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Schritt für Schritt ins Paradies (1972) - Ton Steine Scherben

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The Beautiful Adventure German: La belle aventure French. A Blonde Dream German: The Cheeky Devil German: Vous serez ma femme French. Girls to Marry German: Marry Me English. The Cruel Mistress German: Gypsies of the Night German: When her father slept with her. She basically became an animal. The fact is she has been destroyed. It is a cycle: What happens to you in your childhood you have to carry for the rest of your life.

I want to enter their brain: I only try to describe, without attacking. I understand that people can be shocked by that. Only five minutes ago, I read in a newspaper that we incite people to violence. I have read that before, but the reaction that came closest to me was a letter from a girl that had been raped when she was nine or ten years old.

Through my song, she understood she could talk about it.

Paradice in Head

I have seen in Indonesia what happens to children and prostitutes. And if you would know what happens in this town at night behind the curtains, my lyrics are very innocent. And in comparison, how little the themes are that I use in my lyrics, or the things I do onstage?

I have to agree with you Till. I like the Beat for Both Of them, but the lyrics, after looking them up, puts me off. I mean, being slaughtered to be eated by someone else, that bad enough. But to be locked up in a basement for 24 years straight, and raped, misstreated, and threatened death by various methods, is just pure evil.

Schritt für Schritt ins Paradies

Could someone please explain what this has to do with Mein Teil? I think the translation on top should be removed it is incorrect or i should do the translation my self. I think my mind is seriously fucked up. Before ever knowing that people really do lock victims in cellars and rape them in real life, I thought about it happening in my mind. It sounds pretty horrible to me. And the giggling and the chopping in the sound — fffff. It makes me a very happy fan. The strings in this song are great, cello melodies really turn me on … imagine how it would sound played in concert with apocalyptica!

I must say, the musical style very much reflects on Stein um Stein, except Rammstein have replaced emotionally deep guitar picking with the beautiful bowing of the cello. The sinister melody, like Stein um Stein, gives way to crushing electric guitar. Also, Wiener Blut is in 1st person, while Tier is in 3rd person. Some of the others on this album are failing at this horribly. Nevertheless this is an excellent to storytell with a song. It really gives you the feeling of that pour little girl.

Well, this song is a masterpiece. Finally got the album. This song is perfect, except some of the translations are off. I would have to say Rammstein is now even with Metallica on the awesome scale. Sadly, in my country stories such as that or worse happen almost weekly, ometimes even more frequently. Thank you sfury for useful info: I remember hearing from that story. What a sick story. What did go trought this man head to do that to is own daughter?? I like it when Till sings: It has lots of power and anger!!!

The guitars are loud and i like it a lot, lots of drive! I really love how Rammstein used samples of wolf sounds, it really makes you feel like being trapped out in the wilderness. I was looking forward to this song, seeing how well Rammstein did with Mein Till. This does not dissapoint, really expresses the tragedy of what happened well. Well, i love the song, just has many say creepy, and i get thinking of all that happen. Egli era meglio che avessi amato Iddio.

Dal paradiso n'avere' una parte, Qualche Santo avrei dal lato mio. E per amarvi voi, fresco bel viso, Io mi ritrovo fuor del paradiso. Go to the text. This website began in as a personal project, and I have been working on it full-time without a salary since