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This urethral catheter is a new development of the standard Foley catheter which seems to reduce the chance of contracting bladder infections — www. In recent years, various companies have introduction catheters impregnated with silver, which is a natural ant-bacterial, to help reduce infections.

Take care to ensure you get the right size. They can be contacted on Often, leg bag straps are too long and need cutting to length to fit properly.

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They fray…and bits of stringy fabric get a mess. To prevent the fraying, after the straps have been cut to length, carefully singe the cut end of the strap with a lighter — like is done with a rope end — but obviously, avoid setting the thing alight! A simple fix is to stick a single-sided foam strip around the outside of the sticky edge at the the base of the unrolled sheath, i. Single-sided self-adhesive foam strips, 15mm x 15cm stock number , which work perfectly are available from: Payne Healthcare on There are several thousand wheelchair accessible public lavatories around the country.

To obtain a key visit: One obvious issue is insurance. Recent experience indicates they are VERY inconsistent about their willingness to produce this information — one operator says yes, the next says no…the way around a problem is to say you wish to log a formal complaint demanding such a statement and it should arrive. A sheepskin or a Jay cushion gel pad placed on top of the car seat helps reduce red marks from pressure on the skin.

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Keep a toileting bottle in the car at all times for obvious reasons. For more information see — www. Alternatively, you can buy secondhand adapted vehicles from many of the conversion specialists — find these via SIA or www. Their number is — Hand controls — these can be very expensive but funding is available from two sources. The first to try is Motability; please note that these grants are means tested. The second is the Access to Work scheme through JobcentrePlus which is not means tested. If you are employed and will use the vehicle to get to work, you can for a grant toward the cost of hand controls.

For more information, see — www. Many clients find difficulty obtaining motor insurance for multiple PAs or those under 25, of varying experience and non EU nationality. After some investigation, we find that these companies can help: Their website is www. They provide full cover for any driver over 21 — www. If you have not already got one a Blue Badge gives disabled people a wide range of parking concessions — www. Wheelchair accessible and adapted vehicle hire is possible in the UK via — http: Contact a Care Manager for information, funding, direct payments details etc.

The phone number will be in your phone book. Thus, you can earn without losing your care funding.

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  8. They are also increasing allowable capital. They can be contacted for details of their schemes on How to claim the funding? Additionally, in , the Health Service Ombudsman upheld complaints that Continuing Care Funding had not been applied consistenly across the UK since its introduction in April Social Services can claim to have the monies they spent on these health costs during that time reimbursed.

    While it may appear complex to follow up, in reality it is not and the effort of doing so can be worth many tens of thousands of pounds — yes really! In November , the Government changed how NHS Continuing Care funding is allocated in an attempt to reduce differences in interpretation of the rules by different Heath Authorities around the country. They did this by introducing a national framework for Continuing Healthcare. The documents forming this framework, the criteria on which claims are judged and a fast-track decision support tool can be found on — http: Whether using these forms improves things in reality only time and experience will tell.

    They can be contacted via your local Jobcentre which again is listed in the phone book.

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    General Types of spinal injury. Most notably this took the form of a Social Service department potentially providing services to quadriplegics but not tetraplegics as they thought the former condition was inherently more severe… The medical terms for the condition resulting from a cervical spinal injury as a result of a broken neck are either tetraplegia or quadriplegia.

    It is an excellent, funny, uplifting and realistic film about a man with spinal injury and his rapport with his PA…it is in French with English subtitles and is available via — www. It is often difficult to find trousers, or even get ones made, that fit someone in a wheelchair properly. Experience has shown that Rolli-Moden in Germany can do the job. You may find that the rear seam in trousers irritates the skin causing redness or lines from creases. To reduce dizziness in the morning, try raising the head of the bed by a few centimetres by placing blocks under the bedlegs.

    Many of us use straws for drinking. We are all aware just how expensive new disability equipment can be…The classified pages of the SIA publication Forward often contain ads for secondhand equipment to buy or for donation. Also a wide range of secondhand equipment is available at The Disability Equipment Register website — www. Another site where secondhand hand equipment is available is — www. BT have a useful option relating to Directory Enquiries.

    The Directory Enquiry service is free for disabled people AND the operators will put you through to the number you want so you do not have to write the number down and then dial it. Ring to register. Have you ever found that you need an adaption individually made to help your chair, car, TV or whatever work for you but been unable to find an engineer to make it?

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    If so, for help contact — www. I used black heavy duty velcro and really strong glue. It helps if the bottom of the shoe is flat rather than bumpy. They also help balance things on the back of your hand or move things around because they provide grip. Health One area which is often less un-addressed or is just not talked about is that of mental health. If you are feeling down, depressed, constantly negative, surviving only around your routines, reluctant to go out, get angered easily, maybe drink too much etc etc, you may well benefit from talking to a professional in the field.

