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Stan and Rebekah's good friends, Don and Pam Blaylock, are in deep trouble. An imprudent investment in a Golden Dragon franchise and their son's arrest for DWI triggers an avalanche of misfortune culminating in the murder of Luther Bell, the smooth talking promoter responsible for their impending demise.

Stan Turner

While Stan conducts a preemptive investigation to prove his clients are innocent, he is inundated with lawsuits and claims from their growing list of creditors and must deal with the inevitable marital strife that threatens. It looks like a hopeless case as a witness claims to have seen Dusty Thomas standing over the body, shotgun in hand. Dusty, however, insists he is innocent and since he has been a hard-luck client, Stan agrees to defend him. But Stan is soon distracted by the disappearance of his friend and best client, Tex Weller, and must go to Ecuador to try to find him.


His day grows more complicated still as he receives the surprising news that he has been named executor over the estate of Lottie West, who has died in suspicious circumstances and who--Stan soon discovers--has been hiding priceless art treasures stolen during World War II. Stan Turner is asked by the CIA to defend a woman accused of killing her alien husband and three children.

What they don't tell him is that the alien husband isn't from Mexico but from another planet. What the CIA doesn't tell Stan is that the woman's husband isn't from Mexico but from another planet.

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In the spring of he is recruited by the Repubican Party to be county chairman and finds himself helping President Gerald Ford in his campaign against Jimmy Carter. The campaign is marred, however, by an untimely FBI investigation into the financial dealings of a local party contributor, Brad Thorton, and the apparent murder-suicide of Stan's best friend Stan's bankruptcy client, Maureen Thompson, is accused of her husband's murder.

Her alleged motive is the proceeds of a large insurance policy on her husband's life that would cure her financial woes. Stan assigns the case to his partner, Paula Waters, who at first is excited about getting a new high-profile murder case but her excitement is soon dampened when she learns this isn't the first of Maureen Thompson's husbands to be hacked to death with an ice pick! Sometimes a book goes temporarily out of print - and sometimes no audio version has ever been recorded. Audible wants to give you the most complete selection we can and we'll keep adding series and filling in gaps as quickly as possible.

Stan Turner 11 books in series. While Stan is away, she makes good on her promise and even manages to arrange financing for Dusty's defense. But Stan is mortified when he reads in the Colorado papers that a radical paramilitary group, the Citizens Defense Alliance or CDA, is doing the funding. Since the CDA denies the legitimacy of the federal income tax and has been a target of federal prosecutors for many years, Stan and Paula immediately come under the close scrutiny of the FBI and the press.

To further complicate matters, Stan's best client and close friend, Tex Weller, is reported missing by his wife.

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When Stan investigates his disappearance, he finds a letter that leads him to believe Tex is in Ecuador. While Stan is searching for Tex in Ecuador, Paula continues her investigation of Bobby Tuttle's murder and quickly discovers a long list of enemies with motive to kill him. But her investigation is sidetracked when she learns Stan is missing and may have been kidnaped. As weeks go by and Stan isn't found, she is forced to turn her attention back to the Dusty Thomas case and leave the search for Stan up to the FBI and the local Ecuadorian authorities.

Barely able to concentrate, she plods on and day by day and soon becomes convinced that Dusty Thomas is innocent.

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