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Trivia About San-Antonio Tome 1. No trivia or quizzes yet. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Decorative anchors plate rosettes detail the top of the cast iron pillars. Thomas Ah Quin operated a Chinese merchandise store in the building for several years; reportedly, only a front for a lucrative gambling parlor in the back.

Originally built by the Centre City Development Corporation in , the square was meant to recognize the achievements of a Gaslamp Quarter redevelopment pioneer Chris Mortenson. A plaque was inlayed into the south end of the feature where it remains today. The water feature was removed in after years of neglect and growing concerns over public water use.

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Future redevelopment plans for the square are still under consideration. However, Gaslamp Square continues to act as a gathering space for the thousands of conventioneers and tourists that visit the Gaslamp Quarter each year. For more information on events in Gaslamp Square please visit www. It was a small building built by Mr. Horton, and was afterwards used by A.

We had a very modest procession: We had good singers in those days, the same as now, and the patriotic songs were sung with truly patriotic spirit. Our celebration was enthusiastic. It was not such a large gathering but it was an animated one. Tables stood on one side, spread with many good things to eat, and there was plenty for all. After the dinner was served, the tables were cleared and we indulged in a good old fashioned dance. Keating had this Romanesque-style building constructed as a tribute to her late husband, George.

Today the top cornice still bears his name. With such conveniences as steam heat and a wire cage elevator, the structure was originally heralded as one of the most prestigious office buildings in the city. Legend has it that the gray granite used on the first two floors had been used as ballast on European sailing ships; however, an article in the San Diego Union refutes the claim.

Architecturally, the Cole Block is typical of commercial buildings that were built downtown around the turn of the century. It is the 2nd structure on the site, and has been only slightly altered since it was built by Albert Cole, a successful business-man who committed suicide soon after construction was complete.

The Taste of Gaslamp is the oldest tasting festival in San Diego! Guests experienced an afternoon with celebrity chefs, delicious food and fine wines. Now the Gaslamp Quarter hosts the bests in dining and entertainment. This is the great example of Baroque Revival Architecture. The four story building housed the Bank of Commerce till when Isidor Louis opened an oyster bar that became a favorite of Wyatt Earp.

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The upper floors later became the Golden Poppy Hotel, a notorious brothel run by fortune teller and early marketing genius, Madame Cora. Her ladies would parade through the streets by day and hand colored marbles that matched the color of their dresses to potential clients. This locale was specifically built as a Pussycat, originally intended to be a 16mm incandescent house and still outfitted with some of that equipment when Vince Miranda and George Tate at Walnut Properties purchased the Pussycat chain in and began operating this and many other San Diego theaters, most of them general-release cinemas or late night grindhouses.

Open from noon to 5: Hoping to sweep downtown free of porn blight, the city targeted the adult merchants with eminent domain proceedings intended to condemn the properties, so they could be refitted to suit the resurgent Gaslamp Quarter, whose acreage would be added to the National Register of Historic Places in The 4th Avenue Pussycat was one of them.

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The Tivoli Bar lies on a lot originally owned by land baron Alonzo Horton, who helped develop most of downtown San Diego. Built in , the building was first called the Walker House and functioned as a boarding house, feed store and blacksmith shop. The Walker House was converted into a saloon and kitchen in The original bar, which still graces the premises, was built in Boston and brought to San Diego by ship around Cape Horn at the southern tip of South America, a journey which took three or four months. In the bar is displayed the original cash register from the turn of the 20th Century, and the old safe, located in the back of the bar.

Over the years, the Tivoli Bar has been host to a number of notable characters, none more famous than Wyatt Earp and his wife Josie, whose photos are prominently displayed over the entrance to the bar. The artist Vincent was well known in the art world and all over the Southwest, especially Las Vegas, for his beautiful nude paintings. Vincent was also a regular Tivoli customer and two paintings of his beautiful wife adorn the wall behind the bar.

The Romero family, owners since , have mounted throughout the bar an eclectic collection of photographs and memorabilia, including pictures of major league ball parks and athletes, famous actors, heroes of the Mexican Revolutionary War in which a Romero grandfather fought , family and friends, as well as past owners, employees and patrons of the bar. Current owners, brothers Roy, Robert, Wilfred and Mike Romero, honoring their parents who owned the Tivoli before them, have reserved a wall to commemorate the Romero family heritage.

The Romero Brothers are dedicated to preserving the saloon-like historical character of the Tivoli Bar and Grill. Many visitors have commented that the Tivoli reminds them of their favorite neighborhood bar, a place to feel welcome, comfortable and enjoy a few drinks with old and new friends. Click Here to Learn More. The Higgins-Begole Building, located at Fifth Avenue, was two separate buildings that were joined into a single facade sometime before Begole, who ran the hardware store, added a second story in and third in The south two-story Art Deco building was constructed by Mr.

