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Immortal - Northern Chaos Gods MGT - Gemini Nyte Summoning - With Doom We Come Crone - Godspeed Primordial - Exile Amongst The Ruins Gemini Nyte Release date: All The Broken Things Every Little Dream The Reaping Reprise Say Hello Wave Goodbye The Assembly Line Tear The Sun Waiting For A Sign Hide Your Secret Harvey , Alanis Morissette and Combichrist , just to name a few of them. But it doesn't stop here, the drums on this album are played by Paul Ferguson of Killing Joke and we can't skip a surprising guest appearance of Burton C Bell of Fear Factory.

And if on Volumes there was still some melowness present, it seems that with Gemini Nyte MGT found the right balance between the hard hitting driving rhythms and gothic rock melancholy. Gemini Nyte is a modern dark rock album, not that much because of the sounds that might have influenced it, more because of the performance, songwriting and production. MGT 's sophomore album is a strong one and I can say that it brings forth the true essence of gothic rock, which this time is not really just one more plain and simple 80s inspired thing, it is much more, even though that it'll appeal in the first place to those who are into the dark sounds of that period, but believe me that we rarely hear something like this inside this scene anymore.

All of the songs are very dynamic, starting with the catchy hit single "All The Broken Things". The hard driving edgy metalic guitars, plenty of typical gloomy goth rock elements, together with vibrant rhythmic line and deep, smooth, dark and absolutely powerful Ashton's versatile voice, are in the right balance to offer an astounding sonic experience. Just listen how dynamic and captivating is "Every Little Dream" or how powerful is "The Reaping Reprise ", and how well can go along melancholy with strong rhythms in the catchy as hell "Say Hello Wave Goodbye".

There's no need for huge amount of synths to create a dark atmosphere, MGT does that mostly with classic rock instruments. Gemini Nyte is quite a long album, it has more than one hour of a playing time, not boring for a second and throughout it also delivers highly emotive moments, for example like is the evocative "Trading Faces".

Ashton's voice can really go under your skin, but that's the thing that we already experienced with his band The Awakening. The songs on this album are constantly very melodic and all of them have a very nice drive. Click here Would you like to report this content as inappropriate? Click here Do you believe that this item violates a copyright? There's a problem loading this menu right now. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. View or edit your browsing history. Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping.

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Never give up on your life. Choose to fight for your life no matter how hard it will be. It will require relentless effort and a lot of times pain and exhaustion. Then, after delightful vacation and seeing off my Mom back to Lithuania, I went back to focus and disciplined daily work with the book, doing the second round of editing with another editor, and this time focus was on grammar and polishing it. I had to go through entire over pages manuscript, checking every sentence, every word.

The House of New Beginnings

After countless hours of work, on October 30th I submitted the manuscript to the publisher. It all came from an inspiration, from an idea. I never considered myself to be an author. I had no idea how to write a book! But I followed the inspiration and did what I was inspired to do. This project was quite a test of faith and my faithfulness to the work I had to do. It was 7 years of hard relentless work not knowing how in the world I was going to publish it. I had no editor nor did I have the money to publish it. And here you are.

I began praying to the Lord, thanking Him for bringing the editor, but now the question was — where the money was going to come from? I had no idea. But I knew the Lord could do the impossible, and I asked Him to provide the money to pay the editor and to publish it. After hearing the last updates on the book, he said he would like to sponsor the book publishing.

I told him not to rush to this step because this was a lot of money. I suggested going pray about it first. A week later, he invited me to meet with him again. Go ahead, edit and publish it. And, got to work. It will come out Ja-Feb of a New Year, I am also so grateful that the Sonoma County fires did not reach our new home. At some point, we were surrounded by fires, and whichever direction wind would blow — the fires were going to get closer to us.

I am blessed to have Anzhelika and her family, who were our shelter during the week of fires. We all prayed for the Lord to protect our home, and our home was not touched.

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Praise be to God… My heart goes to all families who lost their homes and everything you had. I would like to be helpful at least in some way so I will begin a Blog How to Recover After Adversity, where I will share steps that helped me to recover after the crash and other hardships I had encountered. I hope it will be a blessing to those who will read it. And now, as we are about to enter into a new year, my friend and I are wondering, what is going to look like?

Today, as I was working on my book doing last reviews, I was reminded of one story. It brought tears to my eyes when I first heard it. It associated with my personal experience and reminded me the secret of winning the game. The beauty of not giving up. It is a quite known tale about two frogs; I will re-tell it to you. One sunny day, by accident two frogs got into a bucket of milk. They had no solid ground and sides of the pail were too high. Maybe someone will see us and will help us.

Somehow we will get out of here. They began paddling and tried to jump out. There must be a way! But it seemed like nothing they did seem to help. But the other frog kept on paddling. He kicked and swam in circles. He got so tired. All he wanted was to rest, at least a little bit. But when the frog stopped paddling to relax for a few seconds, he sank to the bottom of the bucket.

His nostrils got filled with milk, he could not breathe. The frog was so scared and exhausted. It seemed that there was no hope. But then, he pulled all his strength that he had left, used his legs to push off the bottom and kicked with all his might to come to the surface. And then he kicked and kicked and kicked.

