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Forgot password or Username? Browse All Religious Education. Add to cart Add to Wishlist. Other Editions and Formats. Regarded as one of the best authorities on the fiction of C. Lewis, Thomas Howard presents in this work brilliant new insights into Lewis' fiction and helps us to see things we may not have seen nor appreciated before. Edmund and Lucy appear in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and three all except Peter, who is out fighting giants on the northern frontier appear as adults in The Horse and his Boy. Others from our world include King Frank , formerly a cabman in London, and his wife Queen Helen , who were the first King and Queen of Narnia and whose descendants lived in Narnia for many generations.

Six pirates and six women came from our world to the unpeopled land of Telmar and founded the race of the Telmarines.

As Aslan says in Prince Caspian , they accidentally found in a cave "one of the chinks or chasms between that world and this", and he adds, "There were many chinks or chasms between worlds in old times, but they have grown rarer. This was one of the last: I do not say the last. Jadis, the white witch, is said to be descended from Adam 's first wife Lilith see below.

Narnia (world)

Dwarfs are native to Narnia. Dwarfs exist in at least two varieties: Black Dwarfs and Red Dwarfs, distinguished by the colour of their hair. While many Red Dwarfs are kind and loyal to Aslan, Black Dwarfs appear to be more selfish and hostile. Dwarfs appearing in the books are male and live together in communities , although they are known to mingle with and reproduce with humans.

Narnia and Beyond: A Guide to the Fiction of C. S. Lewis

For example, Prince Caspian's Tutor Cornelius is a half-dwarf, and Caspian's former nurse is described as "a little old woman who looked as if she had dwarf blood in her". Dwarfs, like fauns , satyrs , the river god and his Naiad daughters and the tree people deities of the woods stepped forth when Aslan in The Magician's Nephew called for Narnia to "Awake. Dwarfs appear as the King's train-bearers at the coronation of King Frank. Naiads held Queen Helen's robes [3] In keeping with their character as sons of Earth, the dwarfs are skilled and prolific smiths , miners , and carpenters.

In battle they are renowned as deadly archers. A Dwarf can walk all day and night. Lewis' dwarfs bear some resemblance—though are not identical with—those depicted by his friend Tolkien in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings ; both draw on the depiction of dwarfs in Germanic mythology. Strawberry, the cabman's horse, also entered Narnia from our world and there was chosen to be a talking beast and transformed into the winged horse Fledge.

Many of the animals found in our world can also be found in Narnia. In addition, there are talking versions of most of these animals. When Aslan breathed upon the first animal pairs , some not only gained thought and speech, but changed in size as well. Smaller animals rodents , birds and small mammals are larger than their non-talking relatives and larger animals are slightly smaller.

Talking beasts can be divided into three main categories: Avian , Mammal , and Reptile. There are no talking fish or insects. It is specifically mentioned that there were no talking mice to begin with, and that Aslan added them later as a reward for the mice's kindness in cutting his ropes after he was killed by the White Witch.

In Narnian law and custom, talking animals are persons, fully the equal of humans; killing and eating them is tantamount to murder and cannibalism. On the other hand, killing and eating a non-talking animal is a completely acceptable act.

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Thus, for example, three talking bears are among the loyal adherents of Prince Caspian , but later on in the same book a non-talking bear is killed and eaten and Lewis gives a detailed description of how its flesh was cooked. Long after Lewis's death, character sketches appeared in later editions of the books that seem to indicate that these two witches are the same, but these notes are not due to Lewis See the Lady of the Green Kirtle for more discussion.

Jadis has the appearance of a very tall human woman but is actually the last scion of the royal house of Charn as shown in The Magician's Nephew. In later Narnian times her origin on Charn is not known to her subjects. Beaver describes her as descended from a Jinn and Adam's first wife, Lilith , thus having no human blood at all. When Jadis entered the Narnian world at its creation , she ate a fruit that gave her immortality. Then she fled to the north.

Another fruit from the same tree was planted in Narnia, and Aslan said that while the tree that grew from it flourished, Jadis would not return to Narnia. She was killed by Aslan in the First Battle of Beruna. Most of her other powers seem to be related to seduction and enslavement ; she has bewitched and enslaved Rilian and an army of underground gnomes , and almost succeeds in bewitching Jill , Eustace , and Puddleglum using magic powder and a musical instrument.

These are a free mix of creatures from Greco-Roman sources and others from native British tradition.

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Narnia is inhabited by Marsh-wiggles creatures of Lewis' own invention , and Dufflepuds adapted from Pliny 's Monopods live on a distant island. There are also many singular beings who frequent or inhabit Narnia and its surrounding countries including: It should also be noted that the Stars themselves are sentient beings within Narnia. Both of these individuals were encountered in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. The world of Narnia is a flat world in a geocentric solar system.