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Higgins in and a third story added between and when the facades were joined. It served as a grocery, dry goods, store and billiard parlor. The upper floors were rented rooms, most likely a bordello before the Stingaree raid. George Marston invited Quin to live in San Diego and direct the procurement of Chinese labor to help build the railroad.

He opened a storefront in the Stingaree district of Downtown San Diego to direct his operations and to provide provisions for the Chinese laborers that he procured. Ah Quin soon became the most powerful person in Chinatown and was often referred to as its unofficial mayor. He became a bridge linking the Chinese community and the white establishment and was also called upon to translate when there were court cases against the Chinese.

Quin married his wife, Sue Leong, in San Francisco in and the couple returned to San Diego, where they eventually had 12 children, including the first Chinese boy ever born in San Diego.

Des clientes pour la morgue (San-Antonio #7) by San-Antonio

Click here to read more about Ah Quin. Built in , it was originally a one-story building. It is a classic example of architectural reviving of the classical and the Victorian era. If you are in the Gaslamp Quarter, be sure to check out the magnificent Backesto Building! Klauber and Levi, a pioneer grocer and general-merchandise firm, occupied the ground floor from to In San Diego Hardware opened at the site, relocating in to a few blocks north on 5th Avenue. The structure, one of the first in the Gaslamp to be restored, stands within a block filled with century-old buildings.

On April 17 th a paddle wheel steamer arrived from San Francisco with six passengers, one of which was the father of San Diego, Alonzo Horton. Having heard of San Diego at a lecture about West Coast ports in San Francisco, he booked the next passage south and upon arrival, overlooked the bare, rabbit-ridden landscape and conjured up a vision of the future. Eventually the new addition began to eclipse Old Town in importance as the heart of the growing city. Local land exploded in price throughout the s, making Horton a financial success yet again.

Click Here to read more about Alonzo Horton and a timeline of events. It was the largest attendance for a game in college baseball history! Petco has enjoyed many different milestones since its opening in , including,. In addition to baseball, the park is also used as venue for concerts, soccer, golf, and rugby events. Constructed by William Heath Davis in , the house remains the oldest structure in downtown San Diego. The house was constructed to be used as a housing unit for military officers.

There are tours of the William Heath Davis house available every day but Monday. Walk inside and you will be transported back to the Victorian Era, where each room represents a different period and function. You can experience the feeling of sailing back through time and living the way early San Diegans did.

Prior to their occupancy, this property was home to bakeries since , even before the current building was constructed in The upstairs housed the notorious Anchor Hotel during the first quarter of the century when the Gaslamp Quarter was a deteriorating red light district. Today, the Dublin Square Irish Pub thrives with live music, drink specials, and pours a perfect pint of Guinness. The Stingaree occupied the area from the waterfront between Sixth Avenue and First Avenue up to Market Street in the s until the cleanup in There are many different species of stingrays found in the San Diego Bay, but the most prevalent one is the Round Stingray.

This particular Stingray has a nearly round pectoral fin disc, usually colored brown or grayish brown above with pale yellow spots or reticulations.

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Some individuals are plain or black and the underside is white to yellowish. The Round Stingray likes to swim and feed in shallow waters and favors soft bottomed habitats such as mud, or sand, often abundant in eelgrass, which they use for camouflage. As they prefer swimming in shallow waters, they are very abundant in the San Diego Bay. He became involved in Colorado River steam boating, publishing, and banking, and commissioned this Italianate-Baroque Revival building from Armitage and Wilson Architects in Captain Wilcox named the Yuma building after Yuma, Arizona as he sailed his river boat all the way around Baja and up the Colorado River winding up in Yuma.

This beautiful building was a brothel during the Stingaree era s and was the first business closed down during the Stingaree raid of Interior designer Marsha Sewell recognized the beauty of this structure, and in , as it sat amidst a sea of pornographic movie houses, purchased it as a residence for herself and her late husband Michael Shea, who was an airline pilot for the American Airlines and a war hero that flew Ps in World War II and Korea.

The Sewell-Sheas were among the first, during revitalization, to recognize the potential of the Gaslamp Quarter as a great place to live and refurbished the building using historic photographs and make it shine again. This building is definitely one of the jewels of the Gaslamp Quarter! Mardi Gras celebrates 23 years in the Gaslamp Quarter! The first San Diego Mardi Gras took place in