    Another option is to carry a GTN spray, like people use for angina. What is autonomic dysreflexia? You can get these from your GP. It is a drug called Lyrica from Phizer Pharmaceuticals — see links below: Numerous cranberry products are widely available but one of the best is FSC Cranberry Concentrate tablets. At mg per tablet, they are apparently the strongest available and work well when combined with drinking the recommended litres of water a day. They are available from Kan Wholefoods in Kendal on and probably from other good healthfood shops. We have also heard that a brand of tablets called Cranactin work well.

    You may be able to get cranberry tablets on prescription from your GP.

    He reported serious side effects, it caused very extreme difficulty breathing, and discontinued use immediately. Others use this drug with no side-effects at all so the results are very individual. We have all been advised to drink around 3 litres of non-alcoholic fluids each day to reduce the chance of getting bladder infections. We advise you to ask your GP about testing salt levels if they are not already doing so. Additionally, there is a different injection to prevent pneumonia which is required only once see this webpage for more information http: As people with a high level spinal injury lose the ability to cough, they are at high risk of developing chest infections and even pneumonia.

    Caring for the Paralyzed

    Particularly when combined with the autonomic dyreflexia commonly experienced by someone with a cervical spinal injury who has an infection, these could be serious and give even more reason to guard against these common infections. This is easy to diagnose and treat and getting rid of it can bring major benefits. Find out more from your GP or at — www. Use of a good anti-bacterial soap or shower gel such as Carex can help to reduce cross-infection. Many people with a spinal injury use catheters for bladder drainage. There are several types out there but this article indicates that the silver allow coated ones work best at reducing infections — www.

    Overheating in summer is a problem for all tetraplegics. A hat and water spray from a small spray bottle — like those used for houseplants — provides welcome and effective cooling. Conversely, severe low temperature in winter can cause problems. Hypothermia is a serious condition and can strike tetraplegics when least expected. Much has been written about the importance of good skin care to avoid pressure sores and we do not propose to redo it. However, a couple of small tips that anecdotal evidence indicates help. The first is to maintain a good diet of freshly prepared food — skin is, of course, made from the materials we consume and the better the materials we eat and drink, the better our body will work and skin it will make — a car runs better on good fuel…Another tip relates to the Mycil or Daktarin you may already use to treat inflammed skin, a fungal infection, in the groin area.

    Finally, a good moisturiser helps keeps skin in good condition — Bio-Oil works well. Often the places red marks are most likely to appear are on bony areas that are hard for you, the client, to see.

    Caring for the Paralyzed

    It concerns us that, despite the advice we all get in hospital, such a significant number of people with a spinal injury still get pressure sores and end up spending weeks, months or even years in bed as a result. We all get the odd red mark but experience has shown these two issues as being involved in pressure sores developing: We advise being exceptionally careful when using new equipment or if something has changed, e. We advise never continuing to apply pressure to a red mark or an area of skin-off, e. A quick day or so in bed at the outset is often all it takes to put it right.

    Moving and handling Sliding boards have become increasingly widespread and with good reason as their correct use lessens the effort required in a transfer for both the carer and the client although the board can require training to use properly. A layer of foam rubber clad in vinyl or leather works well. To help the movement slide properly, a sliding sheet put on top of the board is invaluable.

    These sheets, the boards themselves and training in their use are available at no charge via local Community Occupational Therapists. You can also buy the boards from most mobility centres or from a manufacturer such as Onward Design on Sheets are available from, among many others — www. We have found that, for some reason, sliding sheets seem to work better if you turn them inside out… This from David Morgan. This from Brenda Gregory. Moving up the bed for a tetra. Place the sliding sheet under the hips and buttocks, remove pillows from under the head [this move also works if you leave the pillows in situ], then carer stand at the bottom of the bed and push client up the bed by holding the ankles.

    A very high lesion may need two slide and glide sheets. A client has reduced his manual wheelchair back height 2. This reduced the tipping forward problem significantly, made sitting more comfortable and he has noticed an improvement in his ability to take deep breaths too. There has been no corresponding loss of balance. Such has been the impact that he is considering a further 2. Ceiling Hoist users Club: In addition to having full travel insurance, please bear in mind that the equivalent of the NHS is available to you free of charge in Europe although charges, which can be reclaimed from your travel insurance, may be levied outside Europe — www.

    A detailed packing list that can be amended in the light of experience is very helpful. NB — Non-Europeans and South Africans in particular need visas to travel and these can take weeks or even months to organise… It can be difficult finding travel insurance if you have pre-existing medical conditions like a spinal injury. One of our clients, Ed Guiton, found this company that does offer suitable insurance — http: In the past I have been known to resort to gathering every towel in the establishment to make a large enough absorbant floor space on which to splash around!

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