Its sky is a dome that mortal creatures cannot penetrate. Traveling eastwards, characters in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader eventually reach a literal End of the World, where the sky reaches the sea. Narnia's stars are shining humanoid beings. Its constellations are the result of a mystical dance upon the sky, performed by the stars to announce the works and comings of Aslan , Narnia's creator. The stars also arrange themselves to allow seers to foretell certain future events.

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The Narnian sun is a flaming disc that revolves around the world once daily. The sun has its own ecosystem , and is thought to be inhabited by great white birds, which appear in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Some of the vegetation on the sun is known to contain healing properties.

C S Lewis ( Beyond Narnia) Por trás de Narnia

For example, the extract of a fire-flower found in the mountains can heal any wound or sickness , and a fire-berry that grows in its valleys, when eaten by the fallen star Ramandu, works to reverse the effects of age. The moon of Narnia is larger than Earth's moon.

Passages in several of the books suggest that the ground of Narnia may be living. In The Silver Chair , the main characters find a land named Bism many miles below Narnia, where diamonds and other jewels provide juice when crushed or squeezed. They find the idea unbelievable until a gnome explains that the precious stones found in Bism are real, not dead like the ones found in the "shallow" mines made by dwarfs and others who live on the surface.

The Narnian world is part of a multiverse of many worlds including Earth and the world of Charn. These are connected by a meta-world or linking room known as the Wood between the Worlds. This space takes the form of a dense forest with many pools of water. With appropriate magic or a device such as rings made from the soil , each pool leads to a different world. The Wood between the Worlds seems to affect the magic and strength of the White Witch , who becomes weak and ill when taken there.

Earth visitors to Narnia typically find that a visit to Narnia lasts longer in Narnia sometimes much longer than the corresponding period of their absence from Earth.

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How much longer appears to be arbitrary. For example, in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe , Lucy's first visit to Narnia lasts hours and the four children's main adventure there lasts perhaps several decades — long enough for them to grow into adults and almost forget their childhood on Earth.

Each time, they are gone from Earth for just a few seconds. Visiting Narnia one always finds that more time passed there than on Earth, but there does not seem a fixed rate: In the first year of Narnia, the Creation of Narnia was witnessed by six creatures: During a failed attempt by Digory to transfer Jadis from London in our world back to her own world of Charn , the group arrived in the unmade darkness of Narnia just prior to Aslan calling it into being.

Aslan began the creation soon after they arrived, and with his song called forth the stars, sun, and eventually all landforms, plants, and animals as well. When he was finished, Aslan selected certain animals from these to be Talking Animals, giving to them, and all other magical creatures, Narnia as their new home, to own and rule it with wisdom and caring. Aslan next appointed its first rulers, the cabby and his wife, as King Frank I and Queen Helen the cabby's wife Nellie was called into Narnia by Aslan soon afterwards , and commanded them to rule peacefully over the talking beasts.

Narnia and Beyond: A Guide to the Fiction of C. S. Lewis by Thomas Howard

Aware that the evil Witch-Queen Jadis had entered his new land, Aslan sent Digory to retrieve a magic apple from a garden in the Western Wild beyond Narnia. When Digory returned, the apple was planted by the river, where it immediately grew into a tree which as Aslan explained would protect Narnia from Jadis for many years. Miss Clark marked it as to-read Dec 29, Earthling marked it as to-read Mar 30, Caroline marked it as to-read Oct 10, Mei marked it as to-read Jan 04, Cybrarian added it Jan 22, Carlos marked it as to-read Jun 09, Deanna marked it as to-read Jul 25, Brian marked it as to-read Sep 09, Jenn marked it as to-read Feb 24, Markkelly marked it as to-read Mar 25, Megan added it Jul 16, Mia marked it as to-read Aug 07, Vinnie Santini marked it as to-read Sep 15, Kory marked it as to-read Oct 21, Matt marked it as to-read Nov 08, Woolley marked it as to-read Feb 03, Lynda Poole marked it as to-read Feb 28, Michele marked it as to-read Apr 02, Landon marked it as to-read Jun 16, Christy Kellner marked it as to-read Aug 28, Susanne marked it as to-read Aug 30, Joy marked it as to-read Jan 03, Andrea marked it as to-read Jan 21, Diego Alarcon marked it as to-read Feb 05, Debbie marked it as to-read Feb 10, Ally added it Apr 21, Kevin Holmes marked it as to-read May 08, Andrew Burbidge marked it as to-read Jun 12, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

He was raised in a prominent Evangelical home his sister is well-known author and former missionary Elisabeth Elliot , became Episcopalian in his mid-twenties, then entered the Catholic Church in , at the age of fifty. At the time, his conversion shocked many in evangelical circles, and was the subject of a feature article in th Thomas Howard b. At the time, his conversion shocked many in evangelical circles, and was the subject of a feature article in the leading evangelical periodical Christianity Today.

Dave Armstrong writes of Howard: Augustine on his final decision. Lewis , who he greatly admires and has written about often, Howard is an English professor recently retired, after nearly forty years of teaching , who taught at Gordon College and then at St.