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If we talk about the only reason that largely contributes taking an organization to greater heights, the answer would be its employees. Employees are the engine that pulls the workload of an entire organization on their sturdy shoulders. But being an employer, how often have you expressed your genuine appreciation for them?

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Recognizing the hard work of employees is an art that you must learn and develop in order to take your business to great heights. Such small acts of appreciation play a great role in making the work environment better and boosting their morale. Do you know that most employees feel that they are not valued enough by their bosses for their contribution? No boss would like to earn that reputation for himself or for his organization.

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Employee appreciation is both powerful and important. It is one of the prime motivators for employees at a workplace as it can immediately boost their mood and push them to work harder. Showering some goodie words every now and then makes them more dedicated towards the company and would earn you their loyalty. If employees feel valued and respected, it would translate to higher job satisfaction and better employee retention rates. We are lucky to have hardworking employees like you. Treating employees with due respect and pampering them from time to time is quite an art.

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After all, those high revenues and profits are pretty much due to their hard work and overtime. Owing to the importance of employee appreciation , these days many organizations are pampering and showering employees with goodies, gifts, and shopping vouchers when they perform well.

Taking them out for a lunch or drinks at a nearby restaurant has become a norm these days. Let them forget about meetings, projects, or deadlines for a while and give them a day to celebrate and have some fun. Gather them around at a suitable hour and give out those hampers or gift vouchers to them.

While doing so, share what you feel about them, their contribution, participation, and how they are making a difference and bringing value to your organization. Enormous workload, endless meetings, deadlines, changing scope, risks are some of the things they deal with almost every day.

There are a lot of tools, software, and technologies out there in the market that are helping employees in many ways.