The little frog was so tired. He had no strength and saw no chance to be rescued. No matter how much he tried to get himself out, nothing was working. Yet, he knew he could not stop and continued kicking, and paddling and swimming in circles, believing that somehow he will get out of that bucket. And then, something happened.

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The frog started feeling something solid under his feet. Instead of sinking, he could stand. Through all kicking and paddling and turning of the frog, the milk had been turned into butter. The little frog jumped out of the bucket. But overcome those obstacles and just keep going. No one can break you down and stop you unless you allow it.

Look for the solution until you find it. You will not find it only if you believe that there is no solution and will give up on it. Believe, there is always a way. You only need to find it. When you face difficult times, remember that you have a source of strength. Seek for the strength in the Lord, for only He is an inexhaustible source of strength. Always know that the pen is in your hands and what kind of story will be written in your life book depends on you, not on other people or some circumstances. Today I had a situation that reminded me something that I want to share with you.

This changed my life experience after the crash, and it changes my experience in many circumstances. Today there was one of those days when I was annoyed that I had to interrupt my work with my book and go to the kitchen cook a meal. The first thing I said to my friend — when the time comes, one of the first things I will do for myself — get a private chef so I would NOT have to use the precious time for cooking!

Then, my mind automatically reminded me one rule — golden rule — change the perspective. It seems it was just recently when I was told that my left arm had a full irrecoverable paralysis due to the nerve injury in the car accident and I questioned how I would be able to live with only one hand in addition to having lost my legs, how I would be able to cook and handle the household duties with only one hand… And now I get to do it without even thinking about it!

Feeling of frustration began fading away. Instead, my heart was filled with gratitude that I get to do this meal. And today, I do those things with ease…I get to do practically whatever meal I decide to make. Now I was even more thankful that I get to make a meal! That moment, my perspective about what I had to do suddenly changed, and I actually felt immense gratitude that I can cook! So, feeling sincere appreciation for what I was about to do, I made spaghetti with meatballs and mushroom sauce, while listening to some inspiring valuable audio, and my dinner was actually better than in the last two restaurants I had this meal.

Perspective shapes our attitude and how we experience situations that we get to live. Ask yourself a question that will make you look at that same situation differently, that would make you see it as a benefit for you, what you could appreciate about that situation. It is you — your perspective and your thought focus — that shape your experience in given circumstances.


So often we get used to the blessing and stop appreciating it, taking it for granted. Life feeling grateful for what you have and what you can do completely transforms your life experience! As I was editing my last chapter of the book, which summarizes many experiences and lessons about choices, I was inspired to share a part of it with you. Please leave me your feedback, it is truly very valuable to me.

We always have a choice to complain, blame and spend our lives in misery and regret. But we also have a choice to get up and shake off the dust, accept the responsibility and relentlessly move on creating the life we desire. I do know that we can achieve anything we set our minds to, if we truly desire it, do whatever it takes to achieve it and have unshakable faith that we are going to succeed. I do know that all things are possible with God if we believe.

I also know that our own daily choices and decisions create subsequent events and ultimately direct our destiny one or another way. Sometimes, our one choice — ONE Single Decision — can literally direct our life journey one or another direction. Painful ad even devastating mistakes have taught me to be very careful with decisions I make.

Also, our daily, weekly, monthly choices compounded deliver their results as well. They may seem quite insignificant, and even they may not even appear like choices. Every time we decide to do something or not is a choice. We stand at those crossroads many times in life. They might not even feel like crossroads; yet, they are.

And the choice of which path we take literally directs our destiny. Use the given time to design a purposeful and fulfilling life. Make your life count. Lay a firm foundation for yourself that you will always make a choice that will align with your purpose. You will always make a choice to overcome and do the best you can under any circumstances.

Make a non-negotiable decision that you will never give up, no matter what it takes for you to take another step. We all have choices, and we are going to have what we choose. What I do know is that living in a righteous way before the Lord God and trusting Him wholeheartedly at all times is going to bring a much more secure, fulfilling and purposeful life.

By bringing you my experience, I want to inspire you to choose wisely. Our Father God has His will for us and yet He has given us a freedom of a choice. Life is like an art. Your decisions shape and consistent daily actions create this unique piece of art. Choice , decision , destiny , Dream , empowering , Inspiration , life , My Life , strength. This is your life, your story, and nobody is going to create it for you, except you. Where do I begin? What will be your first step? How to be Resilient, How to Recover from the Adversity? How you are going to look at the situation choosing the perspective , What you are going to focus on, and, What you are going to do about it.

Now I see that I unconsciously had the same thought pattern every time: During difficult times, I never focused on hardships, no matter how difficult or painful they were. My mental eyes were always directed toward my final destination. The immediate focus was on the work I had to do to attain my goal. In my next message, I will share how to focus on the solution and how to find it.

There are several components that helped me to recover from my personal adversity: Is this a punishment or is this a lesson for me? Is this a crash or is it just the end of something that will be replaced by something that really needs to take place in my life? Is this an unrecoverable tragedy or is it a test for me? Is this a loss or an opened opportunity to have new and better? Is this a dead end or is it a challenge for me to find a way because I know there must be the way? Is this too much for me to handle or is this opportunity for me to overcome a new challenge and become stronger?

Is this a problem or is it a challenge for me to find a way, to improve and create what I want?