held at a college campus and we even got to stay in dorm rooms for the week, which for a 15 year old was awesome. Camp was fairly straight forward - workouts in the AM and scrimmage before lunch, then after lunch a few more scrimmages, drills, and a long run to make you hate everything about soccer to end the day. It was a pretty intense camp with very little time off, except for during lunch and in the evenings when they'd set up nighttime games and alot of guys would just do their own thing with their group of clicky friends.

On Wednesday after the AM scrimmages, I headed back to my dorm room to drop some things off and make a phone call before grabbing food. I was sharing the room with a friend of mine, Jason, but he wasn't around.

Can God turn gays straight? Hungry Beast ep 13

Jason was ridiculous hot - about my height 6' , curly blonde hair, blue eyes, probably the most cut up body I knew that I had seen shirtless up close. I had jacked off about him before, so was welcoming the chance to see him up close and personal all week. I saw his underwear on the floor, so I picked it up and decided to jack off real quick before going to get some food.

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I sat on his bed, took my shorts and jock off, and whipped it out. I was imaging Jason with my eyes closed and his underwear in my face. I opened my eyes and Jason had walked in and gotten an eye full. Holy shit, so embarrassed! I tried to play it off, but he just laughed and asked WTF I was doing on his bed and with his underwear?! Called me a fucking freak and that was that. I kinda hoped it would never come up again. That night after a very long day, I was back in the room, and thinking about calling it